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Everything You Need To Know About Taking Bright Photos

by Erica Farmer
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When it comes down to Photos, everyone has different aesthetics, and so are their lighting preferences. That being said, if you are someone who likes taking bright pictures but struggles with lighting, we are here to share some hacks that will help capture the bright photos that add magic to your feed. So, get your camera out because we ain’t stopping now!

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Depending on what time we are talking about, there will be different types of natural light coming in. For instance, the natural light will be brighter during the day while light gets warmer during the golden hour. Keep in mind that the type of natural light matters even when you are shooting in interior settings. So, it’s best to choose the time of the day vigilantly according to the mood you want to encapsulate in your pictures.


Natural Light

There is nothing better than natural light to capture bright photos, and there is no denying this fact, right? However, the natural light works the best if you are shooting in interior locations, and make sure to switch off the flash because you need that natural light to do its magic. The best thing about using photos taken in natural light is that the dirty backgrounds are easier to remove with a background remover, given the better visibility.

Diffuse Light

When you don’t want the harsh shadows and strong contrasts luring in your photos, you can opt for a light diffusor and place it between the objects to be photographed and the light source. On the other hand, if you don’t have access to a professional diffusor, you can opt for white baking paper and light curtains because they do the job pretty well.

Leverage The Light Source

As a photographer, playing with shadow and light is one of the most important things. It’s pretty obvious that you will want the natural light to come in through the big windows, but it’s not possible at times. For this reason, before you start shooting, make sure you study the light source and try to leverage the most of it. For instance, you could open the windows and doors while studying the best light angles. On the other hand, when you are photographing the props and DIY project, you could simply set up the table near the window.

Reflect Light

The light reflector is another way of reflecting the diffused light and creating proper and even lighting. To illustrate, you have to put the objects between the light reflector and diffusor, and it is perfect when you have to photograph the DIY projects and products. On the other hand, if you cannot find yourself a light reflector, you can use aluminum foil to create one of your own.

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Exposure Compensation

It doesn’t matter which camera you are using, exposure compensation will be available, and it’s a perfect choice when you have to take lighter pictures. So, just look for the +/- button and set it to +0.3-0.7 to create an apt lighting environment for the picture. However, you can always experiment with the camera and surroundings to get the results that you desire.


ISO Settings

ISO settings depend on the amount of light that’s available while photographing. Keep in mind that the ISO will be higher when the light is less. In simpler words, you can use high ISO while shooting on rainy autumn afternoons. If you want more help with ISO, 200 is perfect for bright and sunny days, while 400 is perfect for cloudy days. On the other hand, if you are shooting on dark days, go for ISO over 800.

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