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How To Execute An Amplified Marketing Strategy

by John Doe
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Amplified Marketing

Amplified Marketing is the next generation of corporate marketing, focusing on placing expert interviews and dialogues at the heart of your content strategy, then amplifying their voices in your marketing and business initiatives.

The problems with the previous system, such as the silos between sales and marketing, the emphasis on algorithms over people, and the relentless pressure on content producers to deliver more, better, and quicker, are all highlighted by Amplified Marketing. The goal of this new method is to close the gap.

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The idea is to do something completely different: start with an expert. Talk to these industry experts and leaders, as well as your internal specialists, and then transform that rich knowledge into the medium that your audience craves right now: audio and video content.

The amplified material is disseminated across all media, and it becomes a more efficient process, a more united and coherent plan that will exponentially grow your audience. The options are endless: material for social media, content for your sales staff, and content for your blog (from those naturally keyword-rich conversations you have with those experts). The list could go on and on.

Amplified Marketing caters to a wide range of clients

Shifting your marketing approach to include professional voices in all aspects of your marketing plan will significantly influence your whole company. But, first and foremost, it will transform the corporate marketing team’s experience and effectiveness.

The most challenging job in marketing is that of the content marketer. According to an Accenture research of over 1,000 marketing professionals from 17 countries and 14 sectors, material overload has become a top concern for 100 percent of respondents.

Even though content marketing is one of the most critical marketing strategies for most organizations, our content marketing teams are among the most overworked, underserved, and under-budgeted in the company. There is a definite misalignment here.

Consider this: a significant volume of good quality output is regularly expected of these rudimentary teams. They also have the extra burden of functioning as experts in everything your business does and everything the brand wants to be known for. Whitepapers, essays, movies, social clips, and other sophisticated multimedia or social material are not included in that list of absurd task requirements. So, yes, the standard has been raised, and something will have to go.

Amplified Marketing is here to provide your team with the support and direction it desires and needs.

The Way of the Amplified Marketer

Start with an actual discussion, rather than convening a large, boring meeting in a room, performing vast amounts of keyword research, or organizing yet another brainstorming session about generating content that will rank in the hopes that it will convert.

Make a recording of the chat, then be ready to publish it. Perhaps it’s perfect in its unprocessed nature. You could make a video or a podcast episode out of it. Maybe it will serve as a lesson. It may be kept in an internal resource center. Regardless, this discussion serves as a solid basis and a great start. Don’t stop there, however.

Then, wring that discussion out. Transcribe it and utilize it as the basis for extra written material such as blog posts, written tutorials, white papers, ebooks, and so on. After that, snip it. Use audio samples from that material on social media, your website, and in emails, among other places.

In the end, the episode you make from that talk is just the first of many that will emerge from that one chat (think of it like the gift of gab that keeps on giving, literally).

Today’s content marketers struggle to keep up with the amount of material they are expected to generate while still being creative enough to produce rich, high-quality work that has a lasting influence on their audience.

Content marketing is a well-known method for generating more conversions than conventional marketing. The teams providing this material, on the other hand, are following an out-of-date strategy that concentrates on bringing algorithms to the general public by regularly publishing postings that are aimed at bots rather than brains. An enhanced marketing approach establishes a link between your target audience and the knowledge they desire.

Content saturation is a huge concern, according to a global poll of more than 1,000 marketers conducted by Accenture. And half of the respondents stated they had more stuff than they could manage right now.

The tactics that made content marketing so appealing initially have not matured to match the problems that today’s marketers face as they fight for their audience’s attention across a large landscape of newsletters, podcasts, video series, blogs, and social media.

With too much material to develop or maintain and little time to analyse its performance or reuse what they’ve already created, marketers want a new strategy that prioritizes originality over quantity, audience over the engine, and connection above everything else. They need a more robust marketing plan.

What is Amplified Marketing, and how does it work?


Engaging discussions are at the heart of the Amplified Marketing Approach’s content strategy. These discussions – with industry experts, customers, internal thought leaders, influencers, and decision-makers – serve as the foundation for all of your marketing assets, streamlining content creation, aligning your teams across all channels, and providing your audience with the information they seek.

Amplified marketing uses powerful analytics to figure out what connects with an audience and what doesn’t. Marketers may operate more effectively and creatively by deriving more value from the content they generate and assessing its performance.

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Begin with a discussion

Amplified marketing begins with a good discussion with someone who understands what they’re talking about about a subject your target audience is interested in learning more about. What method are you using to do this? Return the focus to the audience.

Consider what questions they need answers to, what fresh ideas they require, and what themes they are enthusiastic about or motivated by. Instead of creating a list of subjects for content marketers to investigate and write about, make a list of individuals who can provide these answers, knowledge, and big ideas to your audience.



Amplified Marketing’s advantages cannot be emphasized. Not only will your company be able to speed the content production process for your content marketers, but you’ll also be able to develop compelling content for your audience that works across all forms and channels thanks to this unique and original approach. What other marketing tactic allows your staff and consumers to save time and money?

If you’re weary of the churn and burn cycle, where quantity is valued above quality, and you’re tired of putting in so much work for little to no concrete, verifiable ROI, Amplified Marketing is the answer. How? By bringing your out-of-date content marketing playbook up to speed, putting the emphasis back on the audience, and arming you with the tools and methods you need to create—and share—content that is relevant and effective.

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