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High-Functioning Anxiety: Symptoms And Treatmen

by Erica Farmer
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High Functioning Anxiety

The people having high functioning anxiety are considered as a picture of success. They are always on time to their always well-dressed seems perfect. Always have complete knowledge regarding their work and some assignments. They seem very driven about their goals. they are afraid of losing. They are so passionate about every thinks that is why they overthink and overanalyze things a lot. It is not so a bad thing but to an extent.


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Your mind does need some sort of rest and peace. but the overthinking of those people might make them weak. In some cases, some people got success in life because they took that high functioning anxiety and try to overcome this with a lot more effort and hard work, while some people go into a depression, after overthinking a lot that they might think that they are useless and nobody likes them and they would not be able to do anything in their life.

High Functioning Anxiety

High-functioning anxiety treatment

Have you ever thought that why are you overthinking a lot? What was the reason for this continuously being sad? Have you ever realized why you always try to find a reason to cry? Maybe that is because of the insecurity that you constantly had from you. Have you ever thought about how you should overcome this? Till now, high functioning anxiety is not been medically proven that it is a thing. but we know that it surely is, you are constantly thinking on the negative side of yours.


You never let yourself calm down. You are always thinking on the negative edge. Which is not at all healthy for you. You should need to get that things stop. So here I have some of these treatments that you can do for yourself to make yourself feel better if you are not okay with going to a therapist and almost everybody is feeling sad about going to a therapist. so here are those treatments.

  • Try to remember that did you ever had a solid reason to cry and overthink for. I’m pretty sure that you won’t have it and that helps you feel better.
  • Try to be a friend with your fear. Try to recognize the things you are overthinking and those things are constantly frightening you so be friends with them.
  • Engage yourself in different activities like yoga, exercises, and some walk. this would help your mind in staying quiet and peaceful.
  • Remember that you are the best. You like yourself nobody should have matter in your life. People belong to nothing. Do not give a damn about what people think about you.
  • Surround yourself with the people that help you grow. Cut it down completely with the people who make you feel bad about yourself. who does not get happy with your success even he is your partner, your friends, or your colleagues. Just cut them down.


5 signs of high-functioning anxiety

The things that help people to know if they do have an anxiety disorder or not these are the few symptoms that we are going to be discussing it today. Here we have some of the ways, there are some of the types of symptoms that we have while discussing high functioning anxiety.

  • Trying to be a perfectionist Every time and thinking about it day and night.
  • Being sorry for the undefined things. Being sad every time and trying to find the reason to cry on.
  • Overthinking and overanalyzing on everything and Every time.
  • Not getting enough sleep for a good 7-8 hours.

What causes high-functioning Anxiety/

There might have so many different kinds of anxiety disorders. this is a normal thing that a person could get anxiety about. but it needs to be get realized about it as soon as possible. because this might be a very. anxiety causes and if it is not kept an eye on it causes the person’s death. anxiety causes to some people because of their genetics. some had it because of their family chaos. this has been played a vast majority of roles in a person’s mental health. this could have been a great source for the people to

High Functioning Anxiety

High-functioning Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is kind of the same thing. the main difference in them is maybe that the anxiety is a kind of a trauma attack for a couple of hours but depression is like living 24/7 with that trauma phase. symptoms are quite alike to each other. they could have helped them in understanding their mental people having that sort of mental health would relate with that kind of things. in that regard, they should have gotten some help. suppose they had to go to the psychiatrist to get their problems done and for their mental peace.

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High-functioning Anxiety Symptoms

Here we have so many different types of signs and symptoms of depression that might you also have. this could make people feel uncomfortable around the crowd they don’t have enough confidence to communicate with other people. for most of the time. you are having strange habits like nail-biting, twirling around your hair, and your legs shaking. they are the extreme causes and symptoms of anxiety here we have so many others also but we have already discussed them up on here.  this would have helped them in understanding their mental state and helped them realize that they need help as early as it should for them to get recover quickly.

High Functioning Anxiety


So that is where we say. Here we are at the end of this article. I hope that this article would help you out in understanding their medical health. You should have understood that anxiety and depression are real things. You have to feel good about yourself. May you got the recovery from this illness ASAP.

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