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In the Michigan Shooting, What Is the School’s Responsibility?

by Erica Farmer
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This is a debate that many people have about the shooting at Littleton Elementary School in Littleton, Michigan. Many people believe that if the school’s principal, principal’s aide, or assistant principal was involved in any way, the school would have to prosecute the shooters. I think that is ludicrous. The school has no legal responsibility for the actions of the shooter, who is responsible for his actions and his actions alone.




The shooter has no legal responsibility to the people he shot, nor is the school responsible for what happened to the people he shot. The school’s responsibility is to the people who live in the school, the teachers, and the students. It doesn’t matter if the shooter was a student, a teacher’s aide, or even the principal. The problem is that he killed three people. As a matter of law, the shooter must be held accountable for his actions.


The school’s responsibility has been made up by a lot of parents. Not every parent has the right to have their school’s kids take a certain course of action, but if they do, they’re responsible for their actions. This is a big issue in the US, because, in many states, public schools are “free to act as they deem,” or “to take actions as they deem”. This is essentially the same thing as saying that the government is free to take action. This kind of freedom is a dangerous concept in the United States because it’s one where the government can do whatever it likes.


This is where the gun control debate comes in. The reality is that no one can stop the government from taking action, even if they wanted to. This is the whole point of a Constitution, which is to give the government a way to take action. So we have the idea that the government should be able to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, whether or not it’s even legal for that government to do so. This is a dangerous concept because the government should not be able to take illegal actions. In theory, this is true. In practice, it’s not. The Constitution doesn’t mean that the government can’t take illegal action. It merely gives the government a way to do so.

 Responsibility for the Michigan Shooting

The Michigan shooting was an act of self-defense. It is not the responsibility of the individual to do anything about the shooting and it is not the responsibility of law enforcement to protect suspects. This is exactly what people always say about gun violence, the “responsibility” for the shooting. If you can’t see the problem, you can’t do anything about it. That’s why no one takes responsibility for their actions. It’s why the NRA and other gun-rights advocates want to outlaw any gun because you can’t do anything about your actions.

The “responsibility for the shooting” is the responsibility of the individual to do something about the shooting and it is not the responsibility of the law enforcement to protect innocent bystanders as well. I know the people who own most of the gun-rights organizations that shoot down shooting cops, but we do this every time we shoot down an armed cop (and the shooter will never do it again). The “responsibility for the shooting” is a myth and a very dangerous one. The real “responsibility” is that the individual is responsible for anything he or she does. I know this from my own experience. When I was young I shot people who tried to beat me up, but I was in a gang and knew that I would be killed if I ever got caught.

 Consequences of the Michigan Shooting


The Michigan shooting has brought to the forefront the fact that guns are both effective and a threat to our lives. If you’re looking for a good way to be more aware of how guns affect people, check out this link. The Michigan shooting was a tragedy, but it is not an isolated incident. The majority of gun deaths are caused by two factors. The first is when a gun is fired accidentally or someone was not wearing a safety.


The second is when a gun is used in a manner that is not approved by the factory, such as using a pump-action gun or a handgun that is a different model from the ones that are sold. The second is especially important. The factory that makes the gun that the shooter is using does not want to advertise that it makes guns that aren’t safe. This is especially true of the gun that is being used right now in the shooting in Michigan. The gun that was used in the shooting in Michigan was a pump-action SKS, which is a shotgun that is designed to pump up.


In the past, there have been several instances of pump-action shotguns being used by people who are not “good people” to shoot guns. The pump-action shotgun is a very dangerous weapon, and the only reason that it was used in the shooting in Michigan is that the gun was made to be a pump-action shotgun by the factory. Any gun that is designed to be a pump-action shotgun is extremely irresponsible, and unsafe.


Michigan school-shooting investigation


The shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan is a reminder of how quickly our world can change. The world did not stop following the news of the two dead students. We have to accept that we are all living in a world where we have to be careful of everything we do. The shooting in Kalamazoo was a violent accident. While the police took the children away, the students were shot in the head. The investigation into the shooting in Kalamazoo is continuing. The shooter was known to have mental health issues, but it does not appear he was psychotic. The police believe that he was only angry and had no intent to kill anyone. The police need to determine if the shooter was on drugs.

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