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Pillow Cube: Your Best Sleep Companion

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Pillow Cube review

What is a Pillow Cube?

Pillow Cube is a rectangular-shaped bed pillow meant for side sleepers who have difficulty sleeping at night as a result of pains in the neck and back.

The top of Pillow Cube is soft and squishy while the underneath is firm giving strong support. It doesn’t retain heat like memory foam because it’s made of 100% polyester. This is great for hot sleepers or those who radiate heat during their sleep.

Information on the company’s website states that Pillow Cube which started as a Kickstarter campaign has become a “sleeping revolution” due to its revolutionary impact on sleepless people.

The plan of the maker of Pillow Cube was to give people the chance to have better sleep so they considered several factors and came up with an ergonomically contoured pillow that soothes the body and helps it relax enough to sleep deeply.

As one who suffered acute insomnia for years after developing a sleep disorder, the founder of Pillow Cube review the importance of creating a pillow that would arrest all body discomforts and put it at ease to sleep.

So if you need something softer than what you already have as a pillow or love sleeping with your arm beneath the pillow, Pillow Cube may be what you’re looking for.

Qualities that Make Pillow Cube the Best Option

  1. Cover Can Be Machine Washed

The cover of Pillow Cube is removable unlike some other pillows so you can clean and maintain it with ease. After multiple pieces of washing, you’ll find that Pillow Cube doesn’t retain any residue from detergent or bleaching substances.

It comes out clean and fresh after washing. If your skin is sensitive or reacts to some materials, you have no problem with Pillow Cube because the case is 100% polyester which makes it soft and hypoallergenic.

Yes, most pillows are easy to wash but what makes Pillow Cube unique is that it is highly durable. Even after several items of washing, it still maintains its high quality.

  1. Gives Support

Pillow Cube is designed to contour around your head and neck, giving you adequate support you need as a side sleeper without the strain that builds up due to your side sleeping position.

Pillow Cube helps control your snores. In fact, it helps to reduce it greatly. Side sleepers usually have a heightened risk of obstructive sleep apnea. This unique pillow helps you to breathe more freely thereby giving you better chances of good sleep.


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  1. Controls Temperature

We all know that memory foam retains heat but Pillow Cube is made with micro-pillow so it doesn’t retain heat which might keep you uncomfortable. So you’re a hot sleeper, you have no worries.

This specially made pillow will put you to sleep. Pillow Cube also has ducts that permit airflow keeping you cool while you sleep. This quality doesn’t allow your body to overheat and keeps your body temperature well regulated as you sleep.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Best Pillow Cube designed with considerations of the environment. While the materials are of high quality, they’re eco-friendly. The micro-gel memory foam used in many of its products has been clinically approved as ILD CertiPUR-US certified.

Pillow Cube is good for you if you’re the type that cares for the environment because the memory foam doesn’t contain asbestos, carcinogens, phthalates, retardants, or PBDE.

Pillow Cube contains fibers that are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic which prevent allergies or irritants from growing inside the pillow. With this pillow, you won’t wake up with your face stuck in a sweaty pillow.

  1. Price Affordable

Compared to other pillows in its category, the Pillow Cube price is very affordable. Despite its comparatively low cost, it is more durable than its mates in the market. The quality supersedes the price so you may decide to go for Pillow Cube because of this reason.


Types of Pillow Cube


Classic Pillow Cube

The Cube Pillow Classic which is of smaller size is the original cube offered by Pillow Cube. This square pillow has two firmness options.  There’s the medium firmness which is not 100% firm but gives you adequate support when you position it under your head. This pillow gives you support that is far beyond your normal pillow.

The pillowcase is made of polyester, soft and breathable. You can easily machine wash it. Pillow Cube Classic differs from your regular pillow in its special shape-the rectangular shape. This shape allows you to position your head and neck in a stress-free manner which helps you relax and sleep.

However, using Pillow Cube the first time can give you an awkward feeling because it’s totally different from your regular pillow. But after a few nights with Pillow Cube Classic, you’ll feel well-rested and refreshed.

You won’t feel any stiffness in your neck. You’ll be able to relax and fall into a deep sleep without restless tossing and turning that may have characterized your night sleep in the past.

Pillow Cube is not designed to be as fluffy or soft as a memory foam pillow but it has a medium firmness that will let you sleep comfortably. It has all the qualities mentioned above.

Pillow Cube Pro

Pillow size is the major difference between the Pillow Cube Classic and Pillow Cube Pro. The Pillow Cube Pro is longer and thicker, which makes it the better option for taller people.

It has the same great qualities as the Classic. However, the Pillow Cube Pro comes in three different density options which allow you to choose how soft or firm you would like your pillow to be. After using this pillow, you’ll find it exceptional in its ability to support your head and neck perfectly and at the same time soft on your body.

You should give Pillow Cube Pro a good 20 minutes to expand fully before you sleep on it. Once it’s opened up, it sustains its shape more than any other pillow you may have used.

If you prefer the firmness option, you may go for the medium option which is not too soft yet very comfortable.


Pros of Pillow Cube

It’s made of quality materials.

It is free from harmful toxins.

It has a variety of Density options.

Side sleepers will find it great support.

It’s more breathable than memory foam pillows

Cons of Pillow Cube

It could lose shape during the night.

It takes up to 20 minutes to expand.

It’s specifically designed for Side Sleepers




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