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How To Choose The Right Material For Rigid Boxes?

by Erica Farmer
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The business has been here since the start of mankind, and it is crazy to think that nobody looked for a change in packaging just before a couple of decades back. Product packaging has always been seen as a product carrier and nothing more, but the packaging industry has changed completely with the introduction of custom product boxes.

There are many types of rigid boxes that brands get to choose from while manufacturing their product packaging, but if you ask about a box that is the ultimate solution for every brand, then it has to be the luxury custom packaging boxes. The main reason behind choosing these boxes is because boxes don’t get stronger than this and they can still be customized according to your needs.

In this article, we will tell you about how you can choose the right material for rigid boxes. But, before that, you need to have basic knowledge about rigid boxes.

What Are Rigid Boxes?

As the name suggests, rigid boxes are the type of boxes that are sturdy and non-flexible. Generally, the stock sheets used for manufacturing rigid boxes are 4 to 6 times thicker compared to simple cardboard boxes. In simple words, rigid boxes add beauty to the product while keeping it simple. These boxes can be used for multiple products like beauty products, perfumes, jewelry, and other luxurious products.

Types Of Materials

Rigid packaging doesn’t bound you to a certain packaging and material, and you have a wide range to choose from. You should choose the material that suits your product. These materials include:

  • Paperboard
  • Chipboard
  • Cardboard

Now, we will compare the features of all these materials because you must know everything regarding the material you will be using for your rigid boxes.

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Rigid boxes aren’t your average boxes and are pretty expensive, and this is the reason why brands use these boxes for only high-ticket products like watches, jewelry, and other luxury products. If you are looking to get these boxes for your brand, then you must have a flexible budget, but don’t worry because these boxes will work wonders for you. These boxes are worth investing in, and there won’t be any regrets when you the result for yourself.

  • For chipboard packaging material, you will have to spend more for a sleek look. However, this packaging solution is less expensive compared to that of corrugated cardboard. If you look for lamination on these boxes, then the price can go even higher.
  • Paperboard is less expensive compared to chipboard, but you will have to add more layers of paperboard if you are to make rigid boxes from this material, and this can also become an expensive option.
  • We won’t recommend you to use go for a corrugated cardboard solution for luxury products because corrugated cardboard material is used for basic boxes.


No matter the material you are using for manufacturing, rigid boxes are supposed to be sturdy. Strength is the backbone of packaging, and if you don’t have that in a box, then you will be sending your money down the drain. The strength will depend on the material you use.

  • Chipboard packaging material is highly robust. The laminated chipboard rigid boxes are even stronger, and they can withstand the external pressure effectively and, therefore, don’t get damaged easily.
  • Paperboard is made in a similar way as paper, but paperboard is way stronger than your regular paper. It has great stiffness in it which prevents it from bending and deforming. Same as chipboard rigid boxes, paperboard rigid boxes become stronger with the addition of lamination.
  • When it comes to the strength of corrugated cardboard, depends on the number of walls used in the sheets. The more the walls, the sturdier it gets.

Brand Image

You have to keep this major factor in perspective because you don’t want to save some extra bucks that could tarnish your brand image. Packaging has been serving the facility of branding for decades, but it gets more sophisticated with the use of rigid boxes.

  • Chipboard gives you a sleek look and it plays great for displaying products and grabbing the attention of your valued customers. To enhance the unboxing experience for your customer, you can add in an insert like foam core or cardboard. This will add an extra layer of protection to your product.
  • Paperboard gives you more bright packaging because of the whiteness it has. The very smooth texture of this material makes your product look more sophisticated resulting in a better brand image.
  • There is no taking away from the fact that cardboard is one of the best materials available around, and it works wonders. But, this material isn’t a great option for your brand when you are trying to upscale it. It is best for delivering the product without keeping the brand image in mind.

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