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Top 10 Software Development Trends In 2022

by William Bill
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The field of software development is continually evolving as a result of new social needs, different external factors, and developing technologies. In this article, we examine the key trends in software development that already influence the market.

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, the software product development business was in a better condition than other sectors. However, it still was unable to prevent budget reductions, project delays, and workforce losses. Let’s look at the tools and techniques developers utilize to get better outcomes now that the IT industry is recovering:

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1. Automated Code Reviews

The pace of our life demands us to release new software products quicker. Because of this, more engineers are using automated code review, in which specialized tools check the code automatically in accordance with specified guidelines. It provides developers with the next benefits:

  • The code review process becomes faster;
  • Errors can be identified more accurately;
  • Companies are able to maintain their coding standards.

As a consequence, IT service companies can create high-quality software solutions faster

2. Cloud-Native Technologies

The adoption of cloud-native solutions for application design & development, as well as team management, is expected to increase among software development organizations, according to the trend. Cloud technologies are used to host these software items and services. They can run on numerous servers and are infrastructure-neutral, so any business may simply use them.

It should be highlighted that the need to support remote work has increased the demand for cloud services and their maintenance. Businesses have been forced to put in place the necessary framework and assist staff in setting up a workspace in their homes as offices.

3. Machine Learning with AutoML and No-Code AI Expansions

Machine learning technology (or simply ML) has recently gained attention from the general public as a transformative commercial technology. Predictive analytics, chatbots, virtual assistants, as well as fraud detection software, self-driving cars, and personalized advertisement suggestions are a few examples of machine learning in use.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to IMARC Group in 2021, the global AI market reached a value of $56.5 billion. As AI technology is being used in numerous corporate areas, it is no longer regarded as being the technology of a distant future. But scientists are still far from realizing AI’s full potential.  They classify AI into 3 groups:

  • Narrow AI — These algorithms have a narrow scope of use since they concentrate on only one task. Systems for image identification, speech recognition, and individualized recommendation software are typical examples of narrow AI. This category now has the biggest share of AI software;
  • General AI — These clever algorithms, also known as virtual intellect, as it only mimics the thinking processes seen in the human brain. They have the capacity to learn and apply new information. This degree of intellect is what scientists are attempting to create in robots, but they are still far from being successful;
  • Artificial superintelligence — Theoretically, AI programs won’t merely imitate human behavior and brain functions; they’ll develop self-awareness and outperform us. It seems doubtful that this idea will be implemented in the near future.

5. DevOps Tools

In businesses that create software, DevOps has become a common practice. Observability tools will be essential for DevOps teams in SMBs as well as major corporations in 2022. This might be attributed to the growing popularity of microservices and cloud-native application development and the resulting necessity to identify and address problems in these intricate systems as soon as they arise.

All teams and divisions within an organization that produce software should promote a culture of data-driven decision-making. The process of troubleshooting becomes faster and simpler when every person is skilled in monitoring, logging, reporting, etc. Additionally, this promotes continuous deployment and integration.

6. Python – a New Market Leader

JavaScript topped the list of programming languages used the most by software developers globally in 2020. At that point, Python had surpassed Java and was quickly taking the top spot.

Given that Python is the language of choice for programmers building software solutions with AI- and ML-based capabilities, it appears that its rising popularity will last far into 2022 and beyond. As already said, the top technological developments for 2022 are artificial intelligence and machine learning.

7. Java Gets a Second Life

Java was the undisputed champion among software programming languages for a very long time, however, started to lose ground to quicker and lighter languages as container-based programming and microservices developed.

Fortunately for Java beginners, the community continued to fight and didn’t give up on their favorite language. By beginning to incorporate new capabilities in line with modern software development techniques, they began to enhance Java. For instance, GraalVM now allows developers to quickly and effectively create cloud-native Java apps.

8. Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) 

With a new method of software development known as the low-code/no-code (LCNC) solution, software engineering is going in the direction of simplicity, as it enhances the development process. Through graphical user interfaces and settings, LCNC systems make it possible for almost anyone to create software without using traditional coding. Such programming tools have a lot of potential since they enable individuals with little or no prior knowledge of software development to turn their concepts into digital solutions.

While many developers are wary of the low-code development technique, it has a number of advantages, including a decrease in manual effort, time and money savings for developing software solutions, and a lower barrier to entry.


  • 80% of respondents think the low-code strategy can free up engineers to focus on more complex projects;
  • Software apps are produced by low-code developers 72% more quickly than by traditional developers;
  • By 2026, the low-code development platform market is expected to be worth $46.4 billion worldwide, expanding at a CAGR of 25%.

9. SRE and DevOps Work Together

One method of implementing DevOps is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). In recent years, SRE has gained popularity among software development firms. Inspecting each commit, pull request, and deployment aims to guarantee the system’s dependable performance. Consequently, an SRE engineer has to have knowledge of both software development and system management.

10. Cybersecurity Is the Main Issue

Every vendor and every software developer has to take cybersecurity seriously as the world becomes more digital than ever. The following information about cybersecurity for 2022 is provided by Statista:


  • The average spend per employee in the cybersecurity market is expected to reach $42.52;
  • Revenue in the cybersecurity market is projected to reach $146.30 billion.

Specialists should build a plan taking into account software, hardware, and IT services as a single linked system in order to guarantee the required degree of cybersecurity.


The software sector is one that is always changing as a result of emerging technology, consumer trends, and other underlying causes. Startups are better equipped to convert their ideas into apps if they have a deeper awareness of the most recent software developments

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