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United Health Care

UnitedHealth Group is an American multinational managed healthcare company that provides health care services. UnitedHealth Group is the world’s eighth-largest company and comprises about 80% of the overall revenue of CVS Health.

UnitedHealth Group is a health care company that intends to make people’s lives healthier by making the health systems efficient for each and everyone throughout the world.

Healthy life

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to helping people out in leading a healthy life. They have served millions of people from the very beginning and the number is increasing constantly.

Health services for everyone

UnitedHealthcare offers health services for people of all ages and lifestyles including employees, employers, and Medicare beneficiaries.

Partners in care

More than 1.3 million physicians and health care professionals, and 6,500 hospitals and other care facilities throughout America have been in UnitedHealth Groups to help people get access to the right healthcare.

Health care across the globe

They provide healthcare services to people through owned and operated health care facilities in various countries.

Career and employee care


With 340,000 colleagues and more than 125,000 employees working to help build a modern and efficient health system through improved accessibility, affordability, developments, and experiences.


UnitedHealth works with governments, employers, collaborators, and sponsors to provide a better healthcare facility for 146 million people nationwide.


UnitedHealth with its integrity, compassion, relationships, innovation, and performance, improve access to quality care at low prices accessible to all.


Your passion and purpose are valued then why not bring it to a career at UnitedHealthcare as they understand your passion and translate it into action. They are grounded in their values and services for their greater purpose each day, empowering the organization to help give better health facilities to everyone.

As a company that serves everyone, valuing inclusion and diversity is an integral part. The culture of UnitedHealth respects the differences that make each of its employees and candidates unique for their diverse backgrounds. All their focus is on better health for all, including those who are underserved or overlooked in our societies.

Community care

UnitedHealth addresses answers to some important issues relating to people’s health. This is done by improving access to care and by social aspects relating to health like residence, food, and conveyance. They strive hard to improve care for their consumers and provide privilege to serve their communities.

Support during COVID-19


The COVID-19 global pandemic created a great void and shortage in resources and health facilities but with a clear focus on getting people to access quality health care, UnitedHealth outclassed everyone by offering support and services in many ways.

By providing people access to healthcare through cost-sharing and virtual visits and launching a testing site locator, the safety and health care of people and communities, UnitedHealth gave their best shot in helping people out in the pandemic period.

UnitedHealth Optum


Optum is an American pharmacy benefit manager and health care provider which is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Groups that delivers care with the help of technology endowing people, partners, and providers with the guidance and tools they require for promising health.


Optum is a fast-growing part of UnitedHealth Group that urges to provide database services and research to help make healthcare better work for everyone.


Optum brings every aspect of health care together to give an exact view of one’s health, provides personalized insights to give better health care experiences, supports anywhere by giving accessible choices to meet individual needs, drives better options for health care that help everyone to lead a healthy life.


Optum is the health care solutions unit of UnitedHealth Group that hires the best individuals with high performances and risk-taking capabilities, who have compassion for the world.


They have core values which include:



Honor commitments



Serving humanity



Best Performance


While UnitedHealth continues to be the nation’s largest health company, selling commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage plans, Optum owns one of the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers in OptumRx as well as an array of medical care provider businesses, including doctor practices, surgery centers, and urgent care sites throughout the country.

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UnitedHealthcare offers a wide spectrum of health benefits and facilities encouraging affordable rates, simplifying the health care experiences, and providing access to efficient healthcare.

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