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The best VR headset for sim racing

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VR headset

VR headset is currently in trend among sim racers, but as the new tech in this wall of the gaming world continues to progress they will become an even more integral accessory in the ultimate racing simulator encounter.

How would feel to drive crazy in a fantasy world that looks almost like it is real? You could also learn to be a good driver without putting anyone at risk while learning through the VR racing tour.

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While the future is looking exciting, don’t look too far into the future. While there are a whole handful of VR headsets available, the ones we will recommend meet the needs of most users. From high-powered headsets which provide the smoothest graphics to ones that immerse you in a gaming world you didn’t know existed, these are just the great VR Gaming headsets for simulation racing that you can purchase today.

These VR Headset units allow you to do a realistic simulation driving experience without limitation.


1. HMD Odyssey+

Versatile and easy to use, the HMD Odyssey+ is a great Mixed Reality headset that offers an exciting experience that’s truly second to none.

The HMD Odyssey+ comes equipped with a set of 3.5-inch AMOLED screens with a 3K resolution that will provide an in-depth look at the road surface ahead. The handset offers Samsung’s anti-screen window effect and an AKG tuned audio system that produces real-time racing sounds from all angles.

No fogging of the lenses will occur thanks to the cooling fabric used in the helmet. The HMD Odyssey+ is, without a doubt, the best VR headset on the market, and it’s priced to coincide with this fact.



VR headsets are very expensive. There is no avoiding that reality thankfully, the Lenovo Explorer exists at a price point that competes with much more expensive devices.

The plug-and-play headset offers a superb display, thanks to eye-catching displays with a crisp resolution of 1,440 x 1,440. It can be linked to a PC that is equipped with HDMI and USB capabilities but also does not have any external sensors.

The Explorer isn’t the best quality, but it’s comfortable and lightweight, which makes it a great choice. It also doesn’t provide onboard audio, so you’ll have to use your own computer and headset system. But beyond that, the Lenovo Explorer is a perfect VR headset for anyone who only has a little money to spend.



A bunch of VR headsets offers a wide variety of features, but you should refer to the Valve Index when describing the best one in the class.

The real boss of all VR headsets makes the list, really due to its superior hardware and cost.

Imagine getting a VR headset whose visuals are superior to all others and the refresh rate so good that it can spike up to 144Hz. Users get the best with valve index. This headset has a 130-degree field of view, far superior to other models.

The Valve Index is the most comprehensive VR headset, it can be used with a Windows computer. A fine distinction is made because the price of this product is over $1,000. To obtain what you really want, you must compensate for it, isn’t it?


4. Oculus Rift S

A lot of Virtual reality headsets pledge much but expect you to pay a premium for that experience. On the other hand, the Oculus Rift S vows the same stuff, except the price is lower.

The Rift S is, undeniably, the best VR headset in the industry for its value. It’s the most updated Oculus Rift, and it was created and built to fit its marketing claims. The Rift S showcases next-generation optics and LED displays to deliver sharper image quality and vibrant color. The VR headset contains cutting-edge lens technology that minimizes the screen door effect, offering players one of the neatest simulation racing encounters you’ve ever gotten in a VR headset. Compared to other headsets, the Rift Stakes time to set up. Passing through the gauntlet allows you access to one of the best virtual reality headsets at your price point.



For those that own a PlayStation 4 and wish to utilize Sony’s VR technology, it’s best to use the PlayStation VR.

Beyond the fact that the PS VR was developed for PS4 use, the headset offers everything necessary for VR at a fraction of the cost of what you’ll spend on other VR headsets. The PS VR is simple to use and boats adaptive Move controllers which let you significantly increase its potential on undeniably one of the largest gaming databases in the whole video game community.

Sure, the PS VR has a reduced resolution, but it’s still able to produce a 120 Hz refresh rate. This device is advantageous for playing games or watching movies. Not only can you watch movies on PS VR’s Cinematic mode, but you can do so in a theatre-like setting, too. The PlayStation VR is only $300 and can do great things. That is a decent bargain.

These VR headsets are all the best pieces you can find on the market, you can experience the best action live without any issues as you get the ultimate experience.


6. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ 

The HMD Odyssey+ VR headset is a Samsung product that has two 3.5″ AMOLED screens that can show your games in high-definition. This makes your games look very realistic. There are 1440 by 1600 pixels on each screen at 90Hz. If you play racing games, having such a high frame rate can help you avoid feeling sick. In order to give you a clear view of the track as you race, it has a 110-degree angle of vision.

Tuned by AKG, the sound has 360-degree spatial audio built in to make you listen to everything in all directions. The VR headset comes with this built-in. The HMD Odyssey+ also has a headband that can be changed and is 10% more lightweight than before. Makes it easier to play for a long time. When you play games for a long time, your eyes might get a little blurry. This VR headset comes with its own cooling fabric, so that won’t happen.


7. Pimax Vision 5k Super VR Headset

One more great VR headset from Pimax is called the Vision 5K, and it’s very good. Like the 8KX, it has an extra-wide 200-degree angle of vision so you can see every little thing when you play VR games. It removes any binocular effect that doesn’t add to the VR experience, especially when playing high-speed games like Rally, F1, or Motorsports. They have two custom relatively low crystal panels that have a cumulative resolution of 5120 x 1440, setting a new benchmark for the quality of VR. There isn’t a screen-door effect when you perform your games.


When you play, you can choose from a lot of different refresh modes to see which one works best. You can choose from 90Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 160Hz, or 180Hz to get colorful, life-like visuals for first-person, active engagement, or racing games. You can even go all the way to 180Hz. Finally, it has a face mask, nose protection, and soft face bubble wrap to make it easier for you to play.


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