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How to crave thy food?

by Erica Farmer
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Food is like a fuel by which the body is fortified to carry out your daily work. Also, it is one of the great pleasures of life. Therefore, it’s right for everyone to eat what they love to eat.

Food cravings are an everyday experience. But we don’t crave foods that are healthy. Why is that so? Why can’t we crave beans and other mineral-rich vegetables the way we yearn for donuts or pizzas? Is it some kind of brain deceive?


If it’s that then you can train your brain to reach for healthy cravings. Insane right! But remember that in the initial stages, it will be difficult to hop to a healthier diet.


How can you train yourself to crave healthier options? Let’s find out!

Tips to crave for healthy food


Having a lust for fast food is not an intrinsic behavior. We aren’t inherited to liking burgers and pizzas. A recent study found that obese individuals had a greater affinity for healthy food after a six-month trial of eating healthy food. The reward system areas in their brains were different (stimulated) from their condition before the experiment. This means there is a greater chance for you as well to change your habit by following some simple tips written below:

Throw away junk food


If your house is stocked with unhealthy food, try to get rid of it and avoid buying them. Make healthier food visible to you so as to eat them more often. If you have fruits on the kitchen counter instead of a jar of candy, you’re going to be more likely to reach for it.


Keep unhealthy out of your reach. The more junk food remains in your sight the more likely you are to eat it. Try to replace it with something healthy and get used to it.

Choose nutritious snacks


Try vegetables and fruits. If you dislike the taste of healthy fruits and vegetables, try eating them with things you like. Only gradual changes will help you develop a taste for the right things.



Stress eating is a real thing. Try to meditate to clear your mind so that you have a better nutritional diet. Put yourself away from bad cravings at times of stress.

Sugar is not good for you


It won’t be hard for you to hook onto some natural sweets like fruits. This will help you to retrain your taste buds.


A research study conducted by Kaiser Permanente implied that omitting extra sugar for only two weeks could change your taste. It was observed that 95% of the participants after the two weeks found sweet food to be overly sweet and ultimately stopped craving sugar once and for all.


But don’t do it all together. Try to back away from sweets gradually. It’s better to change your diet gradually than to entirely change it at once.

Change your habits slowly and gradually


If you want to make your habits permanent and lasting, start from small. Similarly, a collection of many small changes convert gradually into a big change. Start by executing one small change and then move to the next. These small changes will help shift your cravings to a healthy diet and ultimately to a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. To do so, you can initiate by applying some simple tips:

Start Drinking an extra glass of water each morning.


Substitute a protein-rich homemade meal from processed foods.


Choose fruits over candy.

It’s fun to prepare your own healthy meal


Experimenting with different meals and fish in your kitchen will surely make you crave healthy food. A study in The Journal of Public Health Nutrition suggests that home cooking can bring healthy habits home. When you prepare your own meals, you’ll make a healthy meal for yourself.


You can also trick your brain into craving healthy food by making it fancier. Presenting food nicely on your plate will help you to carve more of it.

Try out new dishes

Starting with some new healthy dishes will surely help you out to hook up to healthy meals.


Spend some time going through YouTube or other websites in search of new delicious and healthy dishes. Try them out at home.


Try some new spices and herbs. There is a vast range of spices and herbs you can experiment with to enrich the flavors of healthy foods. Keep spices like ginger, oregano, red pepper flakes, and thyme within your easy reach to make seasoning and add aroma to healthy meals.


Learn about what healthy food brings to you


We, human beings, naturally seek pleasure and avoid pain which is manifested in most of our activities.


So think about the changes and pains that will become permanent. Why exchange temporary pleasure with lasting pleasures. Why eat pizza or donuts then eat a healthy meal.


How does your body feel after eating a healthy meal for at least a month?


The more aware you are of eating healthy the more you will crave it.



Eating is essential for our body as it acts like fuel. Without food one can ur survive. Then why waste ourselves on those foods that do not give us anything but diseases. What we eat either slows us down or boosts us, so change what’s on your plate, and change your life.

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