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by John Doe
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What kinds of things are banners made of?

This is a good and very simple question when it comes to speaking, although there are many variations in each section. Two main categories of banner advertising items:

  • Vinyl (PVC)
  • Cloth or cloth posters

That is the simple answer. However, it helps to be able to differentiate within each category, so I’ll start with the vinyl banner section first, as easy, I think


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Polyvinyl Banners

First, PVC or vinyl banners come to us as stock, and we can either have an (unusual) screen stamp or print these banners digitally on a wide-format digital printer.


There are a few weights available, the most common being 10 oz., 13 oz., 15 oz., And 18 oz. Ounces refer to the weight of a banner per square yard of objects. Heavyweight, lasts a long time, although the methods of installation are often very important in the life of any printable vinyl printer.

With these features, many are also available with a side-by-side blocking layer that allows us to print both sides of the object without having a shadow display in the background.


Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation digital printing banners are one of my favorite advertising images I can sell. They are so high-quality compared to vinyl banners, that they have taken top trade shows as optional banners, at least for companies that do not want to look cheap.

The dye printing process uses sublimation paper, heat, and pressure to transfer the CMYO print from the transfer paper to the synthetic fabric itself. Over the past few years, the sublimated printing of digital direct-to-substrate dye has begun to take over the textile industry as it has fewer steps involved in printing a banner using dye sublimation rather than temperature and pressure. That is, production is faster and cheaper, so many printers switch to this type of printer for those reasons.


Vinyl Mesh Banners

Another type of vinyl adhesive is a mesh vinyl banner, which is a perforated material that is printed on a support sheet to prevent ink from spraying on all digital printer plates. This allows a certain amount of air to pass through it, thus reducing the air load from 10 to 20% on average.


Fabric banners

The second major category is fabric banners, which are usually made using polyester, nylon, or other synthetic fabrics. Most of these banners are currently being printed using a printing method called dye sublimation printing. Other street signs and fabric posters are also printed on the screen if the print capacity allows the setting of screens to do so, or a special print shop with street banners created for screen printing.


Fabric Materials

Within the fabric category, the biggest difference you will find is in building materials. There are printed satin fabric banners for sublimate printed satin, stretchable fabric banners (polyester with Lycra or something similar), outdoor polyester banners, acrylic banners, and nylon banners. There are pure polyester fabrics, which look like cotton or any number of variants.

So, as you can see, there are many options for printed fabric banners available, whether they use the traditional dye-sublimation printing method or the DTS printing method (directed to the substrate). Or screen printing. There are many ways to produce a fabric banner, as well as for internal use, I personally can always recommend banners for printed fabric dye.

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