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Luxury Brands That Will Be Hot Online In 2021

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Luxury Brands That Will Be Hot Online In 2021

For luxury brands more than ever before, anticipating the online popularity of the top luxury brands is not only a reliable indicator of future sales but also a lifesaver. Affluent consumers are increasingly engaging with brands using online channels. The use of digital channels is now widespread among brands that used to avoid them. Several luxury brands have been ranked online for the fourth consecutive year by Luxe Digital.

Among the best luxury brands in the world, our ranking has become an important and reliable indicator of future performance. On our list, every luxury brand enjoys considerable customer attention. Social media and search are each driving significant online conversation.

Modern affluent consumers and influencers place them at the center of what matters. Luxury is undergoing a digital transformation in 2021. A profound shift in consumer preferences and consumption patterns is now driving all brand strategies.

We have outlined the top luxury predictions in 2021 that will illustrate relevance as the new legacy. Then don’t ponder whether the best luxury brands are performing online. With the new ranking of luxury brands online, we expose all the juicy data and details.  

In a recent article, I presented the most talked about and desired luxury brands online in 2021. A notable digital initiative featured here helped explain their current popularity online by highlighting successful new product launches.


The prestigious Italian luxury fashion house Gucci ranks number one on our list of the top luxury brands online for the fourth consecutive year in the 2021 edition, keeping its spot well ahead of all its rivals. Online searches for Gucci dropped by 13% year over year in 2021, however – the Kering-owned brand continues to suffer. In 2020, Gucci’s revenue dropped by 22.7%, which reflected this ‘Gucci fatigue’. While online sales are up nearly 70%, they continue to grow at a fast pace.

Gucci remains one of the most innovative digital brands in the industry as they use digital storytelling, elevated e-commerce, and an unwavering determination to innovate. Gucci experiments online constantly, particularly with digital gifts and split payments, as well as augmented reality applications for Snapchat and the Gucci App.

A highlight for the coveted younger generation of luxury shoppers is Gucci’s commitment to genderless fashion and sustainable supply chains. A sustainable fashion line from Gucci was introduced in mid-2020, which includes eco-packaging.

Gucci’s products most often searched for online

People often searched for Gucci products online, such as:

  • Shoes
  • Bag
  • Belt
  • T-shirt


Takes the second spot on our list of the top luxury brands on the web in 2021, mostly because Louis Vuitton’s popularity is waning. NIKE’s share of online searches for haute couture remained unchanged from the previous year, at 11.55%.  

Chanel continues to be an international symbol of luxury, as one of the most revered luxury brands.  Even though the historic French Maison doesn’t sell fashion pieces online, its social media profiles feature exclusive and interactive content that nurtures a continued interest in the brand’s heritage.

As for digital adoption, Chanel continues to experiment timidly in 2021 beyond social media. Last year, the brand unveiled its summer collection digitally only for the first time. The 7-minute video has been titled “Balade en Méditerranée” (A Mediterranean trip) and is exclusively available online following the cancellation of the offline event.


Most popular Chanel items online

People most often search for Chanel products online such as:

  • Bags
  • Perfume
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Earrings


Christian Dior, or simply Dior, continued its rise in our ranking of the best luxury brands online in 2021, gaining one point. Its online experiments, localizations, and exclusive collections for the Chinese market helped Dior reach fourth place. Over the years, Dior has tested a variety of digital strategies to remain one of the top luxury brands online.

WeChat Moments allowed Dior to show off its luxury goods for the first time in 2015.  With its Small store, French fashion giant Lacoste will be able to offer its skincare, cosmetics, and perfume collections beginning in June 2020. Furthermore, Dior was the first high-end luxury brand to release a private capsule collection exclusively for the Singles’ Day online shopping event, available on the Dior website and WeChat boutique last year.

Dior introduced several innovative services for international consumers, such as the Dior Maison virtual boutique (replicating the experience of shopping in the Champs-Elysées boutique in Paris), the Instagram AR Virtual Makeup Filter, and the virtual sneaker try-on on Snap Chat.

With the highly anticipated collaboration between Dior and streetwear legend Shawn Stüssy and Nike, the French luxury brand strengthens its appeal among the next generation of affluent consumers.

Dior’s items are most often searched on the internet

These are the top Dior items people search for online:

  • Shoes
  • Bag
  • Perfume
  • Makeup
  • Sneakers

Louis Vuitton

This year’s top luxury brands ranking upsets expectations because of French luxury house Louis Vuitton, which is owned by the mega luxury conglomerate LVMH. We ranked Louis Vuitton as number five in 2021, down three points from last year.

LVMH’s biggest revenue source last year was Louis Vuitton, whose sales increased 18%. The brand value of the fashion house is $47.2 billion, ranking first in Forbes’ index of luxury brands.  Online sales are projected to increase by 12 percent (from 6%) in 2020. WeChat, Weibo, and RED (Viaohongshu, lit. ‘The Little Red Book’) remain key platforms for Louis Vuitton to build brand loyalty and engagement in China.

Through Louis Vuitton’s WeChat Mini Program, customers were able to interact live with associates during a Valentine’s Day pop-up store for the first time that day, and online sales doubled over the previous year. Partnering with Asian KOLs is another way the brand cultivates local influence.

Following Ian Rogers’ resignation, LVMH has effectively appointed a new position of “Chief Omnichannel Officer” at the group level – a move that might signal a more seamless integration of online and offline activities in the future.

Louis Vuitton products most often searched for on the Internet

  • Bags
  • Wallet
  • Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Sunglasses

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