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Making Leather Earrings: The Ultimate Guide

In this ultimate guide, we’ll show you the many ways you can make leather earrings. You’ll also learn where to get leather earring supplies as well as printable templates. After guiding you through each style step-by-step,

you will be able to make, sell and gift a huge selection of leather earrings by the time you’re done! Initially, I started making jewelry and accessories to sell at farmers’ markets and craft fairs in my city.

While I enjoyed creating the leather earrings, now I am grateful for the opportunity to share them with you here on Creative Fashion Blog. Regardless of how big or bold the leather earring maybe, all of my feather earrings are equally light. Textures and bohemian aesthetics appeal to me.

There is no such thing as too much good. Every project doesn’t require much in order to finish. Prepare your leather earrings and buy your supplies using the links below. It will take about 30 minutes.

The benefits of working with leather over synthetic materials are numerous. Moreover, the fabric is beautiful from both sides and the leather is extremely strong and lightweight.

Fraying is not an issue. The end product will be more affected by better materials in the beginning.

How to Make Leather Earrings Correctly To

Understand how to make leather earrings correctly, let us briefly address the DIY supplies you’ll need. It will be easier to do this project if you use the correct supplies. Additionally, you will be able to come up with unique designs if you use the right supplies.

  • Metal jump rings: These tiny hoops are the basic connection between chains, clasps, and other materials of jewelry. It will save you so much time trying to re-link each piece of chain that you do not have to spend that much energy if you use these.
  • It comes in handy to have an adjustable leather hole punch for its added versatility. It is also a small tool that is extremely useful. In today’s tutorial, we’ll be using it to add little holes to each of your leather earrings, but you can also use this method for belts, purses, or shoe refashions.
  • Jewelry chain: An interlinked chain can be used for all kinds of DIY jewelry projects. They’re great for making DIY necklaces, body jewelry, earrings, and more.
  • Jewelry Chain: A bulk jewelry chain saves you a lot of space in your craft room and can be useful at any time
  • Jewelry Pliers: You can use jewelry pliers to connect jump rings, chains, and wires. Jewelry pliers come in handy whenever you are dealing with any kind of metal. Kits of three work well for me since they include needle-nose pliers, bent pliers for extra-tight corners, and wire cutters to eliminate any excess that could snag clothes.
  • The Earring Fish Hooks are the part of an earring that provides functionality. Almost every dangle earring type can be attached to them, and they are the go-to on Creative Fashion Blog for all earring tutorials.

How to Make Boho Feather Layered Leather Earrings

The lightweight earrings can be worn every day. Feather shapes are great for adding a bohemian vibe to your wardrobe while still looking polished and fashionable. By working on the leather project,

you will learn the basics of making and crafting earrings, as well as how to layer leather pieces within a single piece of jewelry. You will begin by cutting a rough, large feather shape out of the largest piece of leather.

The length of these pieces should be about 3 1/2 inches. If they’re not perfect or symmetrical, don’t worry about it. The edges will be altered later on in order to look more realistic. Then cut a smaller feather shape from a leather strap.

The length of these is approximately 3′′. The feather look can be achieved by cutting teeny slits on each side of the shape with scissors. My slices are generally not even, and I usually cut small triangles into the sides to make them look more uneven.

Create holes in the tops of all four pieces using the leather hole punch on the smallest setting. To prevent the leather from tearing, make your holes close enough to the top of the earrings so that a jump ring can slip through, but far enough away that it won’t tear the leather.


In case you make a mistake and poke a hole too close to the edge, your leather will tear. Don’t be worried. Try again by removing the torn piece of leather. Even if you make earrings with slight variations since natural feathers aren’t symmetrical anyways, they will still look professional.

Make 3D leather earrings With the Free Template below All you need to do to

Create leather earrings with a 3-D effect, simply print out the free template below and cut out the pieces. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a link to your free template in your inbox. Feel free to experiment with different designs and variations from here.

In addition to creating three simple variations, I invite you to design your own version! The leather earrings DIY is now ready for assembly. When I think about how the design will come together, I lay it out flat on a table before I pick up the pliers. Assembling it is also made easy with the leather hole punch.

Open your jewelry pliers and loop your jump rings through the holes punched in your leather pieces once you’re satisfied with the overall look. Your leather earrings will have a 3D dimensional finish from the overlapped cuts.

Preparing for this ahead of time can be extremely helpful! In this picture, you can see my largest leather earrings as they were being put together. To demonstrate to you how I lay out each material beforehand and put everything together, here are a few photos.

Have fun playing around, experimenting, and designing some new designs! There was some deerskin lace on hand that matched my craft leather perfectly and couldn’t be left out.

A simple tassel can be made of folded lace, inserted into a closed jump ring, and the two loose strands pulled through a leather hoop on the other side. To attach your leather teardrop earrings to the jump ring, tighten it before opening the jump ring.

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