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What kind of Bank Accounts Does SoFi Offer?

by David Mack
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Since 2011, SoFi has provided banking services that have benefited millions of customers. If you would like to open a bank account, you may create a savings account, a checking account, and an investment account. You could also open a retirement account, and the business offers cutting-edge tools that will help you to save money. As per SoFi Invest, if you use their services, there will be “No overdraft fees. No minimum balance fees. No monthly fees.” The company can also provide many rewards, offer an excellent interest rate, and enhance the security of each account.

Savings Account

The business provides a savings account that features automated tools, and when you utilize these tools, you may automatically save a percentage of your income. The company also offers tools that could help you to transfer money. Once you initiate a bank transfer, you may examine the status of the transfer, the speed of the transfer, and the balance of the account, and the tools could provide multiple types of updates.

Checking Account

After you create a checking account, you will receive a debit card that provides many rewards. Sometimes, the rewards could reduce the costs of transactions by 15 percent, and the business can incentivize the customers who patronize local businesses. Once you open a checking account, you could also receive your direct deposits early. If you have any questions about the checking account, you may browse the company’s website, examine the benefits of the checking account, review extensive guidelines, and access several tools.

Investment Account

Many customers have opened accounts that allow them, clients, to manage investments. After you open an investment account, you may trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other types of investments. You could also purchase fractional shares of many stocks, and this strategy could considerably decrease the risk that is associated with each investment. Additionally, you can view extensive reports that describe the values of the investments.

When you trade cryptocurrencies, you can review graphs that will help you to examine multiple trends. Once you study these graphs, you may predict the values of many cryptocurrencies, and you could also compare the cryptocurrencies.

Retirement Account

The business provides a retirement account that can substantially increase the return on investment, and the well-known company has created automated tools that could manage the investments. If you open a retirement account, you can easily create multiple goals, customize the investment portfolio and select multiple types of investments. You may also utilize several strategies that will help you to accomplish these goals, and you can examine the profitability of the investments, utilize many types of tools and create a custom plan.

Once you create a SoFi bank account, you can open a savings account, a checking account, a retirement account, and an investment account. The business also offers several types of credit cards, and you can access automated tools that will help you to manage your accounts. The company can also provide many updates, extra rewards, and useful resources.

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