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What is the NAATI Malayalam Exam? How to pass it.

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NAATI Malayalam

NAATI Malayalam Exam

The NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) is Australia’s official language examination and accreditation organization for translators and immigrants. NAATI makes the dream of Permanent Residence fulfilled. NAATI is the organization that creates the test issues the results and gives you bonus points. For this purpose, NAATI offers its tests in different languages like Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, etc. This test is available in 48 languages. Earlier, NAATI had not added the Malayalam language for the NAATI exam. Candidates sent many applications for the approbation of the NAATI Malayalam Exam.

Michael Nemrich, National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters’ Operations Manager, stated that Malayalam had been added to the National Accreditation Authority’s list of approved languages. Malayalam has been added to the list of languages that NAATI can use to obtain extra points on the Credential Community Language Test (CCL) for immigration purposes. NAATI accreditation for Malayalam has several advantages. As a result, numerous Malayalee organizations attempted to gain NAATI recognition.


Malayalam has been added to the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Credential Community Language Test (CCL), according to Michael Nemrich, NAATI’s National Operations Manager. Applications are now being accepted for the NAATI Malayalam Exam. Anyone can apply for the test and can earn five free visa points. Those who pass the CCL test in the specified languages receive an extra five points when applying for different visas. Bonus points are what they’re called.

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NAATI Malayalam coaching

For passing any test, one should prepare himself for it. The same is here for the NAATI Malayalam Exam. NAATI Malayalam coaching is available through the different platforms on the Internet or physically by other institutes. You will have the opportunity to be trained by a NAATI CCL Malayalam trainer here. NAATI recently added the Malayalam language to NAATI CCL, and Native of this language are taking advantage of free five bonus points. If you pass the NAATI CCL exam, you will receive additional five VISA points. Do NAATI Malayalam Practice get a grip on it, and fulfill your dreams in Australia. A skills assessment determines if your skills are “appropriate” or “unsuitable” for your nominated occupation (translator or interpreter) based on our certification standards. This means that if you want to get a skills assessment, you’ll have to test for NAATI Certification.

Credentials in Recognized Practising are ineligible. Different platforms are providing NAATI Malayalam training on the Internet. Get a chance for free NAATI Malayalam training to pass the test. The assessment’s expiration date will be mentioned on each successful assessment letter. The validity of NAATI skills testing is usually three years. Some colleges and training organizations claim to offer courses that prepare students for the NAATI Malayalam exam. NAATI is the organization that creates the test and issues the results. Candidates should be aware that training organizations do not have complete test information.

Where is the  NAATI test taken?

The NAATI CCL exam is delivered online and can be taken from any location in the world. The exam does not require you to be physically present in Australia.

Topics for NAATI Malayalam Exam

NAATI Malayalam Exam covers almost all the topics of daily life. Actual events will inspire the discourse in Australian culture. They are designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability to understand and communicate in both languages. The test could include a wide range of themes and sectors, including current events, business, employment, health, and so on.

NAATI Malayalam Test dates and format

NAATI Malayalam test dates come after the date of applying for the test. Exams are given online Monday through Friday. The test consists of two conversation recordings. Each exchange depicts a conversation between a native English speaker and a native Language Other Than an English speaker. Each discussion is roughly 300 words long, with around half of the dialogue written in English and the other half in LOTE. The conference is divided up into 35-word parts. NAATI Malayalam Exam is available to candidates from all around the world because they are conducted online. All testing takes place in Canberra (Australian Time).


Is it easy to pass the NAATI Malayalam exam?

If you study correctly, the NAATI Malayalam exam is not too difficult. You must practice regularly to pass the NAATI Malayalam exam. The best method is to remember the language, take practice exams and test samples.




How do I put NAATI Malayalam practice?

During your NAATI Malayalam preparation, listen to several audio clips from TV, YouTube, or the radio and take notes, taking down keywords and essential facts such as names, numbers, and locations, and do the proper NAATI Malayalam practice. Develop your symbolism and shorthand. NAATI Malayalam Training makes you get over the test and pass it easily.

NAATI CCL also offers NAATI Malayalam Mock tests. You can pass the NAATI Malayalam mock tests and gain bonus points. If you get a grip on Malayalam Vocabulary, you can easily pass NAATI Malayalam Exam.

How long will the NAATI results take to arrive?

Within 8-10 weeks(30-45 days) following the exam date, NAATI will provide you with your results (by email). This is the amount of time required to ensure that your test is reasonably graded. Within the ten weeks following your examination, we will not respond to requests for test results. Examiners’ results are reviewed and issued as soon as they are received.

NAATI Malayalam Exam Passing Criteria

NAATI Malayalam Exam consists of a total of 90 marks and has two dialogues. Each dialogue consists of 45 prints, and you have to pass both of the tests separately. For passing the test, you must have 29 marks in each conference.

If you got 63 or more marks, you are called ultimately Passed. If you got 58 to 62.5, you are said to be Marginal Fail. And if you cannot get even 58 marks, you are told to fail.

Is it possible for me to apply for a supplemental test?

To pass the NAATI Malayalam Exam, you have to take 29 marks in each dialogue, and if you fail to get them, you may give the additional test. If you are eligible for a different test, NAATI will send you an email along with your results that include instructions on applying for one.

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