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Most Popular Piercings Ideas in 2022

by Erica Farmer
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As children, an outing to the shopping center to get our ears pierced was a right of the section. In those days, ear cartilage was the most well-known spot to add some radiance to our looks, with insubordinate companions fiddling with their ligament or stomach buttons. Presently, wearing plenty of piercings is comparably typical as wearing winged eyeliner. Ears stacked with bling, noses set apart with studs, and even areola piercings are largely the fury today among the two VIPs and ordinary people like us.

Because of expert piercers and celebs sharing photographs of their new piercings on Instagram, we’re frequently roused to pile up our very own greater amount. To add to your assortment next or are searching for some shimmering, we’re here to help. A review led by the Jewellery box observed the world’s ebb and flow top 50 most loved piercings in light of searches and hashtags.


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Beneath, read with regards to the 11 most famous piercings on the planet to assist you with picking one to tack onto your program.

  1. Shen Men piercing

The Shen Men piercing is a loop that embraces the ligament within the ear, making a half-moon shape. It’s one of our beloved looks, TBH. A Shen Men piercing is a piercing where the ligament edge inside your external ear, called the helix, closes over the opening to your ear trench. Needle therapy focuses on this area to assuage headache migraine torment, so the hypothesis is that penetrating this trigger point can forever alleviate headaches.

  1. Septum piercing

It’s nothing unexpected that septum piercings rank number one in choice today: The nose ring is worn by celebs like Bella Thorne, Zoë Kravitz, and Debby Ryan. The septum is a flimsy piece of the ligament that runs down the focal point of your nose and isolates your noses, so the penetrating is on one or the other side of the septum.

  1. Nose piercing

Nose piercings are presently not simply the defiant thing your cool more established sister did in secondary school-they’re as of now the third generally well-known penetrating on the planet. Between studs like Demi Lovato’s 2012 decision above and rings on the nostril, there are huge loads of choices for nose piercings. Other celebs are known for shaking nose rings incorporating Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry, and Zendaya.

  1. Helix piercing

In spite of the fact that Beyoncé’s colossal drop studs could have become the dominant focal point at the 2018 Grammys, we’re right now zeroing in on her petite helix crawler. The helix is situated on the upper piece of the ear’s ligament, and whenever it’s pierced, you can wear gemstone crawlers, little circles, or studs. The choices are interminable.

  1. Standard lobe piercing

Obviously, the normal ear cartilage piercing still positions in the best five most famous piercings. On the off chance that you’re a piercings virgin, this is the ideal choice for losing your virginity. Exemplary precious stone studs like Kylie Jenner’s never become unpopular.

  1. Tragus piercing

The tragus extends straightforwardly before the ear trench, and tragus piercings are a simple method for adding additional interest to your ear candy. You can go the very inconspicuous course with a little precious stone like Lucy Hale’s or select a more attractive stud, similar to a hostile stare.


  1. Conch piercing

Conch piercings allude to the loop folding over the center of the ear, similar to Rihanna’s gold decision above. These are really famous among celebs and can be imitated with ear sleeves on the off chance that you’re apprehensive to get pierced.

The Conch Piercing could seem like a peculiar body mod, however, it’s simply one more amazing ligament stud for your ear. The name is from the ‘conch’ shell, because of that piece of the ears likeness to a shell. There are two sorts of conch piercings, which are internal and external conch.

The inward conch is that cup-formed region just next to the ear trench, in the focal point of the ear, while the external conch is the level piece of the ear between the helix and the antihelix.

The inward conch is somewhat more challenging to get into with a needle, yet it should be a piece of cake for an expert penetrating craftsman. For the most part, an empty 16-point check needle will be utilized for this ligament puncturing. There is little distinction in this strategy than with some other ligament ear piercing, and the recuperating system is additionally much the equivalent.

  1. Industrial piercing

An industrial piercing is a bar that goes through two pieces of the ear. Albeit the slanting course in this picture is the most widely recognized, a modern piercing can be put at any point in the ear. We’ll concede: Industrial piercings look agonizing, yet the restless final product is reasonably worth the effort.

Industrial piercing is any two ligament hoops associated with a solitary piece of adornments. The modern bar by and large goes through the upper ligament of the ear, typically the forward helix and the helix on the contrary side, and appears as though somebody has put a little drape rail across your ear.

You might have known about the Industrial piercing different names, the most famous being the ‘development penetrating’, or ‘platform puncturing’. In some cases, it is basically known as ‘the bar’.

A modern bar can be set in more than one way across the ligament of the ear, evenly, in an upward direction, or disproportionate, you can pick your style.

  1. Surface tragus piercing

Albeit the tragus groups as an ear piercing, the surface tragus is an alternate story. This piercing doesn’t go through any ligament but rather goes through the tissue contiguous to the tragus and shows two vertical globules right by the ear.

  1. Snakebite piercing

Snakebite piercings sound difficult, however, they land at number 10 on the rundown of most well-known piercings, so they should merit the transitory uneasiness. The snakebite puncturing lies simply under your base lip, not exactly arriving at the edges of your mouth.

  1. Areola piercing

One of the most direct piercings, areola or nipple piercings are actually what they sound like and can take on a few structures, similar to bars and rings. Celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have flaunted their areola piercings throughout the long term.

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