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Snakes, facts And Information

by David Mack
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Snakes are venomous reptiles that are found everywhere except Antarctica, Ireland, and green land, etc. they even had more than 3000 species of the suborder Serpentes. all the snakes are not venomous even some snakes are harmless. some of them are categorized as of their Limb lessness and the carnivorous species. they are reptiles that had no legs.


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But that did not mean that the reptiles having no legs are snakes. they are also known as Serpentes scientifically, they also have a closed relationship with lizards as the snakes are considered as lizards by then but now snakes are known as the face of evolution for lizards.


Pet snakes

as we talked about earlier, all the snakes are not harmful to us. some of them are even very friendly as people took them as their pets. and trust me, they are the cutest pet one could ever think of. so here is the list of non-venomous snakes that can be your pet as well.

  • Rough Green Snake

These snakes are native to the southeastern US and northeastern Mexico. They used to live in forests. They are almost 2.5 feet long. They are easily maintained and not so complicated to manage. They are not venomous but their bite can be painful. Having said that they are very easy to manage so they are the basic snakes for beginners.

  • Kenyan Sand Boa

these snakes are mostly be kept inside the layers of sand as they love to be around the sand. they prefer to live in a hot and warm place which I mostly a tank. they are used to lining n tanks and in the sand. these reptiles are found in a short length of only 2 feet and costs around 75-200$

  • Gopher Snake

they are snakes for beginners according to the western united states. they are sometimes mistaken as rattles snakes. they are the longest snakes out of all we just discussed. their light was approximately 4.5 feet. and price varies around 90-190$

  • Milk Snake

they are typically a different species from the rest of them. they are usually found in mountains or some sort of rocky area. they can live up to almost 20 years their length increase to 2 feet only. their costs usually 50-200$

  • Corn Snake

they are the most popular pet snakes for beginners. according to the United States native, these snakes are relative of red or orange colors most likely with having red and black patches over them. they are more or less be found in 10-12 inches or more and you can grow this till 3 – 4 feets

Snakes for sale

Finding the best pet snakes for you is a great hustle for everyone. they should first get to know about the things to look for before finding a snake. but the best thing that could help you is finding a good snake is technology or the internet. I think that this is the only thing that a person could get to know more about snakes you can read some articles go through some websites some apps and many more. you can go through some sites like Olx or amazon or any others to find a good snake pet according to your need. this would be a great source to find and get anything.

Snakes Games on Google

They meant that how you could play snakes games on google maps? Here I have to tell you about the ways that you can play the snakes on google. First is that you can download a snake game onto your phone from google play or the other method is to play directly through google maps. You can play games through google you can directly play through websites of direct games then you can play games through there. You can even download apps from the play store.


Top 4 deadliest Snakes in the World

There are some of the deadliest snakes from all over the world. Which is most of the scariest snakes all over the world. Here we have some of the deadliest snakes we have,


These vipers are found all around the world some of their species are not venomous but scaled viper a chain viper. They are the deadliest snakes found in south Asia mostly in India and China. Most of the deaths in India by snake bites are because of these snakes. They are the enemies of humans. And bite people and their bites are enough to kill a human in half an hour


Specially cobra is not so scary for the people.  but except Philippine’s cobra. They are the scariest and deadliest snakes all around the world. They are more dangerous because they pit on people. They spit from around three meters away. And its poison is enough to kill people in half but most probably.


This snake was usually found in Australia. Its one bite is enough to kill a human in just 30 minutes. This might not be so dangerous for humans because it runs when it encounters humans. it bites we people are in the corner when it bites in from a corner.


It was one of the scariest snakes from all over the world. They are having so much venom in there. One of these snakes is having. They are the ones having so much the fastest speed in snakes. They travel at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. It’s one bite put on 400 mg of venom in human bodies. Even 1 mg of venom is enough to kill the human body.


So that brings us to the end of this article here we have discussed further the snakes and their deadliest and most sweet nature. In this article, we tried our best to provide you with the best knowledge about snakes.


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