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Typical Music Production Mistakes Pros Don’t Make 

by William Bill
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When you set out to be a music producer, you will want to be among the best in business and connect well with the public. While it is impossible to predict the kind of reaction your music will get, you can achieve excellence in music production by honing your skills and also learning from mistakes others before you have made.


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Each music maker will have their own specific music creation process. You’ll foster your own music creation process as you practice your art. Be that as it may, you’ll observe comparative cycles or stages music makers go through to complete tracks.

Making music includes inventive and specialized approaches. What’s more, each requires an alternate outlook. With training, you’ll figure out how to move between the imaginative and specialized mentalities all through the music creation process. The capacity to focus on the two mentalities will assist you with working all the more productively without losing energy. Some of the most common music production mistakes that separate the men from the boys:


Bad File Storage 

With the cost of storage dipping steeply over the years, storing copies locally need not be expensive. Over the years you spend producing music, you will end up buying several hard drives at considerable expense. However, the main reason you need to shell out hefty prices every time is not the drive itself but the power supply and housing. You can cut your costs significantly by buying a hard drive docking station with a USB 3.0 SATA dock. It can accommodate both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch bare drives. While the cost per TB can be as low as $30, you can save even more money with cloud storage; however, you will need a fast internet connection.


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Recording a Poor-Quality Source

While music producers can tinker with the quality of music using advanced equipment, it is invariably far better to start recording a good-quality source, according to a teacher at one of the leading institutes offering music production courses in Mumbai. Simple things like setting up guitars by professionals so that they are in perfect tune, putting in new strings, and checking the guitar amp can go a long way in delivering good music people will love. You need to do all you can to ensure that the music you produce sounds nothing short of excellent. You don’t want to be fighting your source when you are recording.

Avoid Sound Leakage 

A great way of creating live sound in your sound mix is to set up your band in one room and record with multiple microphones. However, it means that all the microphones capture vocals and instruments, which in sound recording parlance is called leakage. You will want to avoid sound leakage to make the recording sound pristine, but it is the way to go for a live recording. However, you need to follow some simple guidelines. Whenever possible, you should isolate the louder instruments using a sound barrier. You can improvise a go-between barrier between loud instruments or guitar amps by placing a mattress around them. You can even use the bass amp in a different room from the band. You can align the leakage in timing better and help phase different instruments by placing some instruments closer to others, says a BeatPro tutor.


Fear of Standing Out

People learn through impersonation. It’s our most key approach to working on the planet. Before we can peruse, tie our shoes, or play a harmony, we learn by watching another person and afterward copying their endeavors.

I don’t have a clue about a solitary maker who doesn’t seek to be incredible. I’ve never conversed with any individual who said “You know, I’d prefer to be simply OK at this. Being all that I can truly isn’t really for me.”


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In actuality, most makers I converse with are so loaded up with energy and excitement that it’s undeniable how profoundly they give it a second thought. What’s more, since we care such a huge amount about being extraordinary, we venerate the people who have accomplished significance in their music professions.

Gaining from those we respect is significant to turning out to be better. Be that as it may, an incredible risk lies in contrasting ourselves with others. As far as some might be concerned, it’s a feeling of dread toward putting music out that is “not adequate.” For other people, it’s making a decent attempt to seem like another person, ruling out their own voice.


Music production is a complicated business calling for a thorough understanding of music and technology. When you are starting, it is convenient to make compromises but you will soon realize their impact on the quality of music you are producing. It is usually better to buy the best equipment you can afford. If you are not sure what to buy, ask people in the industry to help you out with recommendations.

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