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What characteristics should custom candle boxes have?

by John Doe
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We are all aware of the use of candles. The use of candles is not common in only the low-class. Many business ideas (spas, hotels, and restaurants) belong to class-high use them. At this time, the packaging is the main concern of the candle manufacturers. They are looking for unique ideas to pack and give away their products to their shoppers.

Candles cannot be handed over to the customers without any packaging. It is like you are going out without having clothes. Custom candle boxes cover the candles, give them identity and make them attractive to the viewer.

Use of specific design

Professional design packaging is the investment for the company’s success.  This strategy will put a profound impact on the overall type of candles, a company is offering. This strategy can achieve by custom packaging. Custom packaging is a channel for communication. Producers deliver the brand value and tell them how much they care about customers’ needs. In return, customers like the product and help to increase the revenues of the company.

Packaging is the chance to make a first impression on the customers. Identical packaging conveys the message that the product does not have an additional element. It is just a random product and nothing is unique in it.

Print eye-catching images and graphics give value to the product. Many producers are offering services to enhance the layout of packaging. Candle producers just need to pick the most appropriate design or manufacturer who can provide you with the best solutions.

Opening style of boxes

Opening style is not just important in opening the box. Elegant and beautiful opening style attracts a large number of audiences. The most common designs that have using in candle packaging are sleeve boxes, mailer boxes, tuck end boxes, and 2-piece boxes.

  • Sleeve boxes are fully covered boxes with a slide open style. This opening style is very charming and elegant. Companies that have a good reputation in the market use this style. As they are well known and the audience knows them. Customers can recognize them easily and perceive the quality of the product without any display. This candle packaging design is not specifically made for such brands. Any brand can use it with minor subtraction or addition in the existing design. For example, a window can add to the design.
  • The second option is mailer boxes. They are very easy to use. They do not have arranged portions to keep the item in place. Overall, they make the product elegant. Different designs of tailoring can be done on them because they provide a good surface to manufacture to play. They are also good for shipping the product.
  • The third most packaging design used for packaging is the tuck end box. The design of these boxes is simple and convenient. The good part of this packaging is it ensures safety. The shape of these boxes is rectangular or square making the use of these boxes very easy.
  • 2-piece boxes are the most presenting box style. These boxes are strong enough to protect the product. This style adds a luxury touch to the packaging. The front of these boxes is spacious to print and the producer can print, what they need.

Attractive elements

Packaging communicates with the customer. Select the appropriate packaging for the target audience. Try to make the packaging simple. Adding too much text or other things can damage the image of the brand. It does not look impressive at all.  Simplicity is the best technique to win the hearts of the customers.

Simple designs do not mean that manufacturers cannot add anything to the design. Candles are usually used as to gift to a special one. To make the box up to the mark ribbons can add to the top of it. This increases the presentation of the boxes. These presentation boxes are not good for gifts and good for catching the attention of customers. Some boxes have windows. Windows is the medium from where customers can have a look at the inside product. Customers can feel the product through visual instinct and this function will encourage the buying decision of the customer.

Details of the product

Customers know the purpose of the product by its packaging. People often buy things which they see. Make sure the packaging gives the idea of a product and not like to others. Customers get confused with the same packing products. Packaging that clearly shows the purpose of the product and describes the product function considers flawless packaging.

The candle packaging boxes that describe the product well, help the customers in choosing the product which meets their expectations and needs.

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