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Suggested headline: Change Your Habits, Change Your Future

How To Be More Positive in One Minute?

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Jafar Jafari

He’s called the IPA — the Inner Potential Angel. He preaches a singular message in that we already have everything we need and, within just 48 hours, he lights a fire in those listening and they ultimately realize how to love themselves and tap into their true potential. Jafar Jafari ‘Master Jeff’ is a master transformational coach who teaches people how to get into ‘The Zone’ of their inner potential through his training intensives and his PSC Academy.


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Jeff Jafari is Persian, born in Iran, and has moved around much throughout his life, causing him to lose contact with friends along the way, before immigrating to the United States in 2016, where he currently resides.


“If you have the aspiration to do something to benefit the human race, the U.S. is the best place to do it. People are open to knowledge,” Jafari said.


When Jafar Jafari attended a motivational seminar, he loved the work — and when he decided to connect with the speaker, that served as the catalyst for a new chapter of his life. Jafari spent a year working on himself. Then he gave his first speech to twenty of his friends. He was supposed to talk for 30 minutes. He ended up speaking for four hours — and his audience loved every word. After that, he was hooked. Jafari loved the energy he got in return, and he decided to become a coach himself.


There’s one major thing that’s different about Jafari’s coaching. He noticed that most coaches don’t stick around. They get people motivated and excited — but 48 hours later, people are already coming down from that high, unable to maintain their feelings of motivation. Jafari wanted to be different. His goal? To do something that would leave a lasting impact.


Today, Jafari has over 20 years of experience training people to tap into what he calls, ‘The Zone’. Essentially, this is the belief that everyone can access a version of themselves that’s free of fear, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. Jafari holds once-in-a-lifetime weekend training seminars that help people believe that they are alive, they are at their best, and they will make it. These mantras allow people to access their inner potential — to be the perfect version of themselves and build up their lives the way they ultimately intended.


In just 48 hours, Jafar Jafari infuses his listeners (100,000+ students to date) with next-level knowledge. He knows that nothing will change unless your habits change. Our habits define us. So he teaches listeners to change their habits in just two days. Those first 48 hours are essential to help people conquer the first step in achieving their inner potential.

As Jafari says, “When you start to build a car it might take a lot of time to craft initially but after it is built and ready to go, you only need the key to start the engine!”


In 48 hours, Jafari’s method breaks all bad habits, fear, and anxiety and then builds participants back up according to the way they desire to live their life. As participants rebuild themselves, Jafari is teaching participants how to access their “Inner Potential Zone” and stay in control to see the power within and know their true self. Once they learn who they truly are (with a strong mindset and absolutely fantastic habits) Jafari and PSC Academy provide the key to how to access your most ideal version of yourself and follow and create the life of your dreams.


“Simply repeating the mantra “I am alive. I am the best. I will make it.” while going about simple activities allows your brain to get back on track and within a minute you can reach The ZONE and utilize it to stay focused and positive in all aspects of your life!” Jafari reiterates.


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To build on this initial training intensive, Jafari is also launching an academy full of courses and information to add extra value. The goal is to establish good habits in 40 days. Anyone who is selected must be highly committed to helping themselves succeed.


Moving forward, Jafar Jafarihas big plans, a YouTube channel is in the works and, in 2024, he wants to do a U.S. tour, giving seminars every week.


Jafari knows that no one on the planet can offer what he does. His life has been marked by struggles as he has moved around and lost friends and family. But he’s worked hard to overcome this suffering and build his empire. He’s giving others the tools to help them grow and transform — in other words, to help them wake up. At one point Jafari was looking for answers. Now he’s giving them to people who are seeking the same.


“[What] you want to do with your life after the course is finished is up to you. But you know all the methods, techniques and it’s going to stay with you forever,” said Jafari. “I wake you up. I show [you] who you are. [And] if you use it, you could create your future.”


About Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari

Jeff Jafari is a self-made millionaire and both an entrepreneur and educator with over two decades of experience. He is the founder and CEO of the PSC Academy, Inc., and Buildgoal, Inc., serving more than 100,000 students and helping develop 5,000 coaches in nearly 40 countries. For more information about ‘Master Jeff.


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