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CNBC’s award-winning team offers you this one-of-a-kind coverage of the Asian financial markets. They have earned various honors and medals in recognition of their outstanding work. Asian Market Watch is a television program that focuses on the flow of products and services from North Asia and Australia to India and the flow of commodities and services via Greater China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. CNBC delivers the in-depth information that investors want to make informed financial choices and presents viewers with a description of what has transpired and an explanation of why this has occurred. CNBC is the only network that broadcasts real-time breaking news and market movements.

Anchor Amanda Drury anchors CNBC’s “Asia Market Watch,” which is accompanied by top correspondents from Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the stock exchange’s headquarters, among other places. Kaori Enjoji reports from Tokyo, Betty Liu from Hong Kong, Sri Jegarajah from Singapore, Arnold Gay and Saijal Patel from the stock exchange’s headquarters, and Kaori Enjoji from Tokyo.

Asia Market Watch, a business news program carried on the CNBC Asia network from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, aired daily morning in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Asia Market Watch aired on the CNBC Asia network from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Amanda Drury of CNBC International asserts that the show’s name was inspired by her previous CNBC US show Market Watch, which she presently shows on CNBC International’s sister channel. In addition to CNBC Europe and CNBC World, sections of the event were shown live on CNBC in the United States, and the whole program was broadcast live on the network.

Market Watch has been referred to solely as Market Watch since its inception on October 30, 2000, even though the show was referred to as Asia Market Watch in program listings and by some of its presenters at the time of its debut. When the show debuted on October 30, 2006, it received a new logo. It immediately started utilizing the theme music from the show Street Signs, a predecessor of the show (as formerly Business Center).

In April 2000, the program, dubbed Asia Market Watch initially, aired for one hour every weekday, with the second half-hour being a rebroadcast of the first half-hour. In November 2000, it was renamed Asia Market Watch II. Market Watch was rebranded in October 2000 as part of the network’s efforts to expand its live regional programming offerings. Beginning in October 2000, it was carried live on CNBC Asia for 312 hours on weekdays (two hours in the morning from 10–12 Singapore Time and 112 hours in the afternoon from 14–15.30 Singapore Time). Before January 2, 2001, CNBC Asia’s visuals for the broadcast differed from those used by CNBC US for the same show.

Because the show was connected to exchanges all around Asia, including Tokyo and Sydney, current trade activity could be tracked on-air during the Asian session. As a result, the program provided a complete picture of the market throughout the Asian session.

On March 23, 2007, CNBC Asia announced that the show’s run would come to an end as a consequence of a significant modification to the network’s programming schedule, which would take effect immediately. Following the show’s discontinuation, the time slot was shared by a revised Asia Squawk Box and a new program, CNBC’s Cash Flow, which was created to fill the void left by the show’s demise.

The Asian version of Global Market Watch, which aired at 17:30 SIN time and followed a format almost identical to its European counterpart, followed a schedule similar to its European partner. Because the program was only shown in Asia, the rest of the world missed it. Martin Soong was the only one who presented the show at first; however, after the show’s start time was altered to 20:30 Singapore time in July 2000, Grace Phan joined Martin Soong to host the show. Martin Soong and Grace Phan have been hosting the program since its inception.

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What is the mechanism through which markets function?

A financial market is essentially a site where firms and individuals may enter into agreements to sell or buy certain items such as stocks, bonds, and futures contracts. Both buyers and sellers want the best possible price to acquire and the best possible price to sell.


CNBC Europe carried a business news show named European Market Watch weekdays from 10 am to 12 pm Central European Time, which was available to viewers in the United Kingdom at publishing (9–11 am WET). The network aired the debut edition of the show on September 15, 2007, based on the CNBC US morning program Market Watch, which was later replaced by the program Morning Call. After earning great reviews throughout its first season, the program was finally renewed for a second season. Like its American counterpart, European Market Watch provided viewers with up-to-date market information and in-depth analysis of stories affecting business throughout the globe at the time of the broadcast.

The European Edition of Global Market Watch, formerly called Market Watch when it initially debuted in 1998, delivers a midday summary of Asian markets and a sneak peek of the day’s developments in European markets, among other things. Reuters created Global Market Watch in 1998, based in London. Geoff Cutmore presented the show in London, while Cecilia Zecha hosted the show in Singapore, with market observers Simon Hobbs and Bernard Lo filling in for Geoff Cutmore, who could not attend. Except for a few CNBC Asia stock specialists who continued to provide updates on Asian stock markets until the show’s cancellation in 2011, the show was totally under Simon Hobbs’ control as of 1999, when it was renamed Global Market Watch.

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