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Where Do We Go After Touchscreen Technology?

by John Doe
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Where Do We Go After Touchscreen Technology?

It was the age of Nokia phones who were the virtual market leaders. However, mobile technology was still in its early stages, and we had only phones with basic features. And then came the touchscreen technology that simply blew away users. In fact, they could not believe it when they lay their hands on this awesome technology.

It Made Everything So Easy

The touchscreen was one of the most amazing technologies in the last three decades. It made it so convenient for people to use mobiles, tablets, laptops, and so many other handheld devices. Now no more fiddling with keyboards and facing the faux pas of typos in important emails and documents. Now you have access to the technology of golden touch where your finger controls everything.

Mobile, Gadgets, Technology and Much More

Technology has made our lives easy and comfortable. We have access to so many things like electricity, a twenty-four-hour water supply, and various means of transportation. However, ever since gadgets like mobile phones, computers, and television have become part of our life, the magic of this technology keeps unfolding in a new form every day.

In the beginning, we had only basic phones that we used for making voice calls and sending SMSs, and a big box type computer-television that offered many inconveniences in the form of many wires besides taking large space. However, when mobile phones, laptops, and flat-screen TVs came, they left everything behind.  And when smartphones replaced the basic phones, the entire picture changed. When finally touch screen phones and laptops made their appearance, you might be thinking what can be better than this?

This is what happens with new technology. We often think that nothing can beat this. So, when we used bicycles for our travel, we were shocked when motorbikes were launched. When cars came, we never imagined that one day we would have cars running on roads at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour. When trains came, we never imagined that one day we would be able to travel in the Bullet trains with a speed of five hundred kilometers per hour.

Boarding a flight was ultimate for most of us. Who would have imagined a couple of decades ago that one day we can go to space like a tourist? But all these things happened. This is how technology unfolds itself. What looks impossible today becomes very much possible in the future. The other day I was going through an interview by Richard Branson on an Indian social media app where he mentioned that twelve years ago when he talked about space tourism, people thought him to be nuts. Well! It was only last month Richard made his dream turn into reality.

What is after Touch Technology?

After the arrival of ‘Touch’ technology on phones, tablets, laptops, now Microsoft is already working on ‘No Touch’ technology.  The ‘No Touch’ technology does not mean bringing back the era of working through button systems by removing touch technology from the devices. In this ‘No Touch’ technology, you need not keep your gadgets besides you to operate them. So, even if you do not have your mobile, laptop, tablet, or TV with you, you can operate it remotely by simply moving your fingers.

This is simply incredible. Just think of it – you can operate your smart TV by sitting at the office; you can control the entrance to your home by sitting thousands of miles away. If your car breaks down on the highway, you can bring your second car from your garage. Well! It might seem a fantasy, but when we talk about technology, anything, and everything is possible.

Can You Do Without the Internet?

Microsoft is already working on such a technology. It has recently started working on a screen that can be operated with just hand gestures. To use such a technology, you will need to wear a bracelet through which you can operate the TV, computer even while sitting in another room by simple gestures of your hands.  You can receive incoming calls on your mobile, and also use other functions sitting remotely even without making actual contact with the gadget.

Once you wear this bracelet in your hands, it reads every movement of your hands and fingers. You can also operate gadgets even while you are not around.  This ‘no touch’ technology is expected to be available for users in the next 2 to 5 years.  So, if someone asks what is next after ‘Touch’?  Tell them magic is about to happen.


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