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Science is a Systematic Field That Builds a Group of Knowledge

Science is a systematic field that builds a group of knowledge in the formation of experimental explanations and forecasts about the universe. In 3000 to 1200 BCE, the roots of science were discovered in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Their subscriptions are mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. The knowledge of the Greek conception of the world degenerated in Western Europe during the late countries of the middle ages.

The rehabilitation of Greek words and Islamic Inquiries into Western Europe brought the life of “natural philosophy” and in the 16th century, it was called Scientific Resolution. The scientific method plays an important role in the field of knowledge. The knowledge of science is going to advance day by day from research. There are three major branches as natural science, social science, and formal science, and deal with symbols and rules. Science lived to use knowledge of two practical purposes, such as medical science and engineering science.


The word science means knowledge. In science, the data is measured through various analysis and testing methods. One of the best methods is the scientific method. The procedure to measure the evidence is based on a hypothesis. The concept of science was not part of the country or land at the time of Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians, they find a place in Greek and Medieval science such as mathematics, astronomy, and medicine.

Science is a Systematic Field That Builds a Group of Knowledge In Detailed

Egyptians invented a system of numbers that consisted of a decimal number system and used it to solve various geometrical problems such as surveyors and builders. They developed the twelve months calendar, thirty days of each month. Ancient Egyptians believed that disease comes in the human by occupation in the bodies that are forced by evil. So, they are threatened by the prayers and rituals. Ancient Mesopotamians used to study natural chemicals and animal psychology, anatomy, and behavior.

Branches of Science

Each branch of science has its career application. Many people select a career in science because they are puzzled about how the world and universe are working. They want to be a part of scientific research and they want to help people to understand science to make their lives improvable. The field of science contains many career options outside the laboratory.

1. Life Science

The term life science is used for biological science which deals with the organic things, which things that are living. This field of science can help people to understand animals, plants, microorganisms, and human bodies. Life science is one of the wide branches that have many career applications. This branch also has several sub-branches but is mostly applicable to the medical field.

2. Physical Science

People who want to work in physical science can reveal much discourse about non-living things in the world and the universe. Physics, astronomy, and chemistry are the types of physical science. Like life science, physical science has also a wide range of career applications.

Social Science

Social science is a branch of science that deals with the social behaviors of humans, the functioning of societies, and relationships among individuals. The term is used for the “science of society” established in the 19th century. Social scientists used tools of natural science to understand the phenomena of society. Social science compresses many types. Some of them are economic, political science, psychology, and sociology.

1. Economics

Economics is a type of social science in which study and learn about, analyze and narrate the division, and consumption of wealth. It is focused on measured quantities.

2. Political Science

Political science deals with the study of politics in which analyzes the political system, and behaviors, science studies international relations, powers, and superpowers.

3. Psychology

Psychology is a study of the mind and human behaviors. It deals with conscious and unconscious phenomena. It also deals with feelings and thoughts.

4. Sociology

Sociology is a type of social science that deals with society, social behavior, and social relationships. It developed various methods of knowledge, social orders, and changes. It is the general science of society. The range of social science extends to social researchers.

Formal Science

Formal science deals with the study that generates knowledge using systems such as mathematics systems of theory and mathematical computer science. Science is mostly like other sciences. Formal science plays an important role in observative sciences, mathematical physics, mathematical chemistry, mathematical biology, mathematical finance, and mathematical economics. Science started before the formation of the scientific method.

Role of Science in Human Health

Health science is also a branch of science that focuses on the well-being of human health. Science provides knowledge about the human body and health-related issues such as how human body organs perform better functioning and how safe they are from harmful diseases. Science performs an important role to tackle physical and mental health well-being. Medicine, nursing, pharmacy, social work, psychological therapy, and other healthcare professions are introduced by health sciences.

The scientific knowledge of health provides help to cover many basic human needs. Science gives the ability to grow up economically. Clinical focused on the health of individuals. Science provides the lack of knowledge for human health care. All the health care facilities in the world are based on science. Before the revolution of science, people suffered from many epidemic diseases. Medicines, surgery, and laboratories, are all because of scientific methods.

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