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How to get rid of water bugs and cockroaches at home?

by John Doe
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Bugs and Cockroaches

Water bugs and cockroaches make a mess wherever they are found, besides the risk of spread of diseases they pose a threat to the cleanliness of the house and create that feeling of dirtiness and untidiness, no matter how careful we are with keeping our home tidy and neat, they might just enter from smallest of cracks present in the house or small and tiny entries and leave us feeling disgusted.  In this article, we will discuss tips on how to get rid of water bugs and cockroaches at home.

  • Tips on getting rid of water bugs and cockroaches at home:


  1. Drain, chop, and clean:

Any area that might become the source of origination of insects such as mosquitoes, spiders, a cluttered area with standing water where cockroaches might develop, or long branches of trees that touch the surface of the house and might become an entry point for mice and rats, muddy area and cracks that might let spiders and lizards in, etc., should be repaired, drained, chopped and cleaned, so that no such penetration is possible that might let water bugs and cockroaches inside the home.

  1. Mop and scrub:
    • While cleaning the house, furniture should be moved and clutter should be removed from every corner of the house.
    • The owner of the house should get the floors of the house scrubbed and mopped, it increases the pace of the treatment that is undertaken to reduce the number of bugs and insects and ensures its effectiveness. It helps in removing hidden ticks and their eggs and helps in removing visible insects.
    • Special attention should be provided to the cracked entries of the house and after the cleaning is done, the appliances that were used in cleaning such as the vacuum cleaner, mops, and other items should be cleaned well and kept down to avoid any kind of infection.


  1. Get pest control treatment done:
  • Pest control refers to the act of managing and regulating the interaction of unwanted species such as ticks, cockroaches, water bugs, lizards, etc., with humans in different ways, such as expulsion, physical removal, etc.
  • This treatment involves a complete cleanliness solution for the house, it might be expensive but can help in reducing the interaction and penetration of roaches and water bugs in the house for a year or more, special chemicals are sprayed in the house to prevent the entry of such species.


  1. Repair the house: the spots of the house should be repaired that provide an entry spot for these insects such as cockroaches, spiders, and lizards to enter the house. They can enter the house from cracks, holes, broken cemented areas, and other very tiny spots. Thus, timely renovation is a must in order to avoid such a problem or even a possibility that these bugs get inside the house and create a menace in the house.


  1. Do not allow standing water in or around the house:

  • Water bugs are species that develop in water, they use their legs to paddle in the water or float on the surface of the water and look almost like cockroaches, it is very hard to differentiate between both of them. Since they develop in water, people should be very careful of stagnated water. Standing water is home of water-borne insects.
  • In order to stay alive, these bugs require moisture, therefore they try to get into those areas that are moist and damp.
  • People should get their roofs repaired to prevent stagnation of water and prevent moisture from penetrating inside the house, on the roofs, on the walls, etc. this will help in reducing the development of water bugs and prevent their entry into the house.


  1. Use insect repellent and cockroach sprays:

As a way of dealing with the problem of insects and their interference at home, one must use insect repellent sprays that are available in the market. The use of these sprays is effective when the number of water bugs and cockroaches is small. While water bugs do not pose harm to the health of humans, they disgust the vision of the people by multiplying in number, thus, if the number of these insects is less in the house, one can go for this solution of using sprays, while it might not be that effective if the number of water bugs and cockroaches is large.


  1. Do not rent them food and shelter:

One of the reasons why cockroaches enter a house is that they look for a conducive environment for food and shelter, people must use air-tight containers to store food and remove any kind of grease and oil from kitchen counters because these can attract insects.


These are certain tips that can be helpful for people in getting rid of water bugs and cockroaches, one thing that will always remain a fact is that cleanliness is the key. The cleaner a place will be, the better and the healthier it will be, and there will be less penetration and development of such insects in that area.

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