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How To Drive Facebook Leads Via Phone Calls

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The majority of marketers are now aware of Facebook potential as a lead generation medium. Whether you’re a small-town retailer or a multinational corporation, the world’s largest social network almost certainly offers a product that can help you. This platform can identify and activate hand-raisers interested in doing business with you. Additionally, as the digital and privacy landscapes have changed, Facebook’s leading technological solutions have also altered. Apple’s iOS 14 upgrade in 2021 makes it more challenging to monitor and credit the old method of driving users to your website to transact.


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Lead generation firms may help close the gap by instantly enabling viewers to enter their contact information through Facebook or Instagram. Nonetheless, if these leads are not thoroughly confirmed, they may be insufficient high quality. Messenger now offers lightweight chatbots that can collect the same kind of leads as a type, but with the added benefit of using Facebook and Instagram’s natural conversational features. However, there is one method to lead generation that Facebook has been quietly enhancing over the prior year – one that has the potential to complement your present lead generation strategy seamlessly.


Cell phone calls

You are making phone calls while driving is hardly the most technologically sophisticated method of connecting with prospective consumers. However, enhancing the effectiveness of your lead generation activities demands giving a range of contact alternatives for your visitors, including the telephone.


How to Create a Facebook Lead Generation Marketing Campaign for Cellphone Names

Facebook companies with experience will recall that phone calls have been available for some time. The only option to generate calls from Facebook advertisements was to employ the Attain goal. It was often ineffective in generating inbound calls, as Attain-optimized campaigns did little more than display your advertisements at the lowest possible cost per thousand impressions. Additionally, monitoring was non-existent. On the other hand, calls are now included in Facebook’s primary technological goal and can be found alongside Kinds and Chats, and the basic setup is pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Create a new Lead Era Marketing campaign in Adverts Supervisor.

Step 2: In the Advert Set Settings, choose Cellphone as your “Lead Technique.”

Step 3: Create A New Advert And Enter The Number Of Cell Phones To Which Incoming Calls Should Be Routed.

How Does the Lead Era of the Cellphone Work?

Your advertisement will be visible to Facebook users in addition to the regular and fully customizable CTA button choices. Your advertisement may contain a “Name Now” CTA. When a consumer clicks on an advertising or call-to-action button, a popup displays on their smartphone, asking them to confirm whether or not they wish to contact the number you selected in Step 3 of the setup procedure. Unlike prior rounds of Facebook click-to-call advertisements, which lacked monitoring, companies will now be able to see how many individuals validated their intent to conduct an outbound call.


It is the event that Facebook’s algorithm will use to optimize the telephone lead technology marketing campaign, similar to when lead technology forms are filed or messenger discussions begin. In essence, it works similarly to a Visitors goal in that Facebook optimizes your marketing campaign based on landing page views – not only those who clicked on your ads but also those who went the additional mile to confirm they needed to identify your business. The extra confirmation phase, in theory, will decrease accidental button pushes and verify that those who phone the number are qualified leads.

What the Lead Era of the Cellphone Meant to Us

Our organization had the chance to test telephone lead technology optimization in mid-2021 when it was still relatively new. The client was seeking ways to increase their existing lead generation on Facebook, which included lead generating forms and the ability for consumers to register on their website. As we discovered, the telephone lead target effectively increased incoming calls. The typical cost for each type of lead was around $100, and each incoming phone number cost approximately $4. However, we detected a swarm of incoming low-quality calls before cracking champagne corks.


Around half of the calls were disconnected before reaching the IVR (interactive voice response) menu. Almost 15% of calls were answered and connected to a sales consultant. On the other side, those who contacted a qualified consultant paid twice as much as usual leads. Finally, since the associated payment per internet-certified lead was equivalent to the rate for type leads, the client opted to maintain a limited telephone lead technology marketing activity.


How to Maximize Lead Generation Campaigns for Cellphones

As a consequence of a telephone lead technology marketing effort, your phone will ring. Consequently, you must devote sufficient staff to receiving incoming sales calls.

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Develop a Naming Strategy for Inbound Calls

Avoid the temptation to use your phone for professional purposes and instead have a separate, often monitored line accessible. Prepare a proper greeting and script, bearing in mind that anybody dialing this number seeks further information. Depending on your qualifying route, this might be a highly advantageous or a very harmful component. Too many low-quality calls may put a burden on your sales staff, while a nervous menu system may exclude potentially high-quality prospects.

Consider Additional Insights with Name Monitoring Software

Facebook platform knowledge will show you all of the platform’s key performance indicators and metrics, such as impressions, clicks on your advertising, and name confirmations. However, once they leave Facebook and begin the process of choosing, that is the end of it. Name monitoring programs such as Invoca or CallRail may give additional insights like name length, high quality, and conversion rate. These solutions enable you to create new phone numbers for specific internal functions, eliminating the need to depend on current numbers.

Retargeting is a neat technique.

If you’re worried about the number of calls generated by a prospecting marketing campaign, or if you’ve previously failed to meet the standard, try using phone calls as a retargeting-only contact method. Begin by importing a list of previously uncontacted prospects, along with a request to contact them for further information. Rather than using a form or a chat, determine if this audience is more receptive to a phone call. Additionally, you may use phone calls to upsell current clients who qualify for incentives. Additionally, don’t be afraid to dive into demographic data and focus your phone lead generation efforts on audience segments that aren’t altering due to other digital tactics. It’s all about allowing your consumers to reach you in several ways.

Campaigns Executed in Dayparts Using Lifetime Budgets

You’re probably not interested in your phone ringing at odd hours of the night. Because your workers will most likely be accessible to answer calls only during certain business hours, you must guarantee that your advertisements do not display when no one is available. To do so, you’ll need to choose Lifetime budgets throughout the campaign stage and while optimizing marketing campaign funds. Selecting advertisements that run on a schedule enables you to run your ad units selectively rather than at all hours. Additionally, advertisers may run ads in instances particular to the viewer’s time zone or the ad account’s default time zone.

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Due to recent changes to Facebook’s lead technology campaigns, marketers may now generate phone calls to their businesses using Facebook. Profiting from phone leads requires significant planning and a robust procedure that ensures incoming leads are immediately sent to the proper individuals. However, if these techniques are refined, the final result may be an increased supply of high-intent leads that convert faster than leads generated via more conventional means.

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