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The Well Known Mental Disorders, Anxiety

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What is Anxiety?

It is a mental health disorder in which a person thinks again and again in the feeling of stress. It is one of the mental disorders that damage mental health very badly. A person feels anxious when he/she feels stressed about work, relationships, or any occasion of their daily life.

Sometimes, we feel panic, it is the result of anxiety. Some experiences of your life come in your life and if these memories are interfering with you then you may have anxiety. People who suffer from this mental disorder, feel terror all the time.

These feelings make a person tired. It can make the human mind weak and conscious. Sometimes, anxiety stops you from doing those things in which you feel happy. And in some cases, patients feel afraid to do things such as enter the lift, cross the road, go outside, and other such things.


All types of anxiety depend upon over-thinking, worries, and fear. Symptoms of this disease are according to its types. Sometimes, symptoms appear due to the personal exercises of a person in their daily life. Panic attacks, nightmares, and so on. These are all the causes of fear and worry. Some symptoms are written below;

●        Increasing heartbeat

  • Breathing fastly
  • Feeling disturbed
  • Having difficulty in sleeping

Types of Anxiety

It comes in several types of different disorders. There are all below;

Social Anxiety Disorders

This type deals with the fear of the social context of a person. In this case, patients are concerned about negotiating or meeting with other people. It feels troublesome to attend social gatherings and outings. This fear irritates them and they feel that their terror is annoying, but in reality, they feel unconfident and helpless.

These types of people mostly live alone but are not comfortable in these conditions also. If young people have this disorder, they are afraid to do their work, go to school or college, and make new relationships outside of the family.


There are some symptoms of this disorder by social interactions. There are;

●        Feel shy

  • Sickness
  • Nervousness
  • Feel trouble talking with strangers
  • Heartbeat becomes fast

Separation Anxiety Disorders

In this type, a person is afraid to be separate from the other particular person. This disorder occurs mostly in children under 3 years but in some cases, adults also suffer from this mental disorder as well. These types of people can create them by themselves in case of separation.

In some cases, physical symptoms are apparent in some people such as headache and throat aching. This type of mental disorder appears in children but after a while, it comes back. In the case of adults, people are reacted like a child in a fear of separation from a specific person or a thing.


  • Abnormal distress
  • Over worry
  • Afraid to live alone
  • All the time need that where is the partner

Panic Disorder

In this type, a person feels panic anytime, anywhere that in reality there is no danger. This panic attack occurs so excessively that these feelings are gonna be out of control. This panic attack came without warning.

Nowadays, this mental disorder is common in people, mostly in young people. Sometimes this panic attack is very frightening. Many people have some panic attacks and when the situation is going to be normal, panic attacks are gonna end. This comes suddenly anytime.


  • Fast heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Having difficulty in breathing
  • Sweating
  • Instant feeling hot and cold


This type of anxiety is when a person has uncontrollable fear. This disorder deals with the excessive fear of life. Sometimes, genetics may be the cause of phobias. Psychologists do not know what condition the first attack of phobias simply occurs.


  • Uncontrollable Anxiety
  • Feeling fear
  • Not being proper functioning
  • Irregular breathing
  • Chest tightness
  • Confession

Generalized Anxiety Disorders

This is a mental disorder that deals with the excessive condition of worries. People who suffer from GAD, are consciously thinking about different things. They continue to worry about money, relationships, work, and other daily life issues.

These people never control their feelings of worry. They feel more worried than the actual condition. Generalized Anxiety Disorders can appear in children and young people. The symptoms of GAD area is panic disorder.


  • Over worrying
  • Overthinking
  • Have trouble handling situation
  • Difficulty in sleep
  • Feel unconfident

Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorders

This type deals with the panic attacks that come because of the withdrawal of alcohol or any other drug. Taking these drugs may cause relaxation and relief but in reality, it is the cause of serious diseases.

This disorder is not common in people. This disease can be caused by the direct effects of drugs. It is also called Drug-Induced Anxiety Disorder.


  • Bad thinkings
  • Having trouble in sleep
  • Losing self-control
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Suddenly feel cold and suddenly feel hot

How to Calm Anxiety?

It is a mental disorder that deals with negative mental behavior, worries, and fears. Anxiety can appear by decreasing the mental health of the human body. It causes disease by taking medicines but it can be reduced by doing some useful activities. Some of them are below; mental health

●    Exercise

Exercise is one of the ways that decrease the level of stress and give the distraction from daily life thoughts and worries. It maintains blood circulation and provides energy to the mind. A healthy diet and exercise can provide you with mental well-being.


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●    Yoga

Toga is one of the important ways to relax and avoid negative thoughts. It reduces depression and stress. It has the ability to decrease the symptoms of stress and other mental disorders.

●    Listening Music

Music is a key to increasing the stamina of the mind to fight fatigue and bad thoughts. It reduces stress levels and provides energy and confidence to the human mind. Listening to your favorite song or music can best distract your mind and give you relaxation.

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