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Steps To Set Up Facebook Ads

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Steps to Set up Facebook Ads

All of us have been well acquainted with the use of the internet and its services but very few of us know that there are a lot of technicalities behind the working of this network.

Ever imagined how come several sites start showing such ads or content that is closely related to the activity you do on your search engines. For example, if I search for a beauty product of Sugar on a fashion website, several other sites start showing content related to this product.

The way several search engines work is way smarter than we can think of. They keep a track of our online activities and then direct it to several sites and applications so that they show us such content on their sites, that catch our immediate attention.

That is how the promotional activities work. That is how all such social media marketing agencies work and this is the same way how even the great guest posts gain the status of being great because they have earned huge traffic because of such marketing.

Applications such as Facebook also work the same way. The company gets the information of the user’s search activity and tries to set up such products on various sites that the user uses, so the user may be compelled to buy them. That is how these ads and the online marketing world function.

There are several objectives that a company wants to achieve through its users. These objectives are ultimately aimed at getting long-term and short-term benefits to the company at large.

Therefore, they make use of Facebook ads, to achieve these goals. Within no time Facebook has become one of the most widely used social media platforms. Therefore, advertising through such a platform that has a large user base may earn huge profits.

Nonetheless, there are several ways of going about the Facebook ads- how to get them on the site, how to market them, and how to earn profits using these ads. Thus, let’s get started to understand how ads work in Facebook:

Know your Purpose:

There are several things that companies want from their marketing stunts like increasing traffic on your site using ads on Facebook, gathering new leads, increasing the audience at a particular event, marketing one’s products, increasing the reach for the content of a company on Facebook or to gather more followers for the company’s Facebook page.

Therefore, due to all these reasons, it becomes important to understand why you want to advertise your products on Facebook. So, before we go on to set up ads on Facebook, we need to understand our purpose, then we also need to set a criterion against which we want to measure our success.

Manage Ads using Facebook Ads Manager:

 After you set up a goal for yourself, you may now turn towards the Facebook Ads Manager tool, through which all the campaigns on Facebook run. You may find this option either by clicking on a direct link to facebook.com ads or by going for the ‘Manage Ads’ option on the site.

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Choose your objective from the options available on Facebook Ads Manager:

Once you click on the green button, a screen with several options pops up in front of you. It has three columns, each with five options, under a separate heading. One needs to figure out what objective one needs to achieve through these ads, and then can select from among these options.

For example, the heading awareness has options related to informing and generating interest of the people about a particular product of a company.

The heading consideration has options that would influence people to know more about your company and your products.

Know your Target Audience:

Set up your Budget:

Next what you require is to set up your budget for the campaign. You need to figure out how much maximum can you spend on your ads. Then decide whether you want to set a daily budget or a lifetime one.

Finally, Create your Ads:

Now comes the most interesting part of the process- that is creating your ads. You also get an option of writing 90 characters as the caption to your ad.

There are two ways to create a post-either using an existing post or creating a new advertisement. In case of using an existing post, you may use any of the previous posts on your page. For this, you can click on the ‘Use Existing Post’ option from the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

From here, you can choose whichever post you wish to, from your existing posts.

The content part is very important for the reason that on it depends the success of your ad. This is a similar way in which certainly paid guest posts also get that tag, the reason being the exemplary content written.


Choose a place for your Ads to go:

Next, you need to choose a place where you want your advertisements to appear. There are several places where Facebook ads can appear, like mobile feed, desktop feed, and the like.

And if still, you wish to go your own way, Facebook offers you recommendations to go about the process.

H8. Place your Order:

Therefore, one must know how to smartly invest in a business.

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