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Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

by David Mack
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Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were friends. They were both 16 years of age and lived in a similar town in Massachusetts. On May 5, 2017, their friendship took a sad turn when Daniel Patry killed Gabriel Kuhn.

Gabriel was a bright, active young fellow who was cherished by everyone who kept him. He was continuously grinning and had a great sense of hummer. Daniel was a quiet, thoughtful kid who minded his own business. He was in many cases prodded by different children and experienced difficulty making friends.

The two young men met in eighth grade and immediately became friends. They bonded over their common love of computer games and music. They would go through hours discussing their #1 groups and examining the most recent computer game deliveries.

Character and way of life of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn!!!

Daniel Felipe Petry who is the killer of the story was brought into the world in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1991. Since he was a youngster he was a disobedient and forceful kid, for however long he is exasperated he responds with great viciousness. He also got a couple of meetings for mental treatment, however, he generally deserted and didn’t finish the treatment. His place of safety and entertainment was TV and later the Internet and online games.

What drove Daniel to kill his friends Gabriel?

It was a warm summer night when it worked out. Daniel and Gabriel were out drinking at a bar like they had done oftentimes previously. They were both feeling great, laughing and joking with one another. However, at that point, something happened that would change everything until the end of time.

Daniel got into a contention with one more supporter at the bar. The man offended Gabriel, considering him an “inept alcoholic.” This drove Daniel mad, and he began to contend with the man. The circumstance directly escalated until Daniel punched the man, knocking him to the ground.

Gabriel tried to prevent Daniel from going after the man further, however, Daniel was excessively engaged. He turned on Gabriel, punching and kicking him until Gabriel was lying on the ground, unmoving. The other bar supporters called the police, and Daniel was arrested and charged with being killed.

Gabriel’s passing has left his loved ones crushed. They can’t understand what might have spurred Daniel to kill his friend. Was it the liquor? Was it something that had been developing for some time? Or on the other hand, was it one minute of rage that spiraled wild? Just Daniel realizes the solution to that inquiry.

The mental condition of Daniel the murderer!!

Such horrific and frightful occasions generally raise questions in regards to the psychosomatic elements included. At the point when it is about a kid of only 16 then it turns out to be disturbing. If we discuss Daniel, who severely killed the 12-year-old person, we will come to realize that his state of mind can’t be described as should be expected by any means. He was going through many mental circumstances. The interpretive data assists us with the understanding that he was also encouraged to go to a few mental meetings to get better his emotional wellness. In any case, it bears no organic product, along these lines follow-on in this disastrous occasion.

Assuming the mental condition was joined with the way that Daniel was a harasser as well, then these elements help us with setting up every one of the pieces and make our investigation and derivations upstanding about the case.

What happened to both of the youth?

According to the gathered sources, a kid Gabriel Kuhn was killed by Daniel Patry, 16, after being tormented and pestered for more than a month. Blumenau, Brazil, was the spot of the episode. The whole matter began due to a game called Tibia.

The story begins when Gabriel acquired cash from Daniel to use in the game and afterward would not take care of him. During the request, it was found that Daniel had been a little beast all through his life as a youngster and thus, his folks had attempted to inspire him to go to mental treatment, however, he would not go for treatment.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn turned out to be old buddies and started assuming an internet-based part-playing game called Tibia with his mates. It started when Gabriel’s peoples were not at home. While they were both playing a similar game, a local youngster Gabriel Kuhn, get to know Daniel. At one phase of the game, Gabriel asked Daniel for 20,000 virtual monies to clear the stage. Daniel consented to loan cash to his friend with the state of repaying as soon as could be expected.

After a few times when Gabriel didn’t return his cash then Daniel kept calling his mom to find out when she would be back. Daniel was upset and went to his home, anyhow Gabriel’s refused to answer the entryway. Gabriel held him back from reaching the relatives and others in their group by the danger of declining to discount the cash.

Daniel was irritated, and he dialed Gabriel’s mom’s number to ask about her arrangements to get back to Nova Trento. On that very evening of the crime, his mom was in Nova Trento around 9 PM.

After this danger Daniel was angry and following that, he went to Gabriel’s home and thumped on the entryway, however it was locked. Daniel informed him by specific truly intends that assuming he request a remissive from him, everything would be good between the two of them. Gabriel opened the way to fix up with his companion since he accepted what he said was valid.

In the wake of going into the house and locking the entryway behind him, Daniel battered Gabriel. He cruelly attacked him. Gabriel tried to protect himself by certain means however he neglected to do as such. He was dribbling wet in blood after being beaten awfully by Daniel, and Daniel started to snicker discreetly checking him out. The kid shouted and cried in fear yet this made Patry harsher to do more cruelty.

Daniel turned out to be much more frustrated when Gabriel imperiled to uncover a portion of his off-the-record pieces of information, so he took a string and folded it over Gabriel’s neck. He continued to press until the kid lost his detects. Then he had one more thought of tormenting Gabriel. He went to the carport and took out a hacksaw and started to cut it up.

Gabriel Kuhn recaptured mindfulness and started to holler in torment. Petry continued cutting him like anything, he cut off his left leg. Gabriel was stunned by the draining and he quit shouting. Then Petry took the hacksaw and chose to keep cutting him. Daniel originally attempted to conceal the body in the melancholy of the house. For doing this, he took more links and attempted to hang them up. In any case, he didn’t make it conceivable because Gabriel was too weighty to even think about lifting. Then, at that point, he chose to toss his dead body at the entryway of the house. Soon after, Gabriel’s mom showed up and found the body lying at the entry of the house. This scene terrified her that she was running into the road. Another neighbor saw his mom running and afterward his dead body Gabriel was totally doused in blood and he called the police right away.

The police briskly found Petry as Gabriel’s PC showed the battle that had quite recently happened before at the entryway of Gabriel’s home. They immediately captured Daniel in his own home. After the post-mortem investigation reports of Gabriel emerged, Petry consented to kill the kid alive yet declined to confess to the assault case, it was not gay to guarantee that he.

Where is Daniel Patry at present

Concerning Daniel, he is right now in prison, anticipating preliminary. His family has wouldn’t remark looking into it. Furthermore, Gabriel’s family is left looking for answers that might in all likelihood never come. Assuming that you have any data about this case, if it’s not too much trouble, contact the Massachusetts State Police. 

He should live openly these days. It was uncovered through assets that even though Daniel was distinguished as his issue with practically no crying, he was simply condemned to three years in prison for this frightful crime he did. He was given this censure due to his socio-instructive way of behaving. At the point when he was gotten some information about the vent then he remarked before being condemned to jail, that he would finish his reprisal in damnation. He also felt little sympathy toward the guardians of Gabriel who was killed by him.

Daniel Patry was brought into the world in Blumenau, Brazil and at the hour of this occasion, he was sixteen years. It is uncovered through sources that his current age is 30 years, yet his definite date of birth isn’t yet uncovered via web-based entertainment organizations. The genuine personality of the guilty party has not been revealed by the specialists may because of some security concerns. Consequently, there isn’t a lot of data accessible about the charges via online entertainment.

We discuss his family, it appears to be that his folks were extremely mindful and steady. They needed to treat his state of mind and took him for treatments as well, yet he didn’t go to the meetings. However, there isn’t a lot of data available about his folks because of a few reasons of safety. In this manner, we can simply accept from the sources whatever is available at present, police have put limitations on uncovering their data because of specific security premises.

What does Gabriel’s dissection report say?

The autopsy report for Gabriel Kuhn, who was killed by Daniel Patry, has been delivered. As indicated by the report, Kuhn kicked the bucket from different cut injuries. The post-mortem additionally uncovered that Kuhn had cautious injuries on all fours, which demonstrates that he was trying to shield himself from the assault. Patry has been accused of first-degree murder regarding Kuhn’s passing. He is presently being held without bail.


Life might be extremely fierce on occasion, and the story of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry will assist you with understanding that the level of cruelty is expanding and that kids and teens are especially powerless against their belongings. The execution of strategies to diminish the recurrence of such occurrences is wanted to keep a serene local area climate.


What type of weapon did Daniel use?

In the first place, Daniel started beating the 12-year-old with his exposed hands until the last option was canvassed in blood. He then put a link around his neck trying to choke him. For a brief period, the Gabriel Kuhn scene pictures were available on the internet.

Do you have at least some idea whether Daniel Party is in jail at this moment?

The rumors from far and wide suggest that Daniel Patry is currently allowed to move about. A three-year prison term was given to him regardless of his acknowledgment of his serious lead.

What is Daniel Party’s ongoing age?

He is 30 years of age at the hour of composing. Because of the security worries, there is no more data on him accessible on the internet.

How old is Gabriel at the hour of his introduction to the world?

His birthday is September 15, and he was brought into the world in the year 1995.

How could he kick the bucket and what caused it?

After his legs were cut, Gabriel kicked the bucket because of the pain and blood loss

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