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by John Doe
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Free Online Home Business Survey – After our last survey results aptly titled, “Have You Made Money Online?”; I wasn’t surprised a little bit…

whopping 92% of our voters have either never made money online but would love to (who wouldn’t? especially in this economic downturn); are still trying to make money online but finding it hard to find a breakthrough (this represents the largest pool), and finally, a smaller number who has started making money online but wished they could earn even more.

1st of all for those who have had success making money on the internet, congratulations and keep up the hard work. Yes, to make money online, you have to work hard. Anything that smells easy money is a big NO-GO!

Alright, this goes out to 92% of you. I’ve prepared another survey to seek your opinion on an online business which you are interested in. If you have yet to take the survey, help me help yourself by taking our Free Online Home Business Survey on the top right of the page. Your votes are confidential I promise.

Ok. Here’s the deal. I posed 4 main selections for you to choose from which include Network Marketing / MLM, affiliate marketing, blogging, Freelancing, and of course a 5th selection which means anything else under the sun…oops web.

The corresponding results will determine how I would go about helping you make money on the internet from home.

I’m not asking you to quit or get some jobs if you are still at it but merely starting something which will help you make money on the side and if you work hard enough and become successful, you may decide to quit your job if you so choose to. For your info, I have quit mine.

Now, why the 4 selections you may ask? The main reasons are that I have had my own experience with all the models listed and believe it is better to help you with what I know rather than not.

I call them my multiple streams of income but you should not be doing that. You will be focusing on just one for starters and here are excerpts of each one.

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Network Marketing / MLM – When this is mentioned, surely most of you shunned the term and I do not blame you. It’s how the industry has turned out to be. If a majority of you chose this method, we will be dealing with an online network marketing / MLM company called Success University.

Yes, the reason why we are going to choose Success University is that you can do this strictly online if you chose to and without even picking up a single phone to call anyone (I like that).

I’ve had success with this model but I realize that most people start to go sideways and lose focus in their downline building efforts even online! Do not fret though as I will be developing a ’secret automated online prospecting system’ for you to use.

Positives – Growing passive income, Leveraging effort, Strictly Online
Negatives – Monthly expenses, Going sideways and losing focus


Affiliate Marketing – Now, this is when we start promoting stuff that belongs to others for a commission and I like this method as well. If this method is chosen by the majority, we will be dealing with becoming an affiliate for eBay.

Yes, you can make money on the internet with eBay without selling anything. I’ve had success with this model using Build A Niche Store or BANS for short with my own easy-to-do method and I hope to help you do the same.

Positives – Growing passive income, No products required
Negatives – $97 tool, domain names and hosting expenses, Hard work

blogging – Well, like what I am doing now and what you have read in many blogs. Yes, you can still make money on the internet by blogging but not on the “Make Money Online” niche for starters. Earn either through Adsense or by becoming affiliates for many products in the various niches out there.

You can even end up flipping your blogs for income if you decide to go that way. If this method is chosen, I will help you do just that.

Positives – Multiple streams of income, the Ability to sell the blogs you create
Negatives – domain names and hosting expenses, Writing content, Technically challenging (if you are new), Hard work


Freelancing – Personally, I use this as a side model of my online home business but you can make money doing this full-time as well.

I do web design, customizing WordPress themes (this blog is having its 4th makeover if you’ve been here for a while), writing, helping people start a website, etc. (Need help in any of these? Contact me).

There are literally so many things you can do by freelancing if you are the type who likes to work hard for money. That’s what you are probably doing in your real job anyway and this is taking the same model albeit online with your own skills.

Fancy doing a voiceover for someone if you have a great voice? Yes, you can make money with this too. If this is the one chosen by the vast majority, then I will be guiding you and probably helping you get some jobs with your current skill sets as well.

Positives – Make money with your skills, Get paid after each job completion
Negatives – Only active income (work and get paid, no work no pay), Hard work

Again, if you have not taken our Free Online Home Business Survey on the top right of the page, I suggest doing it right now. It only takes less than 30 seconds.

If you are reading this page, you are in the 92% of people that I’ve mentioned and are interested to get some help, submit your name and email address to get my notification updates.

Do not worry, there will be no upsell or down-sell on the next page. Just confirm your email address and you are all set.

For those who have earned their way on the internet, you probably won’t need this and I suggest you subscribe to our RSS instead…

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