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How A Customer Facing Display In Your Repair Shop Software Adds Value To Your Business?

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Repair Shop Software Adds Value to Your Business

The key to customer loyalty is convenience. The more you enhance the experience for your customers, they will be more likely to come back and buy from you again!


Your repair shop pos software is designed to enhance customer experience and bring more business. For instance, a customer-facing display allows your customer to experience a seamless checkout process.

The importance of customer-facing display is the first thing you should consider when setting up your repair shop.


This is because it will allow you to have a much better relationship with your customers, and you will be able to retain your customers.


It’s also important because you want people who walk into your store to know what services you offer right away. So before talking about the benefits of the customer-facing display, you need to understand what exactly it is.


Understanding customer-facing display


What is a Customer Facing Display? Customer-facing display, otherwise known as a point of purchase display, has been used by retailers for years to promote products and increase sales.

The displays are typically placed at the front of the store near entrances and cash registers.

They can be anything from a small shelf or table with products displayed to an interactive kiosk that showcases your latest product offerings.


What might you want in such a display? How about information about your company’s history and mission statement along with pictures of employees to give customers insight into whom they’re buying from?


You may also include images showing how your products are made or what types of materials go into them; this helps shoppers make informed decisions when they buy because they know exactly where


Enhance customer engagement


Every repair shop owner wants to engage with their customers in a way that makes them feel welcome and valued.


You can also do this by customer-facing displays near the entrance of your store. Or anywhere where customers might be waiting for you.

These displays are interactive, engaging, and fun; they can also act as an impulse buy point if they contain items like cases or screen protectors for iPhones!


In addition, it provides a professional and organized vibe and builds trust in customers.


Increase brand awareness


Fancy a way to increase your brand awareness? But then they turn the corner and see an entire wall of different phones on display, all in perfect condition.


The customer knows that this place has their best interests at heart and will fix them up with something new if needed!


Transparency between store owners and customers


Did you know that 55% of all customers at a cell phone repair shop leave unhappy? Why is this the case? It’s because they don’t have enough information about their order and what it entails.

It leads to confusion on the customer’s end and a lack of satisfaction if something goes wrong with their order.


With your POS software, you can make it happen. To combat this problem, more and more shops are implementing customer-facing display screens into their stores.


These screens allow for transparency between store owners and customers by displaying orders in real-time to resolve any issues before they become too big of a problem.

What do you think of this trend? Let us know!


Get digital signatures of your customers


A cellphone repair shop owner’s worst nightmare is when a customer comes in with their phone, you diagnose the problem and give them an estimate for the cost of repairs.


But they refuse to pay because they either think you are charging too much or don’t want to spend any money fixing their device.


It is where digital signatures through customer-facing displays come into play.


Allow customers to self-check-in


In your cell phone repair shop software, a customer-facing display also supports the feature of self-check-in. Allow your customers a more direct and faster checkout experience without waiting for staff by allowing them to complete their purchases at any time on hand.


At the same time, you engage yourself with repairing devices handed over by other clients.


Your customer service is an essential part of your business. With a self-check-in kiosk, you can spend more time connecting with customers and less time on paperwork.




It is a great way to communicate the services you offer in an easily visible location for customers walking into your store.

With one glance, they can see all of the things that you have to offer and will likely walk out with more than just their cracked screen repaired!


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