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The Brief Guide That Makes Improving Reading Comprehension Simple

by William Bill
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Studies have shown that more than 80% of the world’s population can read and write these days. People have taken huge strides in these two departments over time, especially when you consider that only about 12% of the global population could read and write 200 years ago. But reading comprehension is something that a lot of people still struggle with. They aren’t always able to understand what they’re reading while they’re doing it.


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Do you have a tough time with reading comprehension? There are some steps you can take to improve it. Check out our brief guide on doing it below.


Make Sure You’re Reading Books That Are at the Right Level

If you’re having a difficult time reading a particular book, there is a chance that it might be too advanced for you. You should try to focus on reading books that are at the right level to improve reading comprehension.

If you have to stop and look up what different words in a book mean every 30 seconds, it’s going to negatively impact your reading comprehension. It’s why it’s so important for you to only read books that are at the right level for you.

You can slowly build up to reading more advanced books as your reading comprehension improves. But for the time being, you should stick to the kinds of books that you can comprehend as opposed to those that seem like they’re written in a different language.

Slow Down While You’re Reading a Book

There are many different types of readers in the world. Some people can breeze through books with ease while maintaining a quick reading speed.

You might be able to join them at some point down the line. But if your reading comprehension skills aren’t on point, you should slow down while you’re reading through books. Realize that you’re not in a race and focus on reading accuracy vs. reading speed.

You might even want to go as far as to slow things way down by reading books out loud. It’ll make it easier for you to understand what’s going on in them.

Re-Read a Portion of a Book If You Don’t Understand It

Far too often, people will read a portion of a book, not fully understand it, and then keep on pushing through it. Many times, this will leave people feeling lost as they work their way through a book since they skip key details by doing this.

Even a very smart student who is applying for scholarships for international students is going to have to go back and re-read certain portions of a book to get a better understanding of it.

You shouldn’t be shy about going back and re-reading parts of a book to ensure you understand what you just read.

You’ll be able to keep up with your school curriculum by taking this approach to read books. You’ll also see your reading comprehension skills flourish when you put in just a little bit of extra work.

You Can Improve Reading Comprehension by Taking These Steps

You probably aren’t going to be able to improve your reading comprehension overnight. You’re going to have to work to see real results.

But you can improve your reading comprehension if you’re willing to put some time into it. Take each of the steps that we’ve talked about here and you should be reading better than ever before in no time.

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