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Christmas is almost here, only a couple of weeks off. This means that worldwide there is an increase in the index of shipping. Many people save for Christmas, banking on several benefits during which they will purchase for themselves and for their loved ones. In the weeks preceding Christmas, many products surge in the market, beckoning on customers and potential customers.

As a business provider, whether it be services or commodity sales, how prepared are you to add customers and tickets to your business this Christmas? How prepared are you to meet with urgent requirements of your customers for Christmas and thus increase sales? It is extremely important that you attract new customers, sell more tickets and retain your old customers. You should have good strategies on the ground to help you achieve optimum results this Christmas.

Christmas sales are meant to be a vigorous, enchanting, and heartening experience. Most couples take their families shopping this period. It’s always a treat because throughout the year such time may not have presented itself due to other challenges. So, as a business entity, you should benefit greatly from this period of celebration.

We have come up with 5 ways to add more customers and tickets to your business this Christmas to drive sales to a higher level.

  1. Pre-Christmas Discounts: Offering discounts have always been effective in business and adopting a feasible discount plan for your products and services this Christmas is essential to more sales. Place attractive discounts on your products across your websites and other social media platforms. This will attract new customers and prompt the old ones to make more purchases.
  2. If you are a service provider, give your customers discounts on their tickets, make it known that you are offering a certain percentage of discount for all who patronize you this Christmas. Create urgency around your discounts, announcing the deadline for the discounts.  More customers will come and you will sell more tickets. Customers will make efforts to beat the expiration date.
  3. Special Promos: Create special promos aimed at rewarding a certain number of customers who purchase a certain number of products. For instance, you could have special rewards for the first 100 people to purchase a particular product. This generates traffic to those products and a sale out is usually achieved. Also, you could showcase a star prize for the highest buyers of a series of products which will be delivered to the beneficiaries a few days before Christmas. You should also attach gifts to each set of products that are likely to go together. This way, you will attract new customers, sell more tickets and retain your old customers. A range of products totaling $70 could have a gift of $10 attached to it.
  4. You should also provide gift cards for your customers as an incentive to attract more sales. Though physical gift cards are common, digital gift cards have taken over in recent decades. You could commission sites like gift fly and PayPal to customize your gift cards. You could also set $5 off a $50 dollar gift card. This will certainly drive traffic to your products and services.
  5. Adverts: Since time, adverts have always played important roles in marketing. Today, we have a lot of platforms to advertise on. Prepare Christmas adverts for your products with relevant information to fasten sales and place them on your websites and other social media forums. Potential customers will see your adverts and go for the enticing products. Your mailing list should also be well utilized
  6. Send your Christmas adverts to your mailing list, putting in place all the necessary clicks that will guarantee instant sales because customers surely love to benefit from enterprises when the opportunities are still available. Let your email adverts contain all the necessary tools to ensure purchases. Key elements like discounts, bonuses, gifts, and prizes should be clear too. The radio is another means of communication that has refused to be outdated so you can make the best out of it by spreading your adverts on local radio stations.
  7. This will go to the grassroots of your society and bring awareness to your products and services. Even entertainers still use the radio in spreading news of upcoming tours and concerts. Points of ticket purchase are announced on the radio to ensure even the most internet ignorant person will get wind of the news. Even lottery industries use all the means available including radio to announce their offers. So you must not ignore the radio and if you have the means use the services of T.V stations too. But by and large, choose the media that is convenient for you financially and otherwise.
  8. Free Delivery: The cost of delivery endanger the rate of sales of products. For this Christmas, you could offer free delivery packages for your customers who are able to purchase your products to the tune of a certain amount. This will encourage customers to purchase a bigger quantity of your products in order to benefit from the free delivery package.
  9. There are several cases where companies have recorded increased sales due to the free delivery incentive. Use it to the best of your advantage. This will drive new customers to your stores and elicit more sales. You will certainly record higher sales with this strategy. If you’re are a service provider from finance to entertainment, you could eliminate certain charges to your services to encourage more patronage.
  • Good customer Service: Both online and offline, you should have a good customer relationship with your customers. Going all out to explain a procedure to a customer will surely endear the customer to your services. Where there is an error in the transaction process, your customers should be made to be patient and less anxious till the error is rectified. Your service providers should accord understanding, humility, and respect to customers. This will bring you new customers and make the old ones come back again. Good customer service is essential to attracting more customers and tickets this Christmas.


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