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CocoSign, A Fantastic Signature Generator You Should Know About

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What is CocoSign, and how does it work?

If you’re looking for an e-signature solution that is easy to use and safe, go no further than CocoSign. If you use CocoSign, you and your business partners will be able to sign and approve documents from any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. To expedite contract management, improve team cooperation, and grow your business, use CocoSign. One such service is eSignatures. The Singapore-based eSignature provider Cocosign offers safe & secure digital signature solutions for businesses.

When you use CocoSign, you may create and incorporate digital signatures in your papers. Authentication and believability can be improved by using this realistic look for signatures. Embedding signatures into PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, JPGs, and PNG files is a snap.

CocoSign provides templates for a variety of documents, including agreements, contracts, and proposals. Texts and photos can be added to make your company’s branding stand out. With the offline mode option, you may browse documents, sign contracts and save changes in the draughts section even while you are not connected to the internet.

Overview of CocoSign Benefits

·       Digitally sign the documents

When you use CocoSign’s signature features, your reputation and efficiency will soar. You can produce digital signatures with a stylus pen, a mouse, or a trackpad, and this platform will resemble wet ink. After that, you’ll be able to include these signatures in your documents. You have the option of digital signing documents in bulk or one at a time for maximum efficiency. All of the changes will be saved on the platform so anyone can upload them later.

·       Using CocoSign to Create Email Signatures

This application, which is often regarded as the best cloud-based program, offers everything a user might want from a dependable one. It would help if a user had a reliable solution because they can’t put their secret documents in any other program. Email signature generators can be found on the Coco sign website.

·       Ensure the safety of the documents.

CocoSign provides advanced security features to keep your data safe. 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA Compliance, GDPR Compliance, PCI DSS Certification, SOC 2 Type 2 Certification, and SSL Encryption assist secure, confidential information. This platform also alerts you when someone has accessed or altered your files, which can increase your security and assist you in keeping a record of everything that has happened.

·       Effortlessly manage documents

Using CocoSign’s contract and file management capabilities, you’ll have no trouble staying organized. Documents can be imported quickly and easily using the platform’s drag-and-drop functionality. Documents from email attachments, removable storage devices, and cloud storage accounts can be added to the project. This platform automatically saves your papers so that you can access, modify, and download them from any device you choose to use with it. There are file types such as PDF and Word and JPEG and PNG that are supported by this program.

What CocoSign price plans are available?

Prices for CocoSign can be found in the following:

  • Free Trial: Available
  • Pricing model: Free, Subscription

·       Starting from $8.00/month

CocoSign pricing:



  • 1 Sender
  • 1 Template
  • 3 Documents a Month
  • Reminders & Notifications


$10/Month Billed Yearly

  • 1 Sender
  • 5 Template
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Reminders & Notifications
  • Template Links
  • Advanced Preferences


$30/Month Billed Yearly

  • 3 Sender Included(@$8)
  • Includes Features of Personal plan, plus
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Custom Branding
  • In-Person Signing
  • Redirect URLs



  • 1 Sender
  • 5 Template
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Reminders & Notifications
  • Template Links
  • Advanced Preferences

Features of Electronic Signatures

  • Reminders about Password Protection
  • Customizable Monitoring the development of your brand
  • Security through Authentication with Multiple Factors
  • Document Audit Trail Sequential at Bank-Level Security Signatures from Multiple Signers
  • Regulatory Document Expiration Compliance
  • Analytical Tools for Documents

Pros of using CocoSign:

  • It’s a terrific approach to get a lot of documents signed at once by various people.
  • The most delicate part of CocoSign is the cloud-based solution built on Microsoft Office 365, which makes it simple to exchange documents with several employees working on the same project from any location.

Cons of using CocoSign:

  • there is no mobile signature app. As the technology has evolved, fillable boxes that have been resized can’t be copied and pasted.
  • There isn’t a mobile app, which is the only negative.”


Support Online Customer Type Individuals


Large Enterprises


Medium business


Small Business


API NA Location / Phone Number Hong Kong, China
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Category Electronic Signature Software


Frequently asked questions of CocoSign:

     I.        What is the purpose of CocoSign?

CocoSign is a piece of software that facilitates the exchange of digital signatures. The following features are available with CocoSign: Control of access Reminders Customizable Branding Monitoring of Progress Multi-factor Authentication Security on a par with a bank. There is a paper trail to prove it. Signing in a Sequential Order Signing with multiple users Expiration Date of DocumentsCompliance with Regulations Analytical Tools for Documents Find out more about the features of CocoSign.

   II.        When it comes to CocoSign, does it offer an API?

No, CocoSign does not offer an application programming interface (API).

  III.        Where can I find out more about CocoSign’s pricing?

CocoSign’s monthly subscription cost begins at $12.00. CocoSign offers three distinct pricing options: Individuals pay a monthly fee of $12,000 for single occupancy. With a monthly payment of $36, you can start a business. For $50.00 per month, you can get an enterprise account. There is also a Free Plan available from CocoSign, although it has fewer features. Explore CocoSign’s pricing options.

  IV.        CocoSign offers a free plan, but is it available to everyone?

CocoSign does, in fact, provide a no-cost option.


Businesses are recognizing the benefits of digital signatures. To execute agreements and conduct transactions over the internet, this is the most reliable technique available.

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