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What Are the Best Types of Solar Panels for Your House?

by William Bill
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Renewable energy sources like solar and wind could make up 80% of America’s energy supply if consumers and businesses sign up for solar power.


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It’s much more affordable to install solar panels than just 10 years ago. Prices continue to drop and with tax incentives, there’s no reason not to install panels.

The key to a successful panel installation is getting the right types of panels to fit your home. That’s right, you have a choice from a wide range of options.

How can you get the best panels for your home? Read on to learn about the types of panels so you can see the benefits.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

These are the most common panels because they’re affordable and durable.

They’re more expensive than the other types of panels, but they last years longer. You get a lot of value from these panels, making them the first choice for homeowners and installers.

Monocrystalline panels come with a single type of silicone. It’s the silicon that absorbs energy from the sun and converts it to energy.

From an aesthetic perspective, these panels are black to help absorb solar energy. That lets the panels blend in with virtually any architectural style.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

The solar industry considers polycrystalline solar panels as mid-range panels. They’re less expensive, but a lot less efficient. You’re getting what you pay for.

How do these panels work? They use several types of silicone in panels. That’s the main reason why they’re less efficient.

They’re not as tolerant to heat as other types of panels. You won’t reap the full benefits of panels because they don’t last long and they’re less efficient.

Thin Film Solar Panels

There are small layers of semiconductor materials that make up thin film panels. They’re the least expensive option on this list. These solar panels are also the least efficient.

They have a smaller profile, so they can perform well in areas that have limited sunlight. They’re used in commercial installations where space isn’t an issue. They’re also used for smaller power jobs like boats and RVs.

Which Are the Best Solar Panels?

What are the best panels for your home? Start by getting a quote from local installers.

They’ll perform an audit of your home. The home’s orientation to the sun, your budget, and energy needs are the key factors that determine which panels you need.

Click to read more about local tax incentives and how much you can save by installing solar panels. Be sure to hire a repeatable company that has plenty of installation experience.

Know the Best Types of Solar Panels

How can you get the best solar panels for your home? Start with the different types of panels. You just learned that monocrystalline panels are more efficient and last longer than other panels.

That makes them a great choice to gain the benefits of panels.

For more helpful home tips, check out the other articles on the blog.

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