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How to Deliver a Successful Android App for Business

by David Mack
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Android offers the most flexibility and features when it comes to creating a business app. Android is preferred by users over all other mobile operating systems. It is clear that Android has held at least 76% of the market share as of July 2019, and it has been the leader in terms of market shares for the last couple of years.


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There are many opportunities for developers and businesses to create Android apps. The demand is to make sure that the app delivers success for the venture. Let’s now take a look at how to create an Android app that is successful for businesses.

App conceptualization

A purpose or goal must be the inspiration for an app idea. The most crucial stage of developing an Android application is to refine that idea. It is important to analyze the app’s target audience, customer behavior, and user preferences. All steps in the development of an Android app are based on these facts.

This is the point where the foundations for the subsequent processes are laid. Before moving to the next stage, it is crucial to do enough research and brainstorm all ideas. This phase of conceptualization involves running competitor analyses to determine the features that will make the app stand out in the current market.

Evaluate the feasibility

Wireframes and detailed sketches of the concept are useful tools for companies to get a better understanding of the visuals of an app. This allows them to refine their ideas and arrange the design elements precisely. Developers must access public data via API sourcing to determine if the idea of the app can be realized.

This step involves testing its technical feasibility. This step is important because the team may come up with a completely different app idea after the testing. This is where minor adjustments can be made to the app idea, or the whole thing can be reworked for the makers.

Designing the application

An Android app must have a strong focus on its UI/UX to stand out among millions of others. UX is user experience. It refers to the interaction of design elements within the app. UI is the user interface. It refers to how the app interacts with the user’s preferences.

Clear visualizations and multiple steps are key to ensuring that your final product is flawless. Modern Android app design is responsive and simple. It also avoids layers that could slow down the process.

Follow these guidelines to design Android apps

You must follow the guidelines when designing Android apps as an Android app development company. Google provides guidelines for Android app design and a list of tools to help you achieve the same goal. Developers have the choice to use those tools and follow those guidelines, or not.

Google has set some guidelines that all developers must follow to ensure a smooth user experience and a functional app.

The development stage

This phase focuses on creating a working prototype to validate the assumptions and test the functionality. This stage of development involves a variety of steps. The app starts with core functionality changes, then moves on to simple testing, and finally, the app is released for external users for field testing.

An application with a greater scope than usual requires that the development process be broken down into smaller modules using agile methodology. Each of these small pieces is dealt with individually and then the final product can be delivered.

The app is tested and deployed

This is an essential part of the development process for Android business apps. It is always a good idea to test the app in its early stages. Apps are often tested for security, usability, compatibility, and performance.

Now the bugs have been fixed and the app is ready to move on to the next phase. Finally, it is ready for the official launch. The launch of the app store, such as Google Play, will depend on their policies. The guidelines for the app store must be followed when deploying the application. This is not the end!

Get feedback from users

The feedback from the first users will be collected after the app is made available on Google Play. You can learn from their reviews and ratings how you can improve it and make it more visible.

For app developers, it is crucial to remember that changes are constants and they must keep rolling updates based on feedback from users to remain relevant in the market.

Upgrade the app and add new features

Once the feedback has been properly gathered, it’s time to start working on improvements and upgrades. To attract customers, an Android app must have new features and improvements.

It is important to get feedback from users. This will help you identify the bugs and make the necessary changes. The app’s visibility and downloads will increase quickly if you consider the feedback.

If you follow the above tips, it is not difficult to deliver an Android business app. If you take the right steps, positive feedback and appreciation from users will soon follow.

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