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Nerve Control 911 Reviews: How It Works

by John Doe
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Nerve Control 911

Nerve pain can be excruciating, keeping you restless and in distress. Nerve pains (Nerve Control 911) can start as tiny tingles and can worsen to become burning or needle-like pains. This can be painful and even more so when you don’t know where the pain comes from or what causes it. About 15-20 million Americans suffer from nerve injuries according to a journal written by Mathew Hoffman.


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Due to the high number of victims of nerve pain, numerous pharmaceutical companies have produced countless drugs to tackle nerve pain but sadly these drugs only numb the pain for a few hours before waning and the pain comes back with heavier force. These drugs also have side effects such as rashes, nausea, and vomiting. People find themselves addicted to these drugs, creating more health problems for themselves.

Are you among the people looking for a way out of nerve pains? Have you tried all the ineffective drugs and right now you’re fed up with them and want an answer. The solution to your nerve pains is here: Nerve Control 911. Nerve Control 911 is a formula that would take your nerve pains away and calm your nerves. It will make your health get a lot better.

This review will help you understand why Nerve Control 911 is the ideal solution for your nerve pains and learn what is responsible for the terrible pains in your hands and legs.

What is Nerve Control 911?

Nerve Control 911 was described by a Global Newswire review as a nerve control effective formula developed to facilitate quick nerve healing. The formula is made from ingredients acquired from natural plants. The supplement attacks the enzymes causing nerve pain and bringing your nerves to a relaxed state.

Nerve Control 911 is healthy to use as it contains no chemical or toxin that could harm your body. This formula is natural-based and pure. It is tested and proven to eliminate nerve pains. The product is produced in a facility approved by the FDA and GMP.

How Does Nerve Control 911 work?

Nerve pain can be a terror to live with. It often begins with a slight tingling sensation that quickly worsens to the extent one’s leg could be amputated as a result and could even lead to death if not handled properly. Many people are still unaware of what actually causes nervous system damage. You should know now that nerve pain is caused by enzymes that damage nerves and disrupts the body’s nervous system. This enzyme called the MMP-13 has caused severe pain in people.

A lot of research has shown that MMP-13 is the primal cause of all neuropathies. This indicates that if this enzyme is altered or inhibited, it will be able to fight Inflammatory Nerve Poisoning which is the major cause of nerve pain and that is the function of the PhytAge Labs nerve health support formula in Nerve Control 911 was engineered to do.

What is the MMP-13 Enzyme?

MMP-13 Enzyme is a toxic enzyme that attacks the nerves, causing debilitation when it accumulates in the body. It weakens the strength of the skin on your legs, hands, and feet. MMP-13 is able to attack your skin by eating the collagen that makes your skin compact. Collagen protects the skin from being stressed. However, when nerve endings are damaged, it will be hard to perform functions like walking, using the hands, and other locomotion. Nerve damage wears off your collagen. The question is what activates the MMP-13 and how can it be halted?

MMP-13 is often made active as a result of pollution, metals in water, unhealthy food, and blue light emitted from screens. But it can be stalled and you will be relaxed from your pains.

Nerve Control 911 is the solution to MMP-13 and after taking these pills, you will notice a significant improvement in your body. The supplement will take care of the tingling, burning, pin-like pains you feel in your body. Nerve Control 911 ensures a total block of the 7 pain pathways which are Cox 2, PGE 2, 5-LOX, TNF-alpha, iNOS, RNS, and NF Kappa B. These are compounds that cause nerve pains in the body when they’re generated in the body.

Ingredients in Nerve Control 911

The ingredients used in manufacturing Nerve Control 911 are all-natural. They have been formulated in the right dosage to give the desired results. They have been proved to be effective in tackling nerve damage.

The ingredients include:

  • California Poppy
  • Corydalis Yanhusuo
  • Passionflower
  • Prickly Pear
  • Marshmallow Root

These natural ingredients are used in the right ways to achieve the best result. They’ve anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-oxidant properties. They’ve able to calm and heal your nerves. They will make you sleep well by eliminating your never pains.

Nerve Control 911 Usage

Nerve Control 911 requires a healthy diet and lifestyle to bring the best out of the supplement. A balanced diet will help the body absorb the nutrients of the formula properly and make it work to the maximum. On the other hand, regular and balanced exercise will place your body in the best position to receive this supplement.

You’re encouraged to use Nerve Control 911 for an upward of 90 days for maximum benefits. This will give your body enough time to heal and recover. Pregnant and lactating mothers as well as people under 18 years should not use this product. If you’re on medication, you should consult with your medical provider before using the product to prevent any unpalatable side effects.

Dosage: Each bottle of Nerve Control 911 contains 60 capsules. The manufacturer stipulates two pills a day for 90 days. You should take it after eating to help your body absorb the nutrients of the supplement properly.


  1. Nerve Control 911 eliminates nerve pains caused by nerve damage.
  2. It ensures proper communication between your body and its nervous system, helping your mind and nerves relax.
  3. It solves the problem of insomnia because when the pains go away, you’re able to relax and sleep.
  4. It eliminates joint inflammation or arthritis in the joints.
  5. It helps your visuals because your nerve cells would work better.


  1. Nerve Control is only purchased on the official website.
  2. Pregnant, lactating mothers and those on medication must seek professional medical advice before using the supplement to prevent any heavy side effects.


The price for Nerve Control 911 is $69.95 for one bottle, $119.19 for two bottles, and $199.80 for four bottles.


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