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COVID-19 Stands for Corona Virus Disease

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COVID-19 Stands for Corona Virus Disease. The initial 19 has been referred to as the year of its occurrence. It has been nearly two years since the world is suffering the pandemic. It is one of the life-threatening diseases caused by Coronavirus. The COVID-19 outbreak has now been renowned as the Public Health Emergency. Every country has become a part of this outbreak.
Later it spread worldwide affecting several lives as well as the world’s economy. The World Health Organization, WHO regarded this disease as COVID-19 on 11th February 2020.

Which Organs are mostly affected?

It affects the whole body however lungs are the primary source of the attack.


The main symptoms being caused by the virus include shortness of breath, fever, headache, cough, back pain. However, these symptoms are similar to the common cold and flu. Other symptoms include fatigue, runny nose, tasteless tongue, no ability to smell, congestion, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting.


How does the disease spread?

The disease can spread if the individual touches the virally contaminated object or surface. It can also spread through direct contact with the affected patient’s respiratory droplets. The virus can survive on nonliving surfaces for a while. The disease can also spread through the air. The infected individuals can transmit the disease to the people they are having physical interaction with.

How the virus affects the body?

It affects the body by entering and residing inside the human body. The primarily affects the lungs causing respiratory disease. It attaches its surface proteins with the receptors of the body cells and invades inside. They have specific receptors ACE2 that helps in attaching with the human cells.

It then resides inside the healthy body cells, replicates, makes its copies, and spreads from one organ to another.
Mostly 75% of the covid cases are mild ceasing after fever and cough but if no care is taken then it might get severe resulting in the death of the affected individual.

Nearly about 4,438,600 deaths have been reported worldwide with the present cases of about 212,329,000.

How long do the corona symptoms take to appear?

Usually, it takes about 5 to 6 days to show visible symptoms indicating viral infection. In most of the cases, the patients have also been reported as symptomless.

How can we treat it?

There has been no treatment or drugs till now regarded as safe and effective against coronavirus. However, vaccines have now been developed and available in all countries. Vaccination will keep the spread of the disease limited and mild.

Is isolation necessary?

The affected individual must be isolated for 12 to 14 days to prevent its spread. Being isolated will protect your family members and the infection will not get severe.

How can the disease be diagnosed?

There are several lab techniques for diagnosis. These techniques take nasal swabs or sputum as a sample.
1 Real-time reverse transcriptase Polymerase Chain reaction i.e. RT-PCR
2 Rapid antigen test
3 CT scan
4 Past infection can also be detected through serological reactions.
5 Nucleic acid test can also be done which helps in detecting the viral mRNA genome.

What is the effect of covid-19 on the World’s economy:

The world’s economy has been affected badly due to the pandemic. In February, the lockdown was imposed in the majority of the countries. This had a worse effect on their economy. The public parks were closed. The markets were shut down. There was a loss of about 2.9% of the gross domestic product (GDP) rate in the previous year. Tourism was also affected as the flights got closed and people were restricted to travel abroad.

COVID-19 Stands for Corona Virus Disease

The loss was measured to be 810.7bn USD in travel revenue business globally. The economy has been shrinking up to 7% approximately. There was a tremendous increase in the unemployment rate in poor countries. The countries that were on the road to development also faced hardships in this struggle.

This health crisis also had an unpleasant effect on education. The educational institutions were closed as a result, 25% of students left it. However, even after one and a half years, the world is still not able to bring back the same academic level to the schools.


As you all know “Prevention is better than cure”. You should follow these steps given by WHO to keep yourself safe from viral disease.
The way to control transmission is to educate yourself as well as your family members about its spread and control. Every person needs to be vaccinated and follow the preventive measures to eliminate the disease.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures

Preventive measures are mentioned below:

1 Wear Mask
2 Maintain social distancing.
3 Keep at least a 3-meter distance when standing in queues or public places.
4 Avoid going to parks.
5 Wash hands frequently. You can use soap as well alcohol-based hand rubs.
6 Cover your nose while sneezing.
7 Also cover your mouth while coughing.
8 Try not to use tissue multiple times.
9 Wash and desensitize vegetables and fruits.
10 Avoid shaking hands.
11 Avoid public gatherings.
12 Ventilate your indoor places
13 Carry sanitizer along with you whenever going outside.
14 Avoid going outside.
15 Prefer going to open well-ventilated places rather than closed ones.
16 Stay at home if you are not feeling well.

Are vaccines effective against Coronavirus infection?

The vaccines developed to fight against coronavirus be safe and effective. Most of these are mRNA vaccines providing maximum protection against the virus.
There are two doses of the majority of coronavirus vaccines developed.
However few vaccines also have a single dose to be administered. They are given through injection on the upper muscle arm.
All the vaccines available worldwide for their inhabitants have gone through trials and have been approved by the WHO and Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).

Are vaccines effective against Coronavirus infection?

Are vaccines effective against Coronavirus infection?

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