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Zenysis Raises $13.3M to Scale its Big Data Platform for Emergencies Across Africa, Asia and South America

by David Mack
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Zenysis Technologies, a major information startup settled in San Francisco and Cape Town, reported today that it has shut $13.3 million in a Series B round. The support was driven by the Steele Foundation for Hope, a not-for-profit association that says it’s centered around finding and subsidizing enduring answers for a portion of “mankind’s hardest difficulties.”


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Jonathan Stambolis sent off the organization in 2016 to further develop how non-industrial nations answer compassionate crises and assist them with working on general wellbeing.

Preceding Zenysis, he filled in as a representative with the United Nations. His jobs included addressing Australia in worldwide exchanges on worldwide wellbeing and philanthropic issues and as a consultant to the UN secretary-general on worldwide wellbeing and pandemic readiness.

At the UN, Stambolis’ work gave him bits of knowledge about the regular battles that few nations face in their endeavors to accomplish aggressive worldwide wellbeing targets. In a meeting with TechCrunch, Stambolis said the UN’s equation for moving the dial overall by and large reduces to additional cash and political will. “What I saw sooner or later was a missing support point there, and that was innovation development,” he said.

Simultaneously, Stambolis said it was evident that more evolved environments, for example, Silicon Valley couldn’t have cared less about gathering battling districts’ neighborhood wellbeing and improvement targets. Consequently, Stambolis trusted that by sending off Zenysis, he’d take a portion of the ability and assets in Silicon Valley — and South Africa, where the organization has its subsequent central command — and direct them to deal with issues that matter.

Stambolis’ response was set off by the Ebola emergency in 2014. “Watching the world battle to answer the emergency from the get-go clarified that neither impacted nations nor their global accomplices like the U.S. had the product to answer that episode really,” said Stambolis. “What’s more, that’s what I understood on the off chance that we didn’t construct the product, to assist them with doing that, no other person planned to make it happen.”

The prime supporter and CEO said Zenysis’ main goal is to convey programming that legislatures need to battle illness flare-ups, answer huge scope crises, and give medical care to their residents evenhandedly and productively.

Zenysis right now gives its product to legislatures and accomplices in nine nations across Africa, South America, and Asia. For Stambolis, the organization’s most difficult and remunerating work has been in Africa.

Take, for example, its endeavors in Mozambique in 2019 when the nation was hit by two gigantic typhoons, Kenneth and Ida. The devastating occasion set off a quick-spreading cholera episode that incited 400 cholera cases every day, with the capability of contaminating residents by many thousands. Zenysis connected with the Mozambique government, and they immediately chose to utilize its product to make a virtual control space for the crisis reaction exertion.

The crisis control room — fueled by Zenysis’ open source offering, Harmony — brought and gathered information from divided sources, for example, numerous administration organizations, UN offices, and NGOs, and coordinated them into a solitary choice emotionally supportive network, giving chiefs an ongoing image of the flare-up and reaction.

“This is the kind of thing that legislatures for the most part don’t have in an emergency. Typically in these emergencies, heaps of associations flood in all utilizing various apparatuses and frameworks to gather information, and government become overpowered by how much data grouped in these crises,” said the CEO. “So this virtual control room made continuous information for the public authority which they used to mount a quick, powerful and composed reaction to the episode.”

By locating different information sources, Zenysis’ foundation helped the Mozambique government in planning and carrying out an information-driven immunization mission to leave the flare-up speechless. Under a multi months after a fact, this mission decreased the number of cholera diseases in the most impacted area to nothing.

This was no mean accomplishment. At the point when this emergency hit Mozambique, it was doing combating infrastructural issues from power to getting to broadcast communications and wellbeing focuses. In any case, notwithstanding that, Zenysis’ information stage and the public authority’s immunization crusade gave a positive result. The large information organization has given its product to accomplices and states in Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zambia.

These nations rarely set out on mediation projects alone or exclusively with Zenefits. They get monetary assistance and backing from outside accomplices and associations like the Global Fund, USAID, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Also, generally, these associations are the ones who pay Zenysis for their legally binding work.

Stambolis says one energizing improvement from his organization’s work with legislatures is that it is so adaptable to handle different difficulties subsequent to being welcome to address one. “It’s compensating to perceive how we are given greater obligation once we get an opportunity to exhibit our offer,” he said. “Trust develops among us and the nations we work with, so we’ve turned into their confided-in accomplice. I feel like a ton of Silicon Valley’s ethos throughout the previous 15 years has been characterized by the mantra “move quick and break things”; we’ve shown that we are an alternate sort of organization. We like to move quick and fix things.”

Besides the nations and global organizations, it works with, Zenysis estimates footing as far as the quantity of wellbeing needs its product upholds. At the present time, they incorporate projects around HIV, tuberculosis, adolescence inoculation, maternal and kid wellbeing, family well-being, and COVID.

The issue of information discontinuity and slow reaction to emergencies influences different areas outside medical care, for example, schooling, food security, and environmental change. In this way, as the new funding gives Zenysis the capability to extend its scope of wellbeing programs, it will likewise help the organization move into contiguous verticals and assist states with answering emergencies in a multisectoral way.

Zenysis — which raised a $2.8 million seed in 2016 and a $5.8 million Series An out of 2018 — likewise plans to significantly increase its geological impression throughout the following 2 years with a huge spotlight on extending its presence across Africa. Five of the nine nations in which Zenysis is dynamic exist in Africa — and the 6-year-old organization right now has projects with a further ten on the mainland.

There are different designs for the Series B speculation. Stambolis said Zenysis will put resources into vital organizations with different trailblazers in manners that add to its innovation and ability improvement.

“We’re additionally going to make ventures to help the nations comprehend and answer the mind-boggling connection between environmental change and human wellbeing,” he said. “This is as yet a region that is a lot of in its early stages. Thus, we need to be at the front of assisting nations with getting on top of that in an information-driven way.”

Joe Exner, the CEO at the lead financial backer SFFH, said in an explanation that its speculation will empower Zenysis to “center around its central mission of fostering the creative capacities expected to fortify wellbeing frameworks and forestall future pandemics.” The firm was sent off before the end of last year. Taking part in financial backers in this development round incorporates Peter Thiel and the U.S.- based VC firm 500 Startups.

Stambolis accepts SFFH made its most memorable interest in Zenysis in light of the fact that the firm considers it to be a stage for driving effect on a worldwide scale. “Likewise, I think there were major areas of strength for exceptional arrangement between the two associations,” the CEO said, adding that SFFH didn’t request a board seat and finished the venture in the span of 21 days of marking its term sheet. “They believe that we should significantly increase down on our central mission of working on general wellbeing in agricultural nations and rising economies.”

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