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I Thought ‘Minecraft’ RTX Was A Scam Until I Played The Damn Thing

by John Doe
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Having followed Minecraft for years, I know of its developments and innovations. Of course, the game has been great. It is a significant relief to the gaming community. I don’t mean to disrespect any game that existed before it. However, it is fair enough to say that Minecraft has been the most creative and innovative game. Developers can’t stop coming up with ideas that will take players by storm. Mods were created to enable players to get the ultimate experience by exploring their worlds to the fullest. Also, shaders came into the game with some breathtaking features.

Of course, being passionate about this game, I have been one of those who criticized its primitive graphics, yearning for an upgrade. It is something that has made the game less competitive over the years. Vanilla Minecraft has got little or nothing to offer players who want an immersive experience. This game is one of the ways that I use to relax after having a difficult day at my place of work. There is one primary reason why I prefer it to many other games.


For instance, it has proven to be very flexible for system requirements. It gives players with low and high system specifications the rare chance of enjoying the game. When your system has standard specifications, you need to find a shader pack that can work fine without any issue. On the other hand, high system requirements enable you to enjoy some of the best Minecraft shaders.


Is this the game’s most significant innovation ever?

I became very confused when the beta version of Minecraft RTX got announced. The reason was that there had been many Minecraft shaders and mods which made headlines in the past but ended up becoming flops. I felt that Minecraft RTX was one of such innovations. Also, I firmly believed that most players would feel the same way. We have seen many shaders come and fade into thin air in the game. This is because they never lived up to expectations in any way. Their authors and owners were only interested in generating buzz. As a result, these shaders lacked genuine content. Either they were regurgitated kinds of stuff or didn’t have the expected quality to compete with those who attained legendary status.

Due to terrible experiences in the past with underperforming Minecraft shaders, I started suspecting Minecraft RTX. I had heard of some ideas or innovations before that was great. However, given all the hype around RTX, I never believed it could help me get the best from Minecraft.

What is Minecraft RTX?

This is one of the game’s latest technologies, and it promises to be breathtaking. Most Minecraft players see mods and shaders as the ultimate solution for impressive graphics. In case you are one of such, there is a need to reconsider. This is because Minecraft RTX promises to be unique in many regards. For instance, the effects that it delivers are eye-catching. The visuals that this innovation brings are quite stunning. In addition, it is a technology that promises to bring in ray tracing, which most experienced Minecraft players have always yearned for.


Ray tracing delivers results that you can’t get even by using the best Minecraft shaders for the records. This shows that it is steps ahead of whatever you must have been using all these years to explore the game. With raytracing technology, you will discover the crisp effects in your world. They are realistic and can guarantee the ultimate gaming experience. Imagine having access to hard as well as soft shadows.


There is a global illumination that has your world lightened up realistically. The lighting here is quite perfect. The same can also be said of its god rays. Do you want to get visuals that are steps ahead of others? RTX technology is the way out. Given how it can transform your world, there is every reason to believe that it is the future of Minecraft.


Comparing the reflections, shadows, and lighting effects of ray tracing with Minecraft shaders, the latter is always the second-best. It doesn’t matter the features that such a shader pack promises as RTX has more to offer. When I tried it out, one thing entered my mind. This is the fact that RTX has what it takes to dominate the game of Minecraft for years to come. Its beta version has done more than enough to convince me that Minecraft graphics are set for a complete overhaul. If you are still using any of those shaders, it is fair enough to conclude that you lag.

Although shaders are great, they can’t offer you anything close to what Minecraft RTX can do. This is the reason why you need to consider an upgrade. It ensures that your world is on another level entirely. Probably you have been dreaming of having a perfect world with significant lighting effects, reflections, and shadows. RTX can make such become a reality. Its features are almost similar to what SEUS PTGI has got to offer. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get enough.


What I also discovered

The truth has to be told about Ray tracing and Minecraft RTX. They are great, but they won’t work fine if your system is low on requirements and specifications. Given what such impressive technology has to offer, you can always tell that a high-end PC will be needed. Whether you are using a laptop or desktop, ensure its features are high. For instance, you need a Windows 10 operating system and a Minecraft version which runs on it.


Final thoughts

Based on the above, it is evident that something huge is about to take place in the world of Minecraft. This will have lots of players swept off their feet. Minecraft RTX is an innovation that the game has been screaming for. The good part is that it is here for everyone to explore. So stop doubting its potential and take advantage of the features today.

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