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What is Health?

by John Doe
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Discuss What is Health? A healthy life provides you with meaning and purpose. Researchers published in The Lancet defined health as the ability to adapt to new threats in 2009. Discovered the advanced ways to slow or stop them. Health extends the individual’s activities

The meaning of health developed over time. From the biological perspective. The ability of the human body that deals with the physical, mental, and social well beings.

One fitness policy that assisted in many countries in the late years was the introduction of the sugar tax. The maintenance of fitness is carried out through the combination of physical,

psychological, and social well-being. We should find ways to improve our well-being. The environment is an important factor in the well-being status of an individual.

Types of Health

Mental and physical fitness are the two most important factors discussed in types of well-being. Both of them are strongly connected. Health experts have related these two stress levels and improved psychological and physical well-being. People who are in better health may feel a sense of calm and have good mental fitness.

Physical Health

Physical well-being gives us a healthy lifestyle and reduces the risk of disease. Maintaining physical well-being can protect a person’s body functioning and composition. Physical fitness provides an individual to perform daily activities.

Most children and adults are active daily. It should be caused by physical activities and exercises. Physical activities include hiking, walking, sports, jogging, running, etc. There is a lot of difference between a healthy and an unhealthy person’s body functioning. Physical fitness improves a person’s life.

1 Decrease the danger in the workplace
3 Keep away from illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
4 Practiced the hygiene
5 Medical self-care

Mental Health

The World Health Organization reported that the mental fitness of an individual is a state of well-being in which the person realizes their ability. Manages with the normal tensions of life.

Mental illness or mental fitness disorder can seriously damage the temporary or permanent mental functioning of an individual.

cerebral fitness is as important as physical fitness which gives the person an active lifestyle. experiences.

It can classify an individual’s ability to enjoy life, avoid bad past experiences. Mental fitness and physical well-being have a strong connection.

A mental illness, depression, and anxiety can affect the weight of a person and other functions.

There are some common mental disorders below;

1 Anxiety Disorders
2 Mood Disorders
3 Schizophrenia Disorders

Element of a Good fitness
Good fitness depends on different elements;
Genetic Features
Some people are born with a variety of genes. Their unusual pattern leads to the optimum level of fitness. They got those genes from their parents and grew up in good fitness conditions.


Environment plays an important role in human health.
1 Living place of a person
2 Surrounding environment
3 Genes
4 Education level

Maintaining fitness

Balanced Diet

Having a healthy diet is an important way to maintain human physical health. A healthy diet includes vegetables, meat, and other nutrients. These nutrients give energy to the human body and keep running. Water is beneficial for growth, reproduction, and good fitness.
Regular Exercise

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet


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