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Clive Calder

Clive Calder is a British businessman who has founded and still owns the world’s largest independent record label. He also created the world’s first-ever music television channel in 1955. Clive Calder was born in 1933 in London, England, to a wealthy family. He attended the prestigious Harrow School for Boys and later graduated from Cambridge University. In 1955, he founded his record label – Calder Records, which became one of the most successful labels of all time. Clive continued to run his company successfully until 2014 when he retired from business and sold all his shares to Sony Music Entertainment for £610 million ($835 million).


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Top 7 Companies That have Followed Clive Calder’s Advice from the Beginning

Companies that have followed Clive Calder’s advice from the Beginning can proliferate.

Clive Calder is a British entrepreneur and author who has been advising companies on building their brands and developing their products for over three decades. He first started when he was working as an assistant in an advertising agency, where he saw many companies fail because they failed to take his advice from the Beginning.

The Zomba Group’s Role in the Music Industry

The Zomba Group is a major music company that has been around since the 1950s. It was founded by Clement Attlee, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. Clement Attlee founded The Zomba Group in 1957, and it has been in the music industry ever since. It is a significant player with over 300 artists on its roster and more than 50 million albums sold worldwide. The Zomba Group’s business strategy has changed over time, but it still operates as a record label, management company, and publishing house.

How did Clive Calder get involved with music?

Clive Calder was a successful music executive and CEO of Zomba Group. He is known for his role in developing hip hop, R&B, and dance-pop music. Calder started his career as a DJ in New York City during the 1960s before moving to London. In 1979 he co-founded Zomba Records with Simon Napier-Bell, which became one of the most successful independent labels globally, releasing records from artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Kylie Minogue. He was also an influential figure in launching MTV Europe by supplying it with music videos from artists on his label.

How did Zomba come to be?

Clive Calder founded Zomba in 1969. In his early twenties, Calder had started as a DJ and then became a record producer. He then decided to start his record label, “Zomba.” In the 1970s, Zomba had already become one of the most successful labels in the music industry with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. In the 1980s, Zomba began to expand its business into other sectors such as publishing, film production, and TV production.

What was their first album that was released?

Zomba Records was an American record label founded by Clive Calder and Robert Zomba in 1973. The first album released under the title was a live recording of the band Chicago from their performance at Carnegie Hall on April 8, 1974. The first album removed beneath the label was a live recording of the band Chicago from their performance at Carnegie Hall on April 8, 1974. This is just one of many albums that have been released since its inception, with artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey being some of the most prominent artists on this label.

What albums followed it, eventually filling a total of 27 years worth of releases?

Zomba is a record label that has been in the business for 27 years. It was founded by Clive Calder and Robert Zomba in 1973. Zomba is one of the most influential labels globally, with artists like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and many more. Since its inception, the label has had a significant impact on the music industry.

Who is the owner of Jive Records?

Jive Records is a record label that was founded in 1996. The Zomba Group initially owned it, but Sony Music Entertainment now owns it. Zomba Group is an international music company that focuses on music publishing, artist management, and entertainment. The party has its headquarters in London, England, and operates internationally in over 30 countries. The owner of Jive Records is Sony Music Entertainment.

How did Clive Calder start his music company, and how did it become one of the most successful histories?

Clive Calder started his music company in 1962, and it became one of the most successful in history. Clive used to be a songwriter, but he wanted to start his own company and make money. He created a group of artists who would write and produce their songs. Clive Clader was able to use the success of this group to create more groups, which led him to make even more groups, which led him to create even more groups until he had 12 different labels with over 100 artists under them. Clive Calder is considered one of the most influential people in music history for his success with the Zomba group.

How Clive’s Music Company represents a particular sound that became popular and influential in the late 70s and early 80s?

Clive’s Music Company is a company that has been around since the late 70s and early 80s. They have been producing a specific sound known as ‘romantic jazz.’ Clive Calder, the company owner, was one first to make this sound. He had a significant impact on how jazz sounded in those times. Clive’s Music Company became famous for its distinctive sound and influenced many artists and musicians in their time. The company has an impressive list of artists that have worked with them at some point in their career, including Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Billie Holiday, and Earth Wind & Fire.


The Clive Calder Zomba group is a lifestyle brand that uses the power of content marketing to create meaningful relationships with consumers. Zomba group is a music business conglomerate that operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia. Clive Calder was the founder of the Zomba group. He started as a music publisher and eventually established the Zomba group. He was also known for his successful partnership with CBS Records. The company started as a music publishing company and later expanded into clothing, fragrances, and other lifestyle items.


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