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Mexico Vs Jamaica – Football Match Summary

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Highlights and Goals

  • It’s over! 94′ The game has ended, with Mexico claiming a 3-0 victory.
  • 93′ Close! Betis’ Lainez shoots after receiving a through ball, but Blake blocks the shot.
  • 88′ His effort, but it’s not enough to score.
  • 82′ Mexico needs a goal! The ball seemed to be pushed in by Alexis Vega to put Mexico ahead.
  • 81′ Mexico needs a goal! The goal came via Vega’s cross and Martin’s tap-in following Blake’s deflection.
  • 77′ Rodriguez did an excellent job keeping Jamaica’s play from increasing.
  • 70′ The three times shift in Mexico. Henry Martin, Jess Corona, and Gerardo Artega take their places in their stead.
  • 68′ It’s Funes Mori trying to keep control, but the defense has other plans.
  • 63′ By the time Blake gets there, Gallardo’s cannon blast has already missed.
  • 58′ However, Mexico cannot break through the home defense, despite its best efforts.
  • 53′ Mexico is changing. Diego Lainez is relieved of his duties by Andrés Guardado.
  • 49′ For Jamaica, it’s all about the goals! Cannon fire was all Ochoa could do to stop Johnson.
  • 46′ At halftime, Mexico will be seeking to score.
  • 45′ Jamaica is transforming. Liam Moore has replaced Walker.
  • 45+2′ Mexico and Jamaica are level at 0-0 after the first half.
  • 45+1′ He’s going to go! Herrera is substituted after Lowe’s tackle on Lowe, leaving Jamaica with ten men.
  • 44′ VAR! The referee will review Lowe’s heavy tackle on Herrera.
  • 42′ On many occasions, Antonio attempted a goal-scoring shot but was stopped by the Mexican defense.
  • 35′ Antuna’s cross almost resulted in an own goal for the defense, but Blake saved the day.
  • 28′ In the end, the resistance prevented Funes Mori from doing more harm.
  • 20′ After Vega’s cross, Herrera tries to head the ball, but it flies wide.
  • 19′ Antuna’s cross is met by Pinnock, who heads the ball away from goal.
  • 14′ Through ball from Gallardo, but the defense prevents action from developing.
  • 6′ Changes for Mexico due to an injury, Luis Rodrguez is replaced by Jorge Sánchez.
  • 0′ The Jamaica-Mexico match has begun.


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A comprehensive list of Jamaican performers

Brown and Dlowe; Johnson and Williams; Flemmings and Antonio; Morrison and Johnson; Flemmings and Antonio join Blake and Flemmings.

Mexico’s lineup

  1. Guardado, C. Rodriguez, H. Herrera, A. Vega, R. Funes Mori, and U. Antuna are all on the squad, as are J. Gallardo, H. Moreno, N. Araujo, and J. Sánchez.

They’re getting ready for the big day!

Let’s go all-in on this! The people of Jamaica already feel at home. Thus, they will do all to win. They are there in the room. Martino’s squad, led by Guillermo Ochoa, has already arrived at the stadium, and they want to add to their three-point score tonight to stay competing for first and second place.

Additions to be made

Mexico has scored eleven goals in this Qualifying Round, but it has also been beaten seven times.

Statements Jamaica

Even though Ral Jiménez will be absent, Hall believes that this team has a strong dynamic, and he expects them to come prepared to win. “It will be difficult, and we respect them,” Hall said of the opposition. “But to respect them, they have asked my players to face them with energy and desire,” Hall said.

What a whirlwind of data!

During their 24 meetings, Mexico has won 18 times and the Jamaicans 3, with three games ending in draws. Mexico intends to maintain its predominance in the region.

COVID is next.

After arriving at the CAR, César Montes was diagnosed with HIV and was placed in isolation for his treatment.

Observations from Jamaica

Before the game, Reggae Boys coach Paul Hall made the following remarks: “Because Mexico has had various teams over the last year and because possession is not about one player. But instead of all players going for the ball, They need to be ready and not be caught by it.

Let’s get this party started!

The team will soon have all the latest updates and verified lineups for both teams. The match is scheduled to begin in about an hour.


A whole new beginning

In December’s wake of Theodore Withmore’s ejection from the Mexican national team, Mexico will now play Jamaica’s Paul Hall, the country’s newly appointed head coach.

It’s been a rough few days!

Because Hirving Lozano has accrued too many cards to participate in this match, Mexico will also be without Raul Jimenez and Jesus Corona. According to Sports Illustrated, Edson Alvarez felt a little sore towards the end of his training session yesterday. Watch the game between Jamaica and Mexico live on the internet. For Jamaica against Mexico, They’ll be able to provide you with all the latest updates from the National Independence Park Stadium, including starting lineups and more. VAVEL will provide live, up-to-the-minute coverage of the game online. Watch the live stream of Jamaica against Mexico. They’ll have the starting lineups and live updates from the National Independence Park Stadium for you in a few seconds.


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What are the options for watching Jamaica versus Mexico on TV and online?

Telemundo will broadcast live Jamaica vs. Mexico match if you want to. Streaming services and the Telemundo app are your best bets for catching it live. The VAVEL US is the best choice if you’re going to watch it online! At what hour, Jamaica against Mexico, matchday 22 of the Qatar 2022 qualifiers, kicks off.

On January 227, 2022, the following nations will see the Jamaica versus Mexico match begin:

  • TURN and Channel 5 in Mexico: 18:00.
  • In Costa Rica, the time has been set at 18:00.
  • Jamaica: 19:00 UTC – No TV signal has been verified.
  • On ESPN 3 and Star+, Colombia: 19:00
  • On ESPN 3 and Star+ at 19:00 local time in Ecuador.
  • Panama: 19:00 – No TV is verified to be off throughout the country.
  • ESPN 3 and Star+ will broadcast the Peruvian match at 19:00 hrs.
  • ESPN 3 and Star+ in Bolivia at 20:00
  • In Venezuela, ESPN 3 and Star+ broadcast the game at 20:00.
  • ESPN 3 and Star+ in Argentina will air at 21:00 UTC.
  • South America: 21:00 local time on Star+
  • 21:00 on ESPN 3 and Star+ in Chile
  • It airs at 21:00 on ESPN 3 and Star+ in Paraguay.
  • 21:00 hrs on ESPN 3 and Star+ in Uruguay
  • Telemundo broadcasts in the United States at 16:00 Pacific Time and 19:00 Eastern Time.

Statements by Mexico

Regardless of the names of the players in the squad, Mexico’s national team Coach Gerardo Martino says, “The squad we will present tomorrow, regardless of the players who make it up, is the same as in prior matches, intending to go out to shine in the game,” Martino continues. “Because it’s one of their two remaining opportunities to reach the top three or four, I fully anticipate a physically tough opponent. Jamaica, for example, will undoubtedly take a more aggressive approach than they did when we faced them in Mexico, and they have a far more complete group than they had then.”

It is their last opportunity to qualify for the World Cup, so expect a physically more aggressive offering than what they saw in Mexico. After the match against Cruz Azul, Cesar was excluded from the delegation that traveled to Jamaica due to a positive Covid test. As a result, he remained at the CAR to recuperate. They anticipate that he will overcome the Covid and rejoin the team properly by this weekend. One item is not independent of the other, and as long as They become closer and better to the game’s concept, they’ll have more possibilities to score as many points as possible.”

“Absences always weigh and are never welcome, but they have always sought to push ahead, and they will do so since it is not the pick of three players, but Mexico,” said Martinez. “They are well aware of their predicament. Because of our two setbacks in the United States and Canada, they ended themselves in a situation they didn’t want to be in. Similarly to September, when they place themselves in a comfortable position, they recognize that those two losses harmed them deeply. In these contests, there is a lot on the line for them.



The final Mexico team lineup

In addition to G. Ochoa, J. Gallardo, N. Araujo, J. Vásquez, J. Domnguez, and J. Sánchez, other notables include: E. lvarez, H. Herrera, O. Pineda, H. Lozano, and R. Jiménez, all of whom are included in the book.

The final lineup for Jamaica

Andre Blake, Alvas Powell, Damion Lowe, Adrian Mariappa, Kemar Lawrence, Leon Bailey, Anthony Grant, Speedy Williams, Bobby Reid, Michail Antonio, and Shamar Nicholson are the players to watch.

We are trying to reclaim the top spot.

Mexicans have not had a strong FIFA record in their past two matches; they will be seeking three points and a place in the top two or top one in the standings in this encounter.

It’s time to win now!

Jamaica is now sixth in the group of eight qualifiers, and their objective against Mexico is to improve on their 1-1 draw with the United States in their most recent match.

The National Independence Park Stadium will host the match.

Kingston’s National Independence Park Stadium is where Jamaica versus Mexico will be staged. Thirty-five thousand people can fit in the stadium.



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