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Simon Nixon

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Simon Nixon


Simon Nixon was born in Stamford, Lincolnshire. He went to St. Richard Gwyn Catholic High School in Flint and then Nottingham University but dropped out of the university because he thought his accounting course “boring.” Simon was accepted into an accounting course at Nottingham University, but he quit without finishing the course.


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Simon admitted that “I was not happy with it when he was interviewed, and the experience was dull’. Confronted with the absence of a method to analyze and compare mortgage rates in the market, he made up that he wanted to create an enterprise that would allow users to conduct price comparisons. He set up a magazine that included the best-buy tables and distributed them at no cost. When it became popular, he started charging PS11 for the fortnightly service. After a few years, he made a profit of PS10,000 per month.



Moneysupermarket was created at the beginning of 1993 by Nixon, an undergraduate of Nottingham University, and Duncan Cameron to provide mortgage information off-line to Independent Financial Advisors under the name Mortgage 2000. The company was launched in 1999 with moneysupermarket.com providing online mortgage information. Since then, the business has been designed to provide credit card and personal loan details. Nixon is the 2nd biggest shareholder of the company, just behind Capital Group.


In May 2015, the Sunday Times Rich List estimated his net worth to be PS945 million. Then, in December, The Guardian stated that his next share sale, in which he could avoid British capital gains taxes of 28%, after he moved from Jersey in 2013 Jersey the year before, could make him a billionaire. Nixon operates an international website for luxury holiday rentals, Simon Escapes, offering holiday homes in a few of his favorite destinations.

Simon Nixon


The year was 2013. Nixon was living in Chester and was contemplating leaving the city, as the British weather was “bloody awful,” but Nixon added that “I will always have my roots here in Chester. I’d never sell my home in Chester as it’s where all my friends and family live.” Since 2013, Nixon relocated to Jersey. He has one “long-term girlfriend” and owns houses located in Cornwall, Lake Windermere, Deia, Majorca, and Barbados.


Simon Nixon Success Story

Simon Nixon found university education in accounting boring and dropped out. But today, he is one of the top millionaires in the UK. He is the man who founded MoneySuperMarket in 1993 while still pursuing his university education. He is not the son of a millionaire and is one of the very few people who have gathered so much wealth and success before 40. Simon is a Ferrari lover but likes to keep his personal life away from the media.


Founding of MoneySuperMarket

Duncan Cameron was 18 years old and was also the brother of his girlfriend at the time. Simon Nixon persuaded him to quit his school, Liverpool University and helped him set up the website he wanted to use for his purposes. He donated 50% of the business to Cameron, who, with Cameron, created MoneySuperMarket.com on the 29th of November 1999. It was a site for price comparisons that allowed users to compare rates on various items, such as loans, mortgages, and credit cards. Unfortunately, both the partners broke up and didn’t speak with each other for at least five years. In 2007 Cameron was able to sell his 50% for PS162 million. Today, the company’s shares value is more than PS1.1 billion.


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Personal Interests

Nixon is an avid Liverpool FC fan and has more than 50% ownership of the company worth PS340 million. He is a lover of luxury and uses a large portion of his wealth for pleasure. He has admitted to being an avid traveler and regularly travels in Majorca, the Lake District, or St Tropez or Majorca with his wife in his aircraft. He claims that he gets away around 15 times per year. Sometimes, it’s an extended weekend, but I’m always looking for ways for a recharge’.


The death of his mother occurred while he was in his teens, and he felt insecure, vulnerable, and out in the world. He was greatly influenced by his uncle Dave who lived in a lovely house, an excellent vehicle-friendly holiday, as I thought, “I’d like this. He has now made millions for himself, and his life has become an inspiration to many.


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