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John Bloor

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John Bloor

John Bloor is an entrepreneur who is perhaps the purest example of the spirit of entrepreneurship to be honored at this school. You might be forgiven to think that his name is Bloor Homes, maybe with a hyphen, since Bloor Homes has become synonymous with his product or, at the very least, the first of his two brands.


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Confident entrepreneur

Confident entrepreneurs get an advantage in their careers and life by having expensive training and access to capital. John Bloor had no such advantage, and while others who have been successful in business succeeded in the field they chose or acquired, John Bloor has quietly established two profitable empires. He was the son of a Derbyshire miner. John was not in good health, and frequent absences from school cost him a lot from his schooling. He quit school at 15 and began working as a plasterer.


He quickly became an independent plasterer and later constructed his first home. Thirty-five years on, his business is among the biggest privately-owned home building firms in the UK, with more than 2,000 houses a year, from small apartments to seven-bedroom luxury homes. This company has been a significant contributor to the redevelopment in the East Midlands.


The business has been booming due to the expertise and energy, and determination of Mr. Bloor, and he has made a fortune. A small number of entrepreneurs valued at hundreds of millions of dollars seem happy to rest on their laurels, based on the premise that they’ll be able to pay for the cost of gas at the close each month. But not John Bloor, who is a builder and the one who brought back the UK manufacturing of motorbikes, turning it from a small specialty cottage industry into a significant exporter.


The brand around the basis of this revival in the first place is Triumph Motorcycles. Triumph was thought to be cool like Harley Davidson, only faster. Steve McQueen rode one in The Great Escape and Brando in The Wild One. The 1970s saw competition from the Far East and saw this renowned company’s decline into an oily scrap heap. The Meriden factory was shut down at the beginning of 1983. The company’s cash was running out, and liquidation was followed with the disposal of the company’s assets.

John Bloor

The Meriden site was bulldozed to rubble in 1984

The Meriden site was bulldozed to rubble in 1984, and homes were built, but not by Mr. Bloor. It was the beginning of the final day for Triumph and, along with it, the British motorbike industry. Within a few months, John Bloor bought the marque and the rights to the rights from the owner. He initially contracted the Devon-based firm Racing Spares (which had previously produced pieces of Triumph) to construct an updated version of Bonneville that had been an essential product since its introduction in 1959.


The intention behind that arrangement was to ensure that the Triumph marque was in business. This wise and quick-thinking decision provided John Bloor time to build the new factory and plan the return of Triumph to the global stage. The Triumph factory in Hinckley is now a significant employer locally as well as, in conjunction with factories in other countries, it produces around 45,000 motorbikes per year.


Even after a devastating fire that stopped production for 6 weeks, Triumph and, specifically, the Rocket is back to where it is. Its Rocket III has been described by The Independent as the ‘Sophie Dahl of bikes. With the slogan “Go yourself’ as well as the slogan of advertising, “It wouldn’t have been so terrible if it was a woman, but at least I’d be competitive with the quality of Triumph’s construction and brand, as well as its products, are now perfectly aligned. Honors include the designation of Triumph as the British Brand of the Year and the awarding with the OBE for Mr. Bloor for his services to the industry of motorcycles.


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John Bloor has found ways to run profitable businesses

John Bloor has found ways to run profitable businesses that benefit the general public. For instance, he has allowed numerous first-time buyers to purchase homes that aren’t affordable with traditional finance. One of his most inventive schemes is a deferred buy arrangement which grants the ownership (not shares of equity) of 70% of the cost; the rest can be paid off after it is time to sell the house. So, This is the kind of scheme used to sell houses and lets young graduates purchase houses.


Similar innovative thinking is applied to the world of motorcycles. The mixture of efficient production (including common parts) as well as economies of scale has allowed Triumph to beat out the competition in such a way that one American Review on the Speed Four (a reworked version of the TT600) stated the price as “ridiculously low and the performance sufficient to defeat cheap blasters from across the Far East. This is all thanks to the expertise that John Bloor developed, and we are incredibly proud that the University will be affiliated with him in the future.


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