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Moving During the Pandemic: Tips on How to be Safe

by Erica Farmer
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Most people are unsure what they need to do when moving plans coincide with a pandemic. Do you postpone your relocation until the pandemic is over, or can you consider some strategies to make your move safe?


Moving during a pandemic is possible only if you can manage to follow the set guidelines. By following the rules, you will protect your family, yourself, and anyone around you. Also, you will ensure your old and new houses are safe.


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To help you be safe when moving during a pandemic, here are a few tips you need to observe.


10 Tips on how to be safe when moving during a pandemic

Moving During the Pandemic


  1. Do not relocate if someone in your house is sick


You may need to postpone the move if someone in your house was recently sick or is sick. When moving, you do not want to expose other people, such as professional movers.


Therefore, suspend the move until you are all safe. Keep in mind that moving crews are on the front line during the pandemic. But if you have to move, make sure you discuss with the commercial movers before hiring them.


  1. Consider a DIY move


Hiring professional movers is one of the best ways to have a smooth and stress-free moving process. They help to lessen the strain and time of moving. But if you can manage a DIY move, it could be better during the pandemic.


So, if you do not have many boxes to move or manage the process by yourself, consider the option. But if you feel you cannot manage to relocate all your belongings by yourself, contact a professional moving company that follows the pandemic rules.


  1. Consider a rental-portable moving container


Another great tip to ensure you remain safe when moving is renting a portable moving container. A portable container will be delivered to your old home and later picked up without much contact.


It is a great strategy because it reduces the risks and makes sure you touch your belongings.


  1. Hire reliable movers


If a DIY move is not possible, you can engage professionals. However, make sure you hire reliable, professional movers. The movers should be dedicated to your safety when moving.


Happily, most professional moving companies such as NYC movers have implemented safety rules to ensure their clients and their crews are safe when relocating. They have set their own sanitation efforts to ensure their services are safe.


  1. Over-communicate


When you hire a moving company, you need to over-communicate. Stay in touch with them until the relocation day. Staying in touch will ensure you are well informed about any health updates. Remember, things can change very fast during a pandemic.


  1. Consider visual home evaluations


Due to the pandemic, many moving companies are conducting virtual evaluations. Therefore, it might be a good idea to consider that option. Since the strategy is possible, hire movers offering virtual estimates.


  1. Avoid old cardboard boxes


Although recycling is considered the best strategy when moving, it might not go well during a pandemic. So, the best option is to look for new cardboard boxes. Also, you can consider using the ones you have at home. Do not go out to look for free boxes from friends or local stores. It can be a risky idea.


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  1. Keep your belongings to yourself


Another vital tip you need to consider is keeping your items to yourself as much as possible. Even though it might be hard to keep track of all your stuff, this is a great tip to consider.


For example, avoid sharing phones, pens, tablets, and other items when moving. Therefore, cut down the contact as much as possible with the movers and other people helping you move.

Moving During the Pandemic


  1. Hygiene should be your top priority


When moving during a pandemic, hygiene should be your top priority. For instance, no one should ensure everyone involved is wearing a mask during the whole process. Also, do not touch your face.


Besides, have a hand sanitizer or hot water and soap nearby. This will ensure everyone is safe during the move. It is also essential to keep the doors and windows open for proper ventilation.


In addition, wiping your old house and your new home is a good strategy to keep everything safe. Some experts recommend deep cleaning your place before unpacking, particularly hiring professional movers.


  1. Have a backup plan


Even after preparing well for the move, unexpected can happen. Therefore, it is important to have a backup plan. For example, due to frequent movement restrictions, you might be forced to postpone your movement.

Also, make sure you have searched for a secure storage unit to keep your belongings in case of a postponement. Moreover, movers can provide storage for your items.




Moving during a pandemic is very frustrating. You need to follow all the set guidelines to ensure you and your family remains safe throughout the process.


If you will hire professionals, make sure you communicate your expectations to them ahead of time. However, be friendly, clear, and not act like professional movers are sick or infected.


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