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Why Do Many Students Choose to Buy a Research Paper?

by Erica Farmer
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Buying a research paper can be a taboo subject in Academia. It is assumed that each student should only put forward an individual effort.  Asking for help or outsourcing some of that effort can be considered cheating.


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Still, despite the detractors, the practice of purchasing essays is getting more popular every day. Many online resources allow students to buy a college research paper for a reasonably modest sum.


Throughout this article, we will look at the efficacy and utility of ordering research papers online. The topic is not as shallow as it may seem.

research paper

The Internet Wild West

The same thing happens every time a new territory is discovered: people will rush in to take advantage of the opportunity. There will be many honest actors and many companies who seek to take advantage.


Regardless of the circumstance, a new frontier always presents one main characteristic: the lack of regulation.


It is known that if you over-regulate markets, you strangle them and crush any innovation. Sure, the regulation is implemented with good intentions, but they hurt the good and the bad companies alike.

This is why the Wild West thrived, as it was filled with opportunity, and nobody was constantly looking over your shoulder.


But what does this have to do with cheap custom research papers? Well, the Internet is in the same predicament; a planet-spanning digital web. It may not be a physical “new place”, but it is an untamed frontier from an economic standpoint.


This sea of information and freedom can promote and maintain many wonderful ideas, but it can also be dangerous.

Essay sites suffer from many of the disadvantages of online companies, but they also offer many benefits.

The freedom they enjoy means that reputable companies can grow and maintain a solid customer base. It also means that scammers can provide bad service, disappear, rebrand, reform, etc.

Things that would never happen with a classic brick-and-mortar store can occur often online. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy papers, it just means that you should take care to avoid scammers.

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Search for older sites

Regardless of the type of scammer, they all have one thing in common: they can never stick around for a long time. The honest reviews from customers will usually ruin their reputation, and nobody will pick them up.

This also applies to companies that do not run scam sites, but their writing has very low quality. And if you understand how corporations and branding work you will notice the problem.

There are offshore companies that construct these poor-quality online businesses. And every time that the customers start noticing the poor quality, they just take down the current site and make a new one.


This practice may seem wasteful, but the money they lose is compensated by the volume of customers. There are droves of students seeking to buy a research paper.


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So, as a general rule of thumb, try to avoid new sites. Sadly, this strategy will also harm the good sites that just happen to be new. Yet, from a consumer standpoint, it is better to be safe than sorry.


How the professionals think


A fox and a cat are talking about what methods they use to escape from dogs. The cat says that he only has one trick: climbing up a tree. Meanwhile, the prideful fox starts bragging that he can employ diversion tactics, use scent and sound, and dozens of other tricks.

When the time came for these two creatures to be chased by dogs, the cat escaped without much trouble by climbing a tree. The fox was so busy trying to employ these overly-complicated methods, that the dogs caught him in a few seconds.


The moral of the story is that regardless of what your job is, don’t overcomplicate the process. To be mediocre can be a good thing in business. Investors look for a stable and predictable income.


An essay site doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles. It does not require special features, trick promotions, and so on. It needs to do a single thing, and it needs to do it well: write quality papers and deliver them on time.



Given that the theory behind the selection process is now clear, let’s look at some concrete examples of some of the top research paper services.


If you search for a list of the best places to buy cheap research papers online, the odds are that the list will contain paperhelp.org.


It is hard to determine where they are based, or any other details regarding the business side of their firm. However,  they cater to an English-speaking audience and they regularly receive orders from the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.


The paperhelp.org customer base is not restricted to private individuals. Even companies and public institutions have been known to sometimes order some of their essays.


This site is very well-received by the general target consumer base. Most of the reviews are positive, and even the negative impressions are not that negative.


Some people often make the mistake of thinking that they only provide research papers, a fact that is not based on reality. You will be able to order term papers, lab reports, re-writes, presentations, dissertations, book reviews, academic thesis, literature reviews, and many other types of writing.


In terms of price, their rates are affordable. Most students will be able to afford one of their products. However, the price is calculated using several criteria. Depending on what you want, and how fast you want it, it can get spicy.


For example,  the per-page rate for high school assignments is only 10$. College papers are a little more, at 12$. PhD-level papers will cost more, up to 20$ per page.


The only gripe is that some services are excluded from the basic package. If something is necessary, yet they charge you extra for it, it is considered a “hidden cost”. But these are the prices we pay for convenience and the low-level chaos of working online.


Plagiarism verification and editor reviews should not be extra options that you need to purchase. If I am buying a paper, I expect that paper to be written without mistakes and free of any detectable form of plagiarism.


Still, if the hidden costs do not bother you, this company provides a great service that you can use. In a pinch or when you can’t meet a deadline, look no further than paperhelp.org.


Just as we previously mentioned, Studdit.com does not try to reinvent the wheel. Their papers are decent, and they rarely disappoint while delivering. Nothing fancy, just what you asked for.


If all goes well, this company can help you to save more time, and reduce stress. Deadlines can make online a tired student even more stressed and worried. Depending on the length and complexity of your paper, they can deliver everything in a single day.


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Studded also streamlined the ordering process, and students can complete it with four easy steps. If for any reason you run into trouble, do not hesitate to contact their customer support representatives.


Most online companies treat their customer support branch as an afterthought. They know that they have to implement it, but they pursue a minimal amount of work and effort. Studded seems to respect its customers as it spares no expense when hiring support professionals.

Of course, they can accommodate any type of paper, not just research papers or essays. I have yet to see someone with a task that this company could not complete.


The outright prices are similar to those from Paperhelp.org, and the hidden costs are similar.

research paper


The name and branding of essay sites are refreshing. In this case, the name specifies anything that you need to know about the business. At the time of writing, this website has a Black Friday sale, with its cheapest per-page rate being only 7.65$.

It can be safe to say that this discount is unprecedented. Few companies ever came close to such a low price.


Even without the Black Friday discount, a regular page is 9$, three dollars cheaper than the other 2 companies mentioned.


A new customer may be concerned that this website is too cheap, and that discount comes at the cost of quality. Thankfully, that is not the case.


This is one one the best websites for research papers. They do not know how their business model works and how they can afford to be so affordable, but they should keep it up.


Everything else is standard, be it the speed of delivery, the quality of the product, or the customer support service.

You will not need an extra plagiarism check, as the service guarantees that every word and every phrase will be written from scratch.


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Customers will benefit from additional discounts depending on how much they order.

While the company does not provide much information regarding their writers, it is enough to know that they do their job. They could be veteran professionals or just freelancers hired from a recruiting platform.


Finally, we have the issue of customer reception. Most reviews are positive, and no people are claiming that they were scammed, or that they did not receive the paper.

research paper

Commonly asked questions

  1. Why spend money on buying a research paper?

Americans are famous for popularizing the phrase: “Time is money”. But the opposite is also true: money is time. And even though life seems endless when you are young, it is not endless.

Given that most students are young adults, they may have a social life, or they want to procrastinate and take it easy during the weekend. There can be 101 reasons why you want a break, and you wish to outsource some of your assignments to others. It is understandable, and most customers hire writers to relieve an already overbooked schedule.

        2. What are the pros and cons of using such a service?

The pros are obvious. You can gain more time to work on other projects, access an example written by a professional, and also, you will be able to spare yourself from missing a deadline.

In terms of cons, it can be quite costly. If the cheapest page is 12-15 dollars, and your assignment requires 5 pages, that is a minimum of $60. Thankfully, most assignments on the lower academic levels are usually around 500 words.


        3. Is it safe to buy research work?

Absolutely! Research paper writing services have been around for a long time and are an affordable way to get college help. There are many reliable services on the Internet to help you write papers on time. However, the industry is really overflowing with poor-quality essay services. We recommend you check them and conduct proper research before ordering.

If you find a legitimate company and use your work for educational purposes, our services are completely ethical because they will help you achieve your student goals.

When you buy research papers, you are actually doing the same thing as if you were downloading them from a catalog. You are not involved in plagiarism, on the contrary, you consolidate your knowledge and also have the opportunity to follow a training course.

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