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The Best Small Business Payroll Software for 2022

by Erica Farmer
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The HR payroll software will streamline HR processes and make paying simple as pressing one button.

We’ve selected the top payroll software that you can utilize to run your small business, including remote teams.

What are the reasons you need Payroll Software for HR? Payroll Software?

HR procedures like hiring, onboarding employees managing payroll, hiring, and managing benefits can be very time-consuming. As a small-business owner, you’re seeking to reduce time and costs whenever you can.

By employing payroll software for HR, you can automate specific tasks and gather data to improve the way your business operates.


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The use of HR payroll software can reduce the workload of your small business in many ways:

This will improve the HR department’s efficiency. Efficient, which will allow them to be more productive on other projects.

  • It will make sure you’re always making payments and withholdings the correct amount.
  • This will assist you in avoiding penalties and issues with compliance.
  • It simplifies the management of PTO and bonuses a lot easier.
  • They make offering health insurance as well as other benefits a breeze.
  • Speeds up employee onboarding, allowing new employees to be on the job sooner.

If you’re operating your web-based store or a small-scale company website and you’re looking to use HR Payroll Software in India can make your life easier as well as your employees more satisfied.

It doesn’t matter if your employees are physically present or remotely located or remote; you can utilize the HR software to simplify your company’s operations.

In this regard, let’s examine the top HR payroll software to use on the WordPress website.

Gusto is the most effective software for payroll in terms of features and user-friendliness. They provide a wealth of features and flexibility, making it possible to create the perfect HR and payroll configuration for your small company.

The cloud-based payroll system is easy to set up and provides employees with a dashboard to keep track of their employee details.

Notification: We use Gusto at WPBeginner to manage our payroll for remote team members in various states. We first started using Gusto when it was known as ZenPayroll and have been awestruck since it was first introduced.

But, their platform has enough HR functions to make it an all-in-one system for US small-sized companies.

Gusto offers a variety of employee onboarding options, including customized offer letters, document storage and signing checklists, and even the creation of accounts and their management.


BambooHR is the most influential HR software for small-sized businesses.

It’s a complete Human Resource Management System (HRMS) used by more than 20,000 companies to manage HR functions. It’s incredibly intuitive, simple to use, and designed for all company sizes.

The cloud-based system concentrates on HR-related tasks such as onboarding, hiring, compensation, and corporate culture.

A SaaS tool is a big proponent of the collection of employee data that makes it easier for business managers to make informed decisions about hiring new employees.

It’s one of the very few suppliers that can be classified for use as a Human Capital Management (HCM) tool, helping your employees realize their full potential.

The Android or iOS mobile apps are functional and allow team members to keep track of their personal information from home or while on the move. It also makes it simple to find the contact information of employees within your organization.

BambooHR provides a custom price according to your company’s needs. However, there are two plans to choose from.

Because BambooHR does not offer full-service payroll options, we use Gusto and BambooHR in conjunction to manage all of our payroll and HR requirements.

You will also find tax filing tools in the form of add-ons, timesheets and time entry overtime pay, and various tools to review employee performance and evaluations.

A Review by an Expert: Our opinion is that BambooHR is the most influential HR software available for small companies. This is the reason we use it with WPBeginner.


OnPay is a payroll and HR software that is ideal for small and growing companies and new startups.

The payroll service they offer is flexible and can accommodate those who run businesses that have contracts, part-time or hourly workers. Managing all this on your own is challenging and time-consuming; however, With OnPay, it’s much more straightforward to accomplish.

Because payroll isn’t automated, choosing the employees you wish to pay before running payroll as possible. It’s not as efficient as other systems, but sure, business owners may require more control.

Employers can be paid by direct deposit, printed checks, or debit cards.

It also includes features such as unlimited payroll runs and tax filing, the ability to use different pay rates and schedules, unemployment insurance withholding, and much more.

You could also connect your payroll for your business with time-tracking and accounting software.

Because you only have one option available, you’ll have access to all options that include HR tools.

The included HR tools contain templates of employee offers letters and management of paid time off, HR document management, and more.


Quickbooks Payroll is among the many Intuit products designed to simplify small-sized business owners’ lives more manageable.

If you already use QuickBooks Accounting software, integrating QuickBooks Payroll can be done in only a few clicks. It comes with a simple user interface and helps you with payroll tasks.

You’ll find helpful features such as the capture of receipts for business, automated payroll and taxes, detailed reports, as well as support for all 50 states.

Quickbooks has also joined forces with MammothHR to offer the HR features you need.


Paychex can be a different well-known option for HR online payroll software suitable for small-sized businesses.

It’s user-friendly and comes with HR and payroll functions such as reporting on new hires and payroll tax administration direct deposit, time tracking, and more.

The thing that stands out is its reporting capabilities.

When you’re on one of the plans with higher limits, you’ll be able to access various reports or even create reports using your specifications. This will allow you to make informed decisions that will help grow your company.

The user-friendly online dashboard lets you control your payroll process and benefits and health insurance retirement, among other things. Employees also have access to an employee self-service portal to manage their data.

The pricing for Paychex plans is available on the internet; however, it’s based on a quote, which means that you’ll be charged according to the features you require.

If you’re looking for advanced HR features such as employee training and feedback on the performance, you’ll need Paychex Flex Enterprise. Paychex Flex Enterprise plan.

A Review by an Expert: Our opinion is that Paychex is the most effective software for payroll and HR for companies that require extensive reports.


It provides a full range of payroll services to small and expanding businesses.

The leader in outsourcing HR services to large enterprises. They also offer RUN, which integrates decades of HR expertise into user-friendly software.

Additionally, there are integrated HR tools, including the employee’s health insurance plan, retirement benefits, and integrated onboarding for new employees.

ADP does not disclose its pricing to the public.

However, the price is customized to the needs of your company. If you require only help with payroll, this will cost less than combining HR and payroll software.

The most expensive plans come with the option of background checks for employees and integration with ZipRecruiter and more sophisticated payroll features, such as the deduction of tax on unemployment and wage garnishment.

Professional Review: We believe that ADP is the most reliable long-term payroll and HR service provider for companies that require various services. However, their pricing could be insensitive to small-sized companies.

Which is the most effective Payroll Software for HR?

Gusto is the most influential HR payroll software on the market. After a thorough study of the best HR payroll providers, we are convinced. Gusto is the best.

The plans are affordable and flexible and can accommodate single-person companies up to firms that employ thousands. In addition, they also have a knowledgeable and knowledgeable customer support team.

The most appealing aspect of Gusto is the fact Gusto is Gusto is a comprehensive all-in-one solution. It provides:

  • Automated payroll.
  • Tax assistance HR functions.
  • HR features.

Unique benefits for employees that other software applications do not offer.

With all the factors mentioned above, we chose to utilize Gusto for our own company and give it the highest rating of HR payroll software on the market.

Our research revealed that bamboo and OnPay were found to be a very close second. BambooHR is a tool we use to handle every HR-related task. The absence of payroll functions that are fully integrated prevents it from becoming an all-in-one tool.

Also looked at other service providers such as Patriot, Zenefits, CoreHR, Paycor, SurePayroll, and many more.

We decided not to include them all to make the decision simpler by avoiding the dreadful decision confusion. His aim is to assist you in picking the right software for your company’s requirements.

Human Resources Payroll Software FAQs

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners select the most efficient payroll and HR software, we’ve been able to answer a myriad of diverse questions.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding the HR department and online payroll options.

Which is the most simple Payroll software to use?

The most simple payroll software to utilize to use is Gusto. If you’re an HR manager or a business owner, you can just set up your payroll and tax system to be automated. User onboarding is easy essential, easy, and enjoyable.

Additionally, your employees will have dashboards that allow them to monitor their personal information and download pay stubs and much more.

However, most payroll processing programs online on our list are straightforward to use. OnPay is another choice for providing a positive user experience.

Which is the most influential HR software for small companies?

The most effective HR software for small-sized businesses can be found in BambooHR.

The flexible plans will ensure that you get the right HR solution that meets your specific company needs.

In addition, it supports small or mid-sized businesses without difficulty.

Is there a most effective free payroll program?

There are payroll software programs for free available. However, we don’t suggest using them.

Payroll is a complicated procedure that requires tracking employees and paying the right amount of taxes.

Paid payroll programs like pay or Gusto are more precise and secure than free alternatives. They can help you reduce time and avoid the regulatory hassles so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Do I have to utilize Excel to calculate my payroll?

Many small-scale entrepreneurs use Excel to calculate payroll on hand. However, this method is only valid when you have a limited number of employees and a stationary business.

Additionally, there’s no assurance that the math you perform will be precise.

Suppose you’re in a position to afford to invest in pay-per-payroll software. There are various options for you to choose from for small businesses, particularly if they only have a handful of employees.

We hope that this guide will help you select the ideal HR payroll software to suit your small-sized company. You might also wish to read our comparison of the best business telephone solutions and the top email marketing tools for small businesses.

You need to know the entire queries of the payroll software policy and how the cycle is moved out every month. Let us assist you in getting more about one of the effortless ways to go along with this plan of action of payroll software management. UBS HRMS can help you search out productive ways to clutch payroll.

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