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Top 9 fashion trends in world 2021

by John Doe
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Top 9 fashion trends

After spending more than a year staying indoors, Top 9 fashion trends in world 2021. it is finally a time to celebrate fashion and the latest trends that are going viral in 2021. While in lockdown, we were happy to wrap ourselves in PJs working from our homes, but in 2021 we are slowly shifting towards doing outdoors like restaurant visits, hanging out with friends, going to the office, etc.

So we are hoping to wear outfits that are more fashion-forward and according to the trend. Having been inspired from almost every decade, there are so many different ways to style our outfits of different colors. Be it a sleek bucket hat or pastel shades, it is finally the time to revisit the 90’s style. In this article, you will find out the top 9 fashion trends in 2021 which you can start wearing right away.

  1. Neutral Co-Ord Sets

This trend has been on the cards for a while and there are so many reasons why it is still sticking around. Neutral is a timeless style that makes you look not only chic but also sophisticated and elegant. Neutrals are a complete classic in the fashion industry right now. You can rock them while being minimalistic. They come in almost every single color and you can wear one. From a crop top with sweatpants and a cardigan to a grey-colored knot dress with a matching sweater- you can style them in plenty of ways.

  1. Pastel colors all over

The outfit looks effortlessly cool when you will add soft and buttery colors to it. These outfits can be worn every season. You can try lilac or lemon trousers and a lavender shirt. You can also add check pants and sneakers with it for having an early 2000s vibe. Whether you mix your outfit with different colors or add patterns in your outfit, pastel colors are the best for looking chic and cute. Top 9 fashion trends in world 2021.

  1. Fluorescent Pops

This season is all about adding colors to your style. The fluorescent pops of bright shades and patterns do not only enhance your look but also make you stand out among others. You can try a neon green or pink blazer with your standard black jeans and T-shirt to have a more vibrant look fashion. The fluorescent pops make you feel bubbly, bright, and confident to take on the day. You will surely have fun while celebrating these bright colors.

  1. Androgynous Style

Androgynous style has been on the cards since the early ’90s. This trend is coming back in 2021 like no other. There are so many different ways you can rock this style such as mixing and matching with shirts, using oversized suits, blazers, etc. You can surely try this style with neutral shades on. You are also free to experiment with multiple colors and layers with Androgynous outfits. So put yourself out of your comfort zone and have fun!

  1. Pastel color Bucket hats

One of the coolest trends in 2021 is wearing a bucket hat with your outfit to make people swoon over your look. Bucket-style hats come in various colors. You can pick up a pastel color of your choice and pair it with the coordinating color of your outfit. You should also try some accessories complementing your overall look to look more stylish. Moreover, you should take a little bit of your hair out of the hat to frame your face while keeping the brim staying a little above your eyebrows. In this way, your features will look more defined.

  1. Large Floral Prints

Be it a top, skirt, or trousers, floral prints have got you all covered, but in a bigger size this time. This 90’s print is fashionable, pretty, stunning at the same time. You can try the large floral prints in so many different ways. Floral prints make you look cute as well as chic in fashion. Don’t try to play and experiment with different hues, because fashion is all about experimenting with your look and putting yourself out of your comfort zone. Wearing floral prints is a great way to celebrate beautiful things in life.

  1. Tracksuit with Long Coats

Adding layers to your dress is what the trend is all about. From fashion shows to Instagram models, this trend has made everyone swoon. In winter, when you want to stay warm yet chic, there is no better option than wearing a tracksuit with a long structured coat fashion. You can make your look more stylized and rich when you will style this combo with good shades that complement the outfit’s tone. You can rock the overall look with sneakers or combat boots depending upon your outfit’s hues and preferences. So don’t forget to rock this winter with the chicest outfit.

  1. Headscarves

The headscarf is an excellent element to pull off your outfit and overall look. Having been inspired by Grace Kelly’s (American film actress) love for scarves and fashion icons of the early 2000s, this trend has seen ups and downs in the fashion industry. The cool thing is that it is again in fashion in 2021. You can easily understand its revival- it looks great with every outfit fashion. The headscarf is very easy to style. Fold the patterned side of the scarf in half and place it on your head. Now you can easily tie the knot in any style of your choice and you are on your way to rock.

  1. Wide-leg Jeans

As this season is all about the revival of the 90’s and 2000s style, how can we forget the most prominent trend of the early 2000s? Wide-leg jeans are a great way to celebrate fashion. These Jeans fit in a way that sits high on the waist and upper thighs while flaring out past the knees. These jeans make you look tall and in gorgeous fashion. You can style them in several ways like with a cropped sweater, cardigan, or oversized shirt. You can also style wide-leg jeans with a standard white or black T-shirt with some accessories and shades on to look effortlessly cool and chic. They will become your go-to choice for every day, for sure.


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