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The insights of fiber internet-a guideline

by David Mack
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Fiber internet

Fiber internet is the new data transmission technology. It uses fiber optic cables to transfer the data. Moreover, it is very fast as compared to the traditional cable internet. The transmission of home phones and data started back in the 20th century when the traditional copper wire was used to transfer the data. In this article, we will give you insights into how fiber internet works. Moreover, we will also give you details about how fast it can transmit data to the users.


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Working of fiber internet

Fiber optic cables contain thousands of optical fibers. Precisely the fiber strands are very thin. We can say that it is 10 times more refined than the strand of human hair. If we talk about the working mechanism of fiber internet it usually follows a light that goes down by the fiber optic link. It travels through the bombing off the walls frequently. Every light particle reflects cable smoothly. However, the whole process is very smooth and fast and there is not any distortion. However, some people also think that the light beam can run because of the edges. That is not the case. The light hit the glass cables at a triggering angle of 42 degrees. After that, it reflects back against the glass just like a mirror. However, the phenomenon is called total internal reflection. These phenomena keep the light inside the cable.


Another thing that is very important is the building of the wire itself. The construction is further divided into two integral parts.


Parts of the Wire


  • The first part is the core. It is the innermost part of the fiber optic cable, which is made up of glass. It is the point where the light travels in the initial phases.
  • The second part is called cladding. It is the portion around the core that is of a thick layer of glass or sometimes plastic. It is the part, which makes sure the light signals remain inside the core.


Moreover, the fiber can transmit the data in the form of light pulses. It transfers the data through glass wires. That is why it is fast and consistent as compared to Copper cable connections. They use the latest technology, which is why they outshine the traditional internet options. Moreover, fiber internet has the capacity to transfer data faster than electrical and copper cables respectively.

They also offer the customers high bandwidth and frequency because of the advanced technology. Moreover, fiber internet is very secure and less vulnerable to data breaches. The best part about fiber internet is the fact that they are environmentally friendly and less resistant to fire.

The speed of fiber internet

Theoretically speaking each fiber link can carry up to 44 TB per second. If we talk about the statistics, it is 1 million times faster. Moreover, it is super-fast than the average internet speed majority of the people are getting in the USA. However, at the moment fiber internet can offer the customer speed up to 1000 Mbps.

Hence we can say that hi band with means fast internet speed. That is why fiber internet is a better option as compared to other options. Apart from this with fiber internet you can get systematically speed. In simple words, you get the same download in upload speed. Hence, we can assume that the latency rate of fiber internet is relatively low. It is the perfect choice for people who love to watch movies and the best fit for Gamers.

Fiber internet vs cable internet

If we talk about the speed factor then fiber is much better than cable internet connections. It is due to the fact that cable connections can offer a maximum download speed of up to 500 Mbps. Apart from this you only get an upload speed of 50 Mbps. Therefore there is an extensive difference between the download and upload speed. We can further conclude that you can also expect a high latency rate when using cable internet.

However, cable internet uses coaxial cables that have a very substantial network. They are very affordable in easily reachable than fiber internet plans. Spectrum is one of them. You can bundle up their internet plan with spectrum TV packages.

A fiber internet versus DSL

It is an outdated technology, which has become extinct in some of the major cities in America. The reason for obsolescence is the fact that better options are available to the customers. This shows that fiber internet is better than the old DSL connections. Moreover, a DSL connection can offer only up to 35 MBPS of download speed.

This is the average DSL connection speed. However, the upload speed is around 20 Mbps. The DSL internet transfers the data through telephone lines. The lions have a vast network across the country hence it is an easier option to access. But if we talk about the reliability for people living in rural areas DSL is a great option. As we know the latency levels of DSL and fiber both it is very prominent that fiber internet is far more superior.

Wrapping up

We can say that fiber internet is offering the customers high-speed internet connections. It is the best choice when you are looking for a high-speed internet connection. The internet has high bandwidth with low latency. That is why it is a consistent and dependable option when you are a gamer. However, it is the new technology as compared to DSL and cable internet. However, it is not as widely available as the other two. Moreover, fiber internet connections are expensive.

Yes, accessibility can be a problem especially if you want a high-speed fiber internet connection. Apart from this, it is perfect for heavy-duty users. Always check out the internet providers that are offering services in your area. Sometimes your friend might be using the high-speed fiber internet plan that is not available in your area.

Make your way and choose the plans that are available in your area. Moreover, if you are tight on a budget check out the spectrum internet plans on cable internet option. They have some budget-friendly options with high accessibility.


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