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Sale Of Two Deodorants Canceled In The United States For Containing Carcinogenic Chemicals

by Erica Farmer
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Carcinogenic Chemicals

Carcinogens are classified as reproductive poisons and chemicals with high acute toxicity as particularly dangerous (PHS). In addition to handling hazardous chemicals, lab users who handle and deal with carcinogens must take additional measures.

Because carcinogenic substances are dangerous, extreme caution must be exercised while working with them, especially if the threshold levels for human health have not been established.

Carcinogens differ in the dose required to cause a tumor in experimental animals. Furthermore, there is a restricted threshold for comparing the carcinogenic impact of humans and animals

. However, any substance that has caused a malignant tumor in experimental animals must be considered a possible concern to human health and managed appropriately.

All lab users who encounter these compounds should be fully informed of the hazards. These substances frequently have a long-term impact rather than an acute effect, and the threshold limits are sometimes unknown. If feasible, seek out safer alternatives.

When benzene was identified in its components, P&G (Protector & Gamble) was forced to recall two products. According to the FDA, the manufacturer voluntarily removed the goods when the results were released (Food and Drug Administration Agency). Benzene has been designated a dangerous chemical compound by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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According to the FDA, “based on the exposure model and cancer risk assessments given by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (IRIS database), daily exposure to benzene in recalled goods would not be projected to cause significant health consequences at levels detected in our tests.”

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Secret and Old Spice have been withdrawn from shop shelves. They also announced that they would refund distributors for their charges and advised customers who had the items to discontinue their use.

This isn’t the first time a P&G product has been recalled because of benzene contamination. They were obliged to halt sales after discovering this component in their antibacterial gel in March. The benzene was found inside the spray mechanism rather than in the liquid itself, according to the study. However, the chemical amount was not mentioned.

 According To US Food And Drug Administration

According to a civilian’s petition submitted with the US Food and Drug Administration this month, benzene, a known carcinogen, was identified in more than half of 108 samples of antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays from 30 different manufacturers.

Because benzene is a class one solvent with “unacceptable toxicity,” it should not be used to manufacture therapeutic drugs or goods, according to the FDA.

The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States has set a far lower limit for benzene exposure in drinking water — 5 parts per billion (ppb). Furthermore, the government has established a “target of 0 ppb for benzene in drinking water as well as other bodies of water like rivers and lakes because benzene may cause leukemia.”

Procter & Gamble voluntarily recalled 17 different Old Spice and Secret antiperspirant brands last week. According to a press statement, this decision was made “out of an excess of caution.”

A variety of other manufacturers, including batches of Tag, have not yet been recalled.,  Equate, Sure, Suave, Right Guard, and Brut with benzene levels of 2 parts per million or higher, according to David Light, CEO, and founder of Value. This independent lab did the tests and submitted the lawsuit.

Additional batches of antiperspirants and deodorants tested at levels up to 2 parts per million, according to Valisure, including Summer’s Eve, Right Guard, Power Stick, Soft & Dri, and Victoria’s Secret products.

CNN was unable to corroborate that any of these goods, Valisure’s request to the FDA in early November resulted in the recall of all products except Old Spice and Secret


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Other Items Containing Benzene

Is it true that removing propellants from spray items is the key to risk reduction? It is feasible, according to experts. According to Light, Valisure identified higher levels of benzene in non-aerosol body odor solutions such as powders and sticks.

“I believe there is great evidence that propellants are a significant source of this contamination,” Light said.

“We demand independent analysis as part of the entire supply chain. It is critical to address these problems before items hit the shelves “There is now more Light.

Benzene has also been found in a variety of consumer products. The FDA advised consumers not to use specific hand sanitizers due to high levels of the solvent early in the pandemic, and this summer, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) voluntarily recalled four brands of Neutrogena sunscreen and one Aveeno after Valisure’s lab discovered alarming levels of benzene and filed a petition with the FDA.

Action Of CVS Health And Coppertone Voluntarily

CVS Health and Coppertone voluntarily suspended the sale of various sunscreen and after-sun care products due to comparable outcomes. However, according to Light, more sunscreens and after-sun cosmetics that tested positive for the toxin are still on the market.

In a news statement at the time, Dr. Christopher Bunick, associate professor of dermatology at Yale University, stated, “There is no acceptable level of benzene that can exist in sunscreen lotions.” “Benzene at 0.1 ppm (parts per million) in sunscreen might expose humans to inappropriately high nanogram quantities of benzene.”

However, the great majority of tested sunscreens were benzene-free, and experts emphasize the importance of sunscreen usage in protecting skin from the sun’s aging and cancer-causing effects.


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Value examined just a tiny subset of the more than 11,000 registered sun care products on the market.

The FDA told CNN that it “evaluates and examines the material supplied in citizen petitions of this sort and, usually, commences an independent testing and verification procedure” in response to Valisure’s petition on sunscreens.

“The FDA is dedicated to assisting in ensuring the safety of the items it regulates. We are always learning new things, which helps us to detect and handle previously unforeseen hazards. When we discover medication quality flaws that pose potential dangers to patients, we make every effort to understand the concerns and present the public with our best recommendations as swiftly and correctly as possible. We will continue to study and seek to guarantee that such contaminants do not exceed permitted levels.”

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